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Beautiful and elegant, these lace up ballet flats can quickly and easily be worn with or without the laces. These sparkly flats are made with versatility in mind, lace high up on the legs or lace lower around the ankles for different looks. These shoes do not have a bow permanently tied into the laces but one can be added upon request. These flats can be covered in any color you would like. Contact us or leave a buyers note at checkout as to the color you would like to order your flats in. All of our heels, flats and boots are sealed with a waterproof, non toxic, high shine, no yellowing sealant. Our sealant is a three step process and helps to protect all artwork applied to the shoe. All of our shoes are made and shipped out within 1-2 weeks from the purchase date. We ship using 1-3 days shipping along with tracking and insurance. Also available in a heel or wedge within our shop. Have a question? please contact us at any time.

A trial date was set for July 16, when the two men will face a jury over charges that they ignored fire codes and obvious safety controls at the warehouse, which contained a warren of illegally constructed lofts and rooms and electricity powered by a mass of extension cords. The inside was filled with furniture, rugs art and musical instruments, and the labryinth-like interior and thick smoke made it impossible for many guests on the second floor to find their way down make-shift stairs to poorly marked exits. Almena and his family lived at Ghost Ship but stayed in a hotel that night because of the party. Harris was there and served as the doorman.

No one else, including warehouse owner Chor Ng and her adult children who acted as property managers, were criminally charged, The men were held to answer on all 36 counts each in blue glitter lace up ballet flats. custom made to order. women's sizes only. December 2017, following an emotionally-charged preliminary hearing attended by family and friends of the victims, — Angela E, Ruggiero (@Aeruggie) February 20, 2018, Almena’s attorney Tony Serra, during his closing arguments at the December hearing, pushed back against blame, “How can they say my client is negligent when they don’t even know how the fire started?” Serra said, “The city sitting on its hands was far more culpable than my client.”..

Serra repeated on Tuesday that there was never a confirmed cause of the fire — of how and where it started in the warehouse. He also pointed out that fire inspectors, Child Protective Services and law enforcement made inspections of the warehouse well before the fire, and “all looked the other way.”. “Everyone saw what was in there, saw it was occupied … they thought it was awesome, it was beautiful,” Serra said. Records show Oakland police, firefighters and building inspectors visited the warehouse for a variety of reasons before the December inferno, sometimes going inside the cluttered collective.

A 50-page Oakland Fire Department report released in March 2017 could not determine the cause of the fire but investigators believe it was electrical in nature, Harris’ attorney Curtis Briggs made a similar point Tuesday, saying, “If the Ghost Ship tragedy is a crime, it’s the city of Oakland that committed that crime.”, He reiterated blue glitter lace up ballet flats. custom made to order. women's sizes only. that his client has been a scapegoat for the tragedy, “What this prosecution has become is simply an opportunity for them to run from the truth,” Briggs said..

He said his client was nothing more than a resident who lived there, who is now “fighting for his life, in a different sense” and feels that a jury is going to feel that. The next court date in the case will be March 21 for motion to reduce bail for each defendant. Briggs is asking that his client be released on his own recognizance. Serra cited a new case that leaves him feeling “very optimistic” for his client. In April, both Serra and Briggs said they plan to file a motion to dismiss charges and ask a different judge to look at the record from the preliminary hearing and see if the case should move forward.

At December’s hearing, prosecutor Autrey James argued that Almena, on his own, changed the use of the building from warehouse industrial use and allowed upwards of 25 people to live there, Almena changed the space, including building a staircase, and cutting a large hole in the second floor, all without proper permits, he said, During testimony, at least one witness who was asked by Almena for estimates on construction work called the space a blue glitter lace up ballet flats. custom made to order. women's sizes only. “death trap.” He said Almena allegedly joked that he should call the art collective “the Sutya Yuga death trap.” Another witness, hired for electrical work, called the place a “fire hazard.”..

By Eli Saslow | The Washington Post. She believed her best chance to be heard was through sheer repetition, so Rachel Crooks took her seat at the dining table and prepared to tell the story again. She was used to difficult audiences, to skeptics and Internet trolls who flooded her Facebook page with threats, but this was a generous crowd: a dozen women, all friends of her aunt, gathered for a casual dinner party on a Friday night. The hostess turned off the music, clanked a fork against her wineglass and gestured to Crooks. “Would you mind telling us about the famous incident?” she asked. “Not the sound-bite version, but the real version.”.

“The real version,” Crooks said, nodding back, She took a sip of water and folded a napkin onto her lap, “It all happened at Trump Tower,” she said, “I had just moved to New York, and I was working as a secretary for another company in the building, That’s where he forced himself on me.”, Crooks, 35, had been publicly reliving this story for much of the past two blue glitter lace up ballet flats. custom made to order. women's sizes only. years, ever since she first described it in an email to the New York Times several months before the 2016 election..

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