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DT259Please be sure to check out more of our other digital images at: is an Vintage Antique image of a French Ballerina in her Ballet Shoes En Pointe . THIS LISTING IS FOR AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD. …………………………..ABOUT THIS LISTING…………………………..• This listing is for printable digital image files only• No physical product will be shipped to your home • The images will fit on US letter size (8 ½ x 11) paper or A4 paper (8.27 x 11.69)• The watermark will be removed when purchased…………………………………WHAT YOU GET and HOW………………………………… •High Quality Digital files @ 300dpi sized at 8.5 x 11 inches• 3 types of files included: JPEG, PNG and PDF• An Instructions document …………………….....HOW TO ORDER…………………….....• Add the digital listing to your cart• Purchase the digital listing. Instant Downloads are available once payment is confirmed. If you paid with PayPal or a credit card on Etsy, confirmation of the purchase may take a few minutes.• After purchasing a digital file, you will see a "View your files" link which goes to the Downloads page. Here, you can download all the files associated with your order.•If you need additional help with purchasing and downloading and instant download, please refer to this link--………………………………USES FOR OUR IMAGES………………………………Our images can be applied to a wide variety of materials. They work on various types of fabric to make pillows, totes, clothing, kitchen and bathroom linens, fine art paper for hanging art, greeting cards and stationery, temporary tattoos, or decoupaged on harder surfaces. It is up to your imagination.The image will fit on paper that is US letter sized (8 ½ x 11). You can either enlarge it or reduce the size for printing to suit your needs.Please note that our images CANNOT be resold as digital images/files in any venue and they CANNOT be used to make products to sell at ONDEMAND sites Zazzle, Redbubble, Society6, Cafepress, etc..The images can be used for personal use and incorporated into products for small scale commercial use (here in Etsy shops and craft fairs). If you are interested in using our images on a larger scale (commercially on more than 100 items), please contact us to discuss purchasing an extended commercial license.…………………………………..COPYRIGHT INFORMATION…………………………………..Please do not resell our images or share our images with others. When you purchase our images, you alone are given permission to use them in accordance to our policies. Though many of the images we sell are available in the public domain, we go through great lengths to clean them up—we sharpen, fix, and remove backgrounds to make them suitable as digital images for download. This also makes them derivative art and protected by copyright. All copyrights are retained by the artist.© DigitalThings

9. “I Love L.A.”: Giants fans might not appreciate this one, which is played each time the home team wins at Dodger Stadium. But we just can’t imagine a proper California playlist without including Randy Newman’s amazing ode to the great city of Los Angeles. 10. “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay”: As legend has it, Otis Redding began writing this beauty while on a houseboat at Waldo Point in Sausalito. The result would be, for our money, the greatest song ever written about the Bay Area.

11, “Pacific Ocean Blue”: This memorable cut also does not count as a Beach Boys tune, since it hails from Dennis Wilson’s one – and, sadly, only – solo album, 12, “Rockin’ Down the Highway”: Is San Jose in the house? You bet, thanks to this fantastic Doobie Brothers offering, Just do your best to obey posted speed limits as the Doobies propel you on your road trip with “Got those highway blues, can’t you hear french ballet shoes ballerina en pointe dance wall decor art printable digital download for iron on transfer fabric pillows tea my motor runnin’/Flyin’ down the road with my foot on the floor.”..

13. “Tell Me When to Go”: Time for a big dose of the East Bay’s hyphy sound, courtesy of rappers E-40 and Keak da Sneak. Enjoy responsibly and please resist the urge to “ghost ride the whip.”. 14. “It Was a Good Day”: Ice Cube delivers a tuneful travelogue through a day in the life of one young man living in Southern California. We’ve always thought of this song as a kind of hip-hop equivalent of James Joyce’s “Ulysses.” But, then again, maybe we think too much (or not enough?).

15, “Malibu”: A lot of people forget just how fantastic Courtney Love and Hole were in back in the day, Let this shiny rocker serve as a reminder, 16, “L.A, Woman”: This Doors classic kicks off a three-song adrenaline rush, So, watch your speedometer, because we know the foot can get a little heavy on the french ballet shoes ballerina en pointe dance wall decor art printable digital download for iron on transfer fabric pillows tea pedal whenever Jim Morrison comes on, 17, “Still In Hollywood”: L.A, alt-rock outfit Concrete Blonde was at the top of its game when it recorded this blistering rocker, propelled by Johnette Napolitano’s soaring vocals and bass work, James Mankey’s muscular guitar leads and Harry Rushakoff’s explosive drumming..

18. “Hollywood Nights”: Leave it to the Midwest’s greatest rocker – Bob Seger – to come up with the ultimate song about Hollywood. 19. “The Only Place”: It’s a shimmering slice of indie-pop magic, delivered by one of the best California bands of recent years — Best Coast. 20. “Streets of Bakersfield”: You didn’t think we’d forget the country music fans, did you? Here’s a honky-tonker from Buck Owens and Dwight Yoakam, followed by an offering by one of the genre’s all-time greats.

21, “A Friend in California”: Merle Haggard was the man, 22, “California Uber Alles”: Just wanted to make sure you were still paying attention, and not getting sleepy, This jolt of the Bay Area’s Dead Kennedys will wake you right up, french ballet shoes ballerina en pointe dance wall decor art printable digital download for iron on transfer fabric pillows tea 23, “Back in San Francisco”: Yet another amazing pop song from South Bay songwriter Allen Clapp and his terrific Orange Peels, 24, “Electrolite”: Granted, we’ll look for pretty much any excuse to put R.E.M, on pretty much any list, But this gorgeous piano ballad for L.A, is nothing less than breathtaking..

A “Bright Star” is shining over San Francisco’s Curran Theatre, casting a warming glow over the city with its rich brew of Americana, bluegrass and nostalgia. Banjos and fiddles aren’t the only instruments plucked rather hard by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell’s unabashedly sentimental new musical. Heart strings get tugged on something fierce as this 1920s North Carolina yarn unfurls in bluegrass harmonies and tear-stained melodies. The soul of the musical is Carmen Cusack’s incandescent turn as the rebellious Alice, a free spirit with a Cheshire Cat grin and a keen mind who falls into love and trouble with the son of the mayor of her hometown of Zebulon. Her brush with the brash Jimmy Ray Dobbs (the suitably dashing Patrick Cummings) will shadow her the rest of her life. The electric chemistry between Cusack and Cummings gives these courtship scenes a depth charge of zing.

In fact Cusack, who earned a Tony nomination for her Broadway debut in this production, seems lit from within throughout the show, She elevates this effervescent piece, adding depth to sometimes flat lyrics and burnishing every melody to a fine sheen with her delicate twang, The actress also magically transforms from the giddiness of youth to the stiffness of middle age with a simple fluttering change of dress, The musical dances back and forth in time so we meet the older Alice, sharper than ever but also bruised french ballet shoes ballerina en pointe dance wall decor art printable digital download for iron on transfer fabric pillows tea by life, before the younger one, She has become the hard-nosed editor of a Southern literary magazine, There she encounters Billy Cane (A.J, Shively), a fresh-faced GI just back from World War II, eager to become a writer, They turn out to have a bond that goes beyond a love of fiction..

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