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These cute flats are perfect to dress up or down, finished in a bright lavender purple.Sizing Note: Based on customer feedback, the shoes have been reported to fit about a full size small, so you will need to order based on what size fit you wear. For example if you are normally a Size 9 you will need to order the Size 10 that fits like a 9.• Made to order• Fully customizable• Clear-coated to withstand flaking and weather• Ships in approximately 20 daysNeed them sooner? Add this to your order: NOTE: All photos are stock and all items are handmade to order unless otherwise stated. Variations in appearance and construction may occur in the final product due to material availability. For full details please read our policies.

Cardi B might be the most interesting act on the lineup. Yeah, there’s the whole tabloid weirdness of whether or not she actually shows because she’s reportedly pregnant, but thanks to “Bodak Yellow” and beyond, she just might have been the hottest artist of 2017. Here’s hoping Bruno Mars shows up to do the “Finesse” remix. A Perfect Circle. Nope, Tool still hasn’t returned to Coachella, but here’s one of Maynard James Keenan’s other hard rock outfits instead. This is another one for the people who still think guitars are cool.

Kamasi Washington, Saxophonist and bandleader Washington is bringing some of the best modern jazz to Coachella again, His sets in 2016 were among the highlights of the two weekends, but here’s hoping he gets a better time slot when it’s not blazing hot outside, Princess Nokia, The lavender purple glitter ballet flats New York rapper killed it at FYF Fest in Los Angeles last summer and is likely to be the next big thing, She’s another one you can say you saw way back when, This producer, who studied political economics at Berkeley, makes a lot of atmospheric beats and also might have one of the best stage names on the bill this year..

CLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing the photos or video on a mobile device. SAN DIEGO — Three months before Nasim Aghdam shot three YouTube employees and then herself, she walked into The Gun Range — a gun store and firing range about 22 miles from the San Diego home she shared with her grandmother — and purchased a semiautomatic handgun. Aghdam purchased the 9mm Smith & Wesson pistol on Jan. 2 and picked up the weapon after the mandatory 10-day waiting period had expired, according to a source. Already seething over YouTube’s crackdown on videos she routinely posted, Aghdam took the gun home with her on Jan. 16, the same day the internet giant announced a bigger revenue crackdown on content creators like her.

Manny Mendoza, the store’s rangemaster, confirmed the purchase Thursday afternoon but said the transaction was not memorable, “It’s not like she stood out,” the retired law enforcement officer said, “I wish we could look into someone’s soul.”, Mendoza said he didn’t know if Aghdam purchased ammunition or accessories during her transaction and he said to his knowledge she had never practiced at one of the store’s 13 shooting lanes, “It’s as tragic as can be,” he said of Tuesdays’ shooting at YouTube headquarters in lavender purple glitter ballet flats San Bruno, He said he wasn’t sure if his store — a long nondescript beige brick building next to an auto dealership, with palm trees surrounding the front entrance — had been contacted by law enforcement but said they would cooperate in any investigation..

In October, the San Diego store advertised on its Facebook page a “12 Guns of Christmas” sale for the same model purchased by Aghdam, selling them for $399.99. On Thursday evening, customers streamed in and out carrying rifle cases, and an assortment of shotguns and rifles for sale were on display behind the counter. Aghdam’s family has insisted that they told police she was upset at YouTube for censoring her videos. Police have said Aghdam’s likely motive for Tuesday’s shooting at the San Bruno headquarters was her anger at the company’s recent policies that cracked down on some content and made it harder for people to benefit from the company’s ad revenue sharing program. A slew of videos and social media posts show her disdain for the company’s efforts to “demonetize” and filter her quirky vegan, workout, animal rights and dance videos.

She collected her gun the same day YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan and Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl announced in a blog post that the company was further tightening its rules and raising requirements for creators lavender purple glitter ballet flats trying to make ad revenue off their videos, It was the culmination of a crackdown begun last year on controversial sites and in the immediate aftermath of scathing criticism following YouTube star Logan Paul publishing a video showing a dead body in a Japanese forest, Aghdam family last saw her on March 31, and they reported her missing on April 2, Mountain View police spotted her car at 1:40 a.m, Tuesday morning parked in a Walmart parking lot, Aghdam asleep inside, They spoke to her, and also to her family in Southern California, and have said that nothing she or her family members said aroused their concern that she was a danger to herself or others, They did not know she had a gun..

She took target practice at a local gun range later that morning, then drove to YouTube headquarters on Cherry Lane in San Bruno, walked into a company patio area and shot three people before killing herself, police have said. While the total number of shots she fired is not determined, San Bruno Police Commander Geoff Caldwell said Aghdam fired “several” and blasted through at least one magazine and reloaded with a second before firing again. “Halfway through she exchanged magazines and continued shooting until she turned the gun on herself,” Caldwell said. One spent magazine was found at the scene, along with the gun and the second loaded magazine, he said.

California law limits gun magazines to 10 rounds each, but Caldwell said he did not know if Aghdam’s were legal, Her handgun had a 17-bullet capacity, according to Smith & Wesson, The gun was registered in her name, lavender purple glitter ballet flats Caldwell said. To purchase the firearm, Aghdam would have had to pass a background check that reviewed any criminal history, DMV records, outstanding warrants, restraining orders and mental health holds, San Bruno police would not release the name of the gun range where Aghdam took target practice Tuesday, but Caldwell said the business reached out to authorities after seeing news reports of the shooting and recognizing the woman who had been there a short time earlier..

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