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Elegant and comfortable wedding flats. We created them to be a perfect match for any white bridal gown.Hand adorned with silver faux rhinestone and delicate tulle detailing. Genuine leather sole.Pure white color.These shoes are a life saver when your feet are tired and uncomfortable from wearing heels, but formal enough to continue your wedding festivities.Size states 7.5, but fits like a 7.Ready to ship!Photos, design, and description are properties of Ellana Couture and may not be used without our agreement.Copyright © 2010 - 2016 Ellana Couture. All rights reserved.

“Shae, stop reliving it,” whispered a friend sitting next to her. In a chapel service, when a student yelled at the speaker, she clutched the arms on her chair and sat up, panicked. “I need to get out of here,” Shae thought, before a friend told her that it was part of the presentation. She left school early one afternoon to be with her mother, who had worked on the investigation most of the week but wanted to take Shae to get a manicure. Elena sat on their couch, and Shae laid her head on her mom’s lap for a few minutes before they headed to the nail salon.

“How are you?” Elena asked in the car, “Everyone keeps telling me that I’m so strong,” she said, “but I just don’t feel strong right now.”, Elena told her there was nothing wrong with that, and then they went inside the salon and Shae got her fingernails painted periwinkle blue to match a homecoming dress she no longer wanted to wear, It was Friday morning, the beginning of Natalia’s fifth day in the hospital, and a doctor had just pulled ready to ship. bridal shoes. wedding ballet slippers. size 7. the chest tube out from between her ribs..

All week, she and Gianna had been the focus of unrelenting attention. The twins had done interviews on “Good Morning America” and “Inside Edition.” They’d heard from producers for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “Dr. Phil.” ABC’s “20/20” had even flown Dean McAuley, the firefighter who had helped Natalia get to the hospital, back from Seattle to orchestrate an emotional on-camera reunion between the two. Amid all of it — the hundreds of messages on Facebook, the stream of well-wishers, the repeated questions about what it felt like to witness and face death — the twins remained unflinchingly positive.

The online conspiracy theorists fixated on their smiles, insisting it was evidence that their stories weren’t true, But Natalia had been that way — “#keepsmiling,” she’d written next to a photo of herself in the hospital — since she was little, Her outlook was born of a compassion so deep that when she returned from a ninth-grade mission trip to Mexico, she announced to her parents that she wanted to become a traveling nurse, move to ready to ship. bridal shoes. wedding ballet slippers. size 7. Africa and treat victims of Ebola..

Twenty-two hours after being shot, still in the intensive care unit, Natalia wrote on Instagram: “I am so blessed to be alive at this moment of time.”. Now, though, on Friday, the last of the TV cameras had left, and with them went the distractions. Natalia finally had time to consider what she might miss during her last homecoming weekend before graduation. With the chest tube out, she had only one question for her doctor: “Can I go to the football game tonight?”. Two hours later, her sister rolled on an electric scooter through a tunnel of pompom-shaking cheerleaders and into the gymnasium, where hundreds of students gathered for a pep rally stood to applaud.

“We would like to dedicate this assembly and the rest of our cheer season to Gianna and Natalia Baca,” a girl announced on a microphone, Then the cheer team performed, and the lip sync competition began, The freshmen went first, followed by the sophomores and juniors and, at last, the seniors, Between songs, the narrators recounted highlights of “our Faith Lutheran adventure”: the first dances and dates, cars and crushes, Natalia knew the entire lip-sync routine and had so looked forward to performing with her classmates one more time, to hitting her mark as the seniors ready to ship. bridal shoes. wedding ballet slippers. size 7. romped to the final song, “We’re All in This Together.”..

Instead, she watched on FaceTime from her hospital room, blowing into a deep-breathing device, hoping that her lung wouldn’t collapse so that, maybe, she could make the football game. The prayer had been said and the moment of silence had been held, and now, between the stadium’s bleachers, teenagers lining a pathway held up their phones, ready to record. Faith’s high school principal, Scott Fogo, waved up at the public-address booth and then pointed at who was behind him: Gianna, driving her scooter, and Natalia, less than five hours removed from the hospital, in a wheelchair being pushed by their dad.

“Ladies and gentlemen, will you direct your attention to the 35-yard line,” the announcer said over the loudspeaker, his voice rising, “Welcome back Natalia and Gianna Baca.”, The crowd stood and clapped as Faith’s cheerleaders surrounded the girls, “We love you, Bacas!” they chanted in unison, The principal, eyes watery, watched from a few feet away, He wore a maroon T-shirt that on the front showed an image of the girls above ready to ship. bridal shoes. wedding ballet slippers. size 7. the hashtag #BacaStrong and on the back included a verse from 2 Corinthians about God’s comfort in times of trouble..

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