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Pastel Blue Swan Model ballet flats. We love classics, whether it's music, interiors or shoes. Our aim is to bring you the perfect balance between beautiful design, great construction of fabric and loving comfort in our ballet flats. • Standard fit & generally runs true to size• The design is super flattering on all feet shapes and sizes• Leather lining with leather soles (3mm) & anti slip rubber heels (6mm)• • • To make your ordering process easier, please read our FAQs, you'll find important information there about sizing, shipping, custom orders and more:• Our ballet flats are entirely handmade by us with the highest quality of ethically sourced leather• This is a limited leather which has now sold out. We only have the sizes available in the drop-down menu in the listing• We ship globally. Estimated delivery times by location are listed in our FAQs, policies, and shipping section of each listingWe are a sustainable label, read about our story here: you want to double check your sizing, here is how to take your measurements:Trace your feet as follows: stand on a piece of A4 paper, circle your feet around with a straight standing pencil (without pressing too hard to the edges). Measure the distance between longest and widest points. Compare the measurements to the list below. It is best to measure your feet in the afternoon, when they are at their widest. In case you need any further assistance with determining the right size for you, please do contact us, we are here to help. Our sizes and precise outsole measurements:eu 36. us 5.5 l: 23.5 cm/9.25" w: 7.5 cm/2.95" (widest point) eu 37. us 6.5 l: 24 cm/9.44" w: 7.7 cm/3.03"eu 38. us 7 l: 24.5 cm/9.6" w: 8 cm/3.14"eu 39. us 8. l: 24.9 cm/9.8" w: 8.2 cm/3.22"eu 40. us 9. l: 25.3 cm/9.92" w: 8.2 cm/3.22"eu 41. us 9.5 l: 26 cm/10.23" w: 8.5 cm/3.34"eu 42. us 10. l: 26.5 cm/10.4" w: 8.7 cm/3.42"eu 43. us 10.5 l:27.24 cm/10.7" w: 9 cm/3.46"CONTACT: via Etsy convo or Email: info [!at]

A lawsuit has been filed against the owners of a Fremont banquet hall and an alleged assailant on behalf of a man who suffered serious head injuries during a large parking lot brawl at the hall following a wedding reception in May. Meanwhile, the city has decided to not revoke Royal Palace Banquet Hall’s conditional use permit, despite initially stating the business was responsible for the violence in the early morning of May 7. Lawyers Manpreet Bains and William Weiss filed a complaint last month in Alameda County Superior Court seeking damages for Daljit Gill, of Union City, and his wife Jasbir Gill. The suit contends the owners of the hall “deliberately decided to flout” safety and security measures required by the use permit, resulting in Gill’s severe injury.

The lawsuit also claims Amritpal Singh, a 23-year old Missouri man, assaulted and battered Gill with a metal object during the pastel blue suede ballet flats | minimalist suede leather shoes | blue leather shoes ballerina style shoes flats low heel | past parking lot fight, which involved dozens of people, Singh currently is being prosecuted for his alleged involvement in Gill’s beating and a pretrial hearing has been scheduled for Sept, 6, After the fight, Gill was hospitalized and placed into a comatose state as a piece of his skull was removed to relieve brain pressure, according to the suit, Bains said in an interview that Gill is back home but still requires constant care..

The owners of the banquet hall had received letters from Fremont Police Chief Richard Lucero and Planning Manager Kristie Wheeler in early June directly blaming the business for the level of violence that took place. The June 5 letter from Wheeler called out Royal Palace for having only two security guards instead of at least 14 as required by the use permit for a party that reportedly had 700 people in attendance. It also said the parking lot wasn’t adequately monitored by security cameras and management didn’t compile a guest list for the event, which were also conditions of the permit. The business was found to have committed eight permit violations and fined $800.

“Had these conditions of approval been satisfied, it is likely that the fight would not have occurred or could have been contained with fewer or less severe injuries to patrons and/or less expenditure of police resources,” Wheeler’s letter said, The planning commission was to consider modifying or revoking the permit at a hearing set in July but that date was pushed back to Aug, 24, Wheeler said in an email last week that Royal Palace’s hearing would not take place, as police staff “visited the Royal Palace during several events in June and July and found them to be in compliance” with pastel blue suede ballet flats | minimalist suede leather shoes | blue leather shoes ballerina style shoes flats low heel | past a new “places of entertainment license” issued by the Fremont police chief, The new license gives the chief more control over the business operation..

Owners or principals of the business — Jamaluddin Siddiqi, Chakradhar Paturi, and Jayaprasad Vejendla — could not be reached to comment for this story. The complaint also suggests the fight started when Gill’s cousin was physically threatened by others on the dance floor inside the hall. Later, just after midnight, Gill and his cousin, along with their wives, were attempting to leave when “a small mob” of men threatened them outside the hall. Bains said Gill tried to diffuse the situation but the “unprovoked assailants” attacked him and his cousin.

“The lack of security, inadequate lighting, and video cameras presented a perfect opportunity to commit a variety of crimes,” the complaint reads, adding that a security guard who was notified of the fight taking place did nothing to intervene, It claims that 20 to 30 minutes passed before managers and another security guard responded to the parking lot where the fight “had escalated to a melee involving dozens of people.” Smartphone video clips of the violent incident were published by this news organization, along with other pastel blue suede ballet flats | minimalist suede leather shoes | blue leather shoes ballerina style shoes flats low heel | past media outlets, and attracted international attention..

The suit also claims the business deliberately understaffed its security force to save money, even though the bride had paid for seven security guards months in advance at the recommendation of the manager. “Upon hearing there would be 700 guests, the manager of Royal Palace Banquet Hall exclaimed words to the effect of ‘Wow, 700 Punjabis? They drink and fight a lot. We’ll need seven security guards,’ ” the suit claims. It also described what it said was an unsafe environment during the reception, with “certain guests engaged in unruly and intimidating behavior including…stealing bottles of liquor from the bar, harassing women on the dance floor, drinking…in the parking lot, verbally and physically threatening other reception guests,” all while claiming management did nothing.

Q: I am interested in the value of this blue Shirley Temple set — a cereal bowl, drinking glass pastel blue suede ballet flats | minimalist suede leather shoes | blue leather shoes ballerina style shoes flats low heel | past and small milk pitcher, The etched face of Miss Shirley is truly visible on each piece, A: Who has the most appearances on a box of Wheaties? Well, it’s Michael Jordan with 18, but our gal Shirley Temple is second in line with 12, Shirley Temple was born in 1928 and by 1934 she had won a special Academy Award for “Outstanding Personality.” Her trademark 56 curls, her dimpled cheeks and her dandy song-and-dance performances cheered the Depression-era population..

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