5,3cm-bjd Ballet Shoes-minifee Shoes-a-line Minifee Fairyland-aktive Line Minifee-1/4bjd-msd Size Doll-msd Shoes-minifee Outfit- - On Sale

I made these ballet shoes with my own hands of genuine leather. The shoe model is unique, developed by me. Specially designed for Minifee Fairyland Aktiv Line Body, bjd doll size 1/4 MSD (length of the foot about 5,3 cm, foot width 2,3 cm) You can order this model in any color!If you have any questions - write to me!

Surrounded by tall tree trunks, Sean Riley’s set looks like the painted exterior of an antique carnival freak show, with posters by R. Black illustrating the anatomical oddities purportedly to be found within. A five-piece band led by Möschler deftly bangs out Waits’ chaotic and sometimes oddly lovely ditties, with a lot of nods to vaudeville and Weimar cabaret, even though a couple performers’ vocals are strained even for Waits’ rough-hewn aesthetic. Because the action is so fragmented and dreamlike, there are sections that are hard to follow, including a bit involving a portrait of a revered ancestor that provides ghostly advice. Sometimes it’s not clear when someone is playing a different character than usual, because they look the same and acting bizarre all of a sudden isn’t really unusual for anyone in this show. All in all, it’s a bewitching and pitch-black fairy tale that’s as riveting as it is cheerfully macabre.

Los Gatos kicks the holiday season into high gear next week, with two family-friendly traditions that welcome thousands to downtown, The town-sponsored Tree Lighting Ceremony is Friday, Dec, 1, followed by the 61st annual Los Gatos Children’s Christmas and Holidays Parade on Saturday, Dec, 2, The Tree Lighting Ceremony takes place at the Town Plaza at the corner of Santa Cruz Avenue and Main Street, Festivities begin at 5 p.m, 5,3cm-bjd ballet shoes-minifee shoes-a-line minifee fairyland-aktive line minifee-1/4bjd-msd size doll-msd shoes-minifee outfit- with music in the plaza and kids eagerly awaiting the big moment, That happens at precisely 6 p.m., when Mayor Rob Rennie will choose a child from the crowd to help him flip the switch that lights the huge holiday tree..

Santa arrives at 6:01 p.m. and visits with children until 7 p.m. The next day, the 61st annual Children’s Christmas and Holidays Parade rolls out promptly at 11 a.m. from the corner of North Santa Cruz and Almendra avenues, rain or shine. The parade will be led by the 2017 Youth Citizens of the Year: Los Gatos High School seniors Thomas Gray and Shomil Jain, and junior Sawye Raygani, and Hillbrook School freshmen Grace Hammers, Ben Makarechian and Camilla Williamson. The group will simultaneously blow whistles signaling the start of the parade.

The parade’s grand marshal is longtime youth supporter Carol Musser, Parade chairman Rick Miller has spent at least “a couple hundred hours” since June planning the logistics, On parade day, he’s responsible for directing bands, marchers, vehicles, floats and horses as they merge into the parade from different directions, “We’ll have 7,216 people riding or walking in the parade,” MIller said, “I’ve never done 5,3cm-bjd ballet shoes-minifee shoes-a-line minifee fairyland-aktive line minifee-1/4bjd-msd size doll-msd shoes-minifee outfit- a count, but we estimate there are between 6,000 and 8,000 onlookers.”..

Many onlookers setup chairs early on parade day so they’re guaranteed a good view. By 11 a.m. the crowd is usually three deep along North Santa Cruz Avenue and at Main Street, where the parade turns left. The parade ends at Main and Church streets. There are 238 entries in this year’s parade, including favorites like the Cucuzza Squash Drill Team, who are members of the Italian Gardeners’ Association. They dance around with giant  squashes, performing hysterical routines in sleeveless undershirts and Santa hats.

Also back this year are the Jiffy Market BMX performers, who fly off a ramp that’s mounted on a pickup truck; the crowd really roars its approval when they come by, The Farley Road Train is another eye-catching entry, Built and operated by the Hendrix family, who live on Farley Road, the miniature moving train includes a decorated engine and tender, two cars and a caboose, “This year we have a dollhouse that we found on the side of the road and turned into Mrs, Claus’s cottage,” Ed Hendrix said, “We’ll have a Mrs, Claus doll peering out of the cottage and Santa’s boots sticking 5,3cm-bjd ballet shoes-minifee shoes-a-line minifee fairyland-aktive line minifee-1/4bjd-msd size doll-msd shoes-minifee outfit- out of the chimney.”..

There’s only one official Santa in this parade and he comes through at the very end, waving to children from his present-laden sleigh. The parade is co-sponsored by the town, LGS Recreation, the Los Gatos Christmas Foundation and the Lions Club of Los Gatos. It’s a labor-intensive event requiring dozens of volunteers, most of whom belong to the Lions club. “The Lions club has 104 members, and we expect everybody to participate,” MIller said. “They know when you join the club you’re part of the Christmas parade. We also have 15 radio volunteers who spread out along the parade route and carry radios that are compatible with the police department’s.”.

Volunteers from the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Disaster Aid Response Team can also communicate with police; they’ll 5,3cm-bjd ballet shoes-minifee shoes-a-line minifee fairyland-aktive line minifee-1/4bjd-msd size doll-msd shoes-minifee outfit- have a first aid station set up in the Town Plaza, Miller has been working on the parade since he joined the Lions club in 1978 and took over the chairman’s duties in 2009, “I’m a very traditional person and a devoted Lion because of things like the Christmas parade,” he said, “Volunteerism is a way of life; we get lots of things done in this country because people volunteer.”..

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