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Ballerina Necklace, Personalised Gold Or silver Ballet Slipper Necklace, Hand Stamped Name Necklace, Ballet Dancer Gift, Ballet Necklace, Ballet Shoes Necklace.This ballerina necklace is hand stamped with a name of your choice, (in uppercase font, unless you say otherwise ) on a NuGold or Aluminum disc with a brushed satin finish. The disc is then embellished with a Swarovski crystal birthstone of your choice. together with a beautifully detailed antique gold or antique silver 2 sided ballerina slippers, made from high-quality lead free pewter. The charms swing nicely on either a tarnish resistant gold plated chain or a non tarnish stainless steel chain with a secure lobster claw closure. Metal type and birthstone options available from the drop-down menu boxes above, also you can leave your name to be stamped and chain length in the personalisation box above.✬ MEASUREMENTS, Disc: 19.05mm, Birthstone: 6mm, Ballerina Slippers: 20x13mm✬ NuGold is a brass alloy which contains Copper and Zinc and is nickel free. It has a beautiful rich warm gold colour, NuGold will oxidize over time and like some other metals will require polishing. ✬ If you also wish to purchase sunshine polishing cloth, from my shop, click on the link below. stamped items are hand stamped by me, some letters may not be perfectly aligned or all the same depth. This is not a defect, it is the nature of the method and adds to the individual charm of your unique piece. Truly one of a kind, as no two pieces are ever exactly the same, your piece may differ slightly from the picture shown, making your item unique to you and made with care and quality in mind. ❤️TO ADD ON ADDITIONAL CHARMS AND FURTHER PERSONALISE THIS PIECE ❤️ ~✬~✬~✬~✬~✬~✬~✬~✬~✬~ PLEASE SEE BELOW ~✬~✬~✬~✬~✬~✬~✬~✬~✬~✬~✬~✬~✬~✬ CHECK OUT MY "ADD ON A CHARM" SECTION ✬Add on a charm to most of my listings. Click on the link below:>:<✶>o<):(✬):(>o<✶>:<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This piece comes on a card, in a gift pouch. *If this is for a gift, please leave me a note during checkout and I can ship this parcel direct to the recipient, gift wrapped with a gift tag along with your personalised message. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>:<✶>o<):(✬):(>o<✶>:<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✬ Please read my policies before placing an order. This item may appear larger than it actually is, due to close up photo shots. please refer to measurements for true size.Thank you for visiting my shop!

But I’d like to propose a new practice for my gay students and gay people everywhere: Stop coming out. Wednesday marks the 29th National Coming Out Day. In the 1980s, when many people did not know any openly gay people, ignorance and silence allowed homophobia to persist. Coming out was a form of activism — a way to challenge conventional ideas and fears by showing that gays and lesbians were a part of everyday life. Since 1988, this day has fostered a safer world for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people by raising awareness of the community. It continues to affirm our lives, worth and dignity.

But America is a safer place in 2017, Polls suggest most Americans consider same-sex relations morally acceptable, Same-sex marriage is ballerina necklace, personalised gold or silver ballet slipper necklace, hand stamped name necklace, ballet dancer gift, ballet legal in all 50 states, And the latest Gallup survey indicates that most Americans believe new laws are needed to reduce discrimination against LGBTQ individuals, That doesn’t mean things are perfect, as the shooting in Orlando last year tragically testifies, Further, I recognize that as a white, 30-something, married professor, I am writing from a place of social, institutional and personal security, And I realize I probably would not be able to make this argument without the existence of National Coming Out Day for the past 28 years, For people in different circumstances, this day might provide much-needed support and strength..

Nevertheless, we should question whether the benefits of National Coming Out Day still outweigh its harms. Continuing to use the rhetoric of “coming out” reinforces a view that heterosexuality is the norm. “Coming out” implicitly announces — to LGBTQ individuals, allies and enemies — that gay people are aberrant. Our homosexuality is so different that we must proclaim it; heterosexuality, however, is normal and expected. Imagine we proclaim a National Coming Out Day for everyone. Whether straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, questioning or curious, Oct. 11 could be a chance to broadcast our sexuality. You can imagine the pubescent middle-schooler anxiously awaiting Oct. 11 to declare whether Jack and/or Jill should ask her to the dance.

Or imagine we assume everyone is gay. Oct, 11 could be a day for straight people to announce their sexuality, Until he comes out, casually ask your neighbor’s son if he has a boyfriend, Nudge him and point out the cute boys in the neighborhood, I suspect your neighbor’s son will not be pleased, assuming he’s straight, The reaction is understandable, Having one’s sexuality mistaken is alienating and destructive to one’s sense of self, These alternatives would be absurd, But they make clear that sexuality is no way to organize our judgments about people and that no particular sexuality should be the expected default, Whether one adopts a homonormative or heteronormative view, clinging to a belief that a certain sexual orientation is normal and natural marks those who fall ballerina necklace, personalised gold or silver ballet slipper necklace, hand stamped name necklace, ballet dancer gift, ballet outside it deviant – a label that has long proved to be the basis of prejudice, discrimination and hate..

Let’s dismantle the norm altogether and abandon the concept of “coming out.” Straight people don’t come out. Why should gay people?. Of course, National Coming Out Day helpfully raises awareness of the gay community, its interests and its rights. But, paradoxically, the more Coming Out is celebrated, the more it reinforces a normative ideal that is harmful to gay people. In the process of trying to make ourselves safe and visible, we are marginalizing ourselves. This will end either when all people are expected to “come out” or when no one is expected to do so.

So this week, to promote a safer America for the LGBTQ community, to normalize our existence and to show that we are a part of everyday life, I propose we cease reinforcing the idea that heterosexuality is the norm, Stop fortifying this implicit assumption, and maybe eventually we won’t have ballerina necklace, personalised gold or silver ballet slipper necklace, hand stamped name necklace, ballet dancer gift, ballet any concept of “normal” or “aberrant” sexuality, Celebrate being gay Wednesday — just don’t come out, Matthew H, Birkhold is an assistant professor at Ohio State University, He wrote this for the Washington Post..

Riccardo Muti is one of the world’s great conductors, but the title “musical ambassador” fits him just as well. In a career spanning decades, the Italian maestro has traveled the globe, spreading a message of harmony through music. “I believe music is the most important ambassador of the culture of a nation and can always bring people together,” Muti said in a recent call from Chicago, where he is music director of the Chicago Symphony. This weekend — just three weeks into their fall season — Muti is bringing the Chicago Symphony to the West Coast. A Berkeley residency, presented by Cal Performances Oct. 13-15, is the highlight of a nine-concert tour, which ends in Los Angeles on Oct. 22.

Muti will lead his ensemble in three programs at Zellerbach Hall, The Oct, 13 concert opens with Rossini’s Overture to “William Tell” and the West Coast premiere of “All These Lighted Things” by Chicago Symphony composer-in-residence Elizabeth Ogonek, Bruckner’s ballerina necklace, personalised gold or silver ballet slipper necklace, hand stamped name necklace, ballet dancer gift, ballet Symphony No, 4, “Romantic,” completes the program, The Oct, 14 program spans Schubert’s “Unfinished Symphony,” Schumann’s Symphony No, 2 and Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto, featuring Chicago’s principal clarinetist, Stephen Williamson, On Oct, 15, the series ends with Muti conducting Brahms’ Symphonies 2 and 3..

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