Lisa Frank Large Jumbo Ballerina Ballet Shoes Sticker Rare Vintage - On Sale

This listing is for a rare vintage sticker by Lisa Frank.back is undated but it's from the early 90's and is in beautifully well kept collectible condition.Measures 6" tall x 4.75 wideAll items are described to the best of my knowledge Photos of the design you are purchasing are provided, should you need additional photos please message me. items are sold AS-IS Any questions please just ask.

But the highlight of the day was the shaggy, two-humped camel and his small, grey-and-white donkey friend. The critters were led in a procession through the museum’s outdoor garden by the kings themselves — costumed volunteers. Freddie and Beverly, who were visiting from The Lyon Ranch in Sonoma — an organization that trains abused and neglected animals for therapy work in nursing homes and hospitals — drew crowds of parents hoping to snap a keepsake photo, and children hoping to land a pat on their soft fur. One small girl, held aloft by her father, let out a squeal of excitement as the animals walked by.

Nine-year-old Dariana Monzon, of San Mateo, got a chance to pet the donkey, and lisa frank large jumbo ballerina ballet shoes sticker rare vintage examine the camel’s humps first-hand, “I’ve never seen a camel and a donkey in real life,” she said, For that matter, she’d never seen a king before, either, As for the young Lucas from San Francisco, he sat around a long table with other children Saturday morning, They spoke English and Spanish as they slapped balls of dough into flat shapes, Volunteers from the nearby Center for Employment Training’s culinary program then cooked the tortillas in a press, It was an activity that stood out to Lucas for one, simple reason: “Because we can eat it.”..

For 5-year-old Eduardo Morimoto, Saturday’s festivities were a continuation of a celebration that started at home that morning — the three kings brought him gifts of a book and a snorkel. But they didn’t leave the items in his shoes, as is the tradition. “We did a box,” said his mother, 47-year-old Ana Henderson, of Alamo, “because the shoes are a little bit small.”. What: Participate in festive crafts and watch music and dance performances in celebration of Three Kings Day.

As the leaders of two Native American tribes in California, we are raising our voices with outrage about recent actions by the Trump administration, President Donald Trump just issued two proclamations to remove protections from more than 2 million acres of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments in Utah, This illegal action would be the largest elimination of protected areas in U.S, history, The following day, Interior lisa frank large jumbo ballerina ballet shoes sticker rare vintage Secretary Ryan Zinke released a report recommending changes to Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in Northern California, and allowing “traditional” uses like mining, logging and drilling in protected areas, We are deeply concerned by these attacks on our nation’s public lands and sacred ancestral sites..

As tribal leaders, and as Californians, we stand in solidarity with the tribes and communities that will be affected by the president’s actions. It’s now clear that over the coming weeks, President Trump will issue more proclamations that aim to eliminate protections for precious lands and ocean areas. Zinke’s report puts eight more national monuments in Trump’s crosshairs, meaning that tens of millions more acres of public lands and ocean areas could soon be sold out for mining, drilling, industrial-scale commercial fishing and logging.

The president’s decision to shrink Bears Ears National Monument rips Native American culture out of our history books, It also exposes tens of thousands of Native American cultural and archaeological sites to looting and grave robbing, According to The Washington Post, at least two dozen looting incidents have taken place in the Bears Ears region over the past five years, lisa frank large jumbo ballerina ballet shoes sticker rare vintage with half a dozen in the past six months alone, Bears Ears National Monument is a homeland to many tribes, including the Hopi, Navajo, Ute Mountain Ute, Ute Tribe and Zuni, These tribal nations lived, hunted and prayed there, Their ancestors are buried there, And to this day, family gatherings, dances and ceremonies are held within the national monument..

Bears Ears was the first national monument protected at the request of tribes and is collectively managed by a commission of tribal members. By eliminating protections for this sacred national monument, the president is saying that there’s nothing worth protecting in these lands. This is an outrageous suggestion, a slap in the face to the tribes that call Bears Ears home, and an affront to Native Americans all across the country. Over the years, the two of us have successfully worked to protect national monuments, including Mojave Trails National Monument in the California desert near Los Angeles and the California Coastal National Monument, which runs the length of our state.

These monuments both include sacred and cultural sites for our tribes, Near Santa Cruz, the Amah Mutsun have traditionally held ceremonies and cultural practices on ancestral lands that are part of the California Coastal National Monument, In Mojave Trails National Monument and throughout the desert, Native Americans left a legacy of rock art and artifacts, including grinding stones, stone hammers and lisa frank large jumbo ballerina ballet shoes sticker rare vintage utensils, Related ArticlesTrump takes rare step to reduce 2 national monuments in UtahEditorial: Why Trump should leave national monuments aloneTrump signs order to review national monumentsNational monuments threatened by Trump drive millions of private sector jobs‘The president stole your land’: Patagonia angers Zinke by blasting Bears Ears actionOpinion: Mount Umunhum partnership with Amah Mutsun tribe should not have excluded the militaryWith the Trump administration taking such irresponsible and ill-informed action against national monuments, it’s clear to us that no public lands are truly immune to their attacks..

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