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This file is available for instant download.Once the payment is, you will receive a download link via email from Etsy.You can then download your files zipped format: CSD, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PCS, PES, VIP, VP3, XXX, SHV.You can also download your files from: My Account - Purchases - Click on the download button next to the item purchased.If you are unable to extract your zipped files, please contact me by email, I will send you files directly.You will receive embroidery design as shown. Also included this listing of the color son used, and the size of the embroidery.Formats Available: For the 4 x 4, 5 x 7, 6 x 10 7 x 12 hoopRéf : 000604

Nina poured the wine into crystal wedding gift glasses and we toasted one another and the house, then stood and sipped in the empty kitchen admiring the old linoleum floor. It is still excellent and shiny, a beige marbleized pattern with red inlaid trim. The stainless steel double ovens and matching electric cooktop were probably installed in the 1950s but they look brand new; the scalloped copper hood light and fan work perfectly. Blender-type buttons on a silvery panel control the burners, a waffle-patterned stainless steel sheet protects the wall, and the brown and yellow flecked Formica counter around it all is — of its type — sublime.

This kitchen is a classic, but is not for everyone, I remember when Steven and Nina first saw it, “I love this kitchen,” Steven said, Nina, completely in accord, added “Wouldnʼt anyone?”, She was surprised when we said no, that probably some buyers had rejected the house because of the kitchen, “Really?” she persisted, “Itʼs so wonderful.”, “Come on Nina,” Steven said to her, “You know that any kitchen we think is instant download ballerina ballet shoes dance embroidery design machine great other people would find weird.”..

We all laughed. Then they made their offer. Looking out now at the backyard, I asked how they planned to get rid of the lava rock — quite a lot of it. “Recycle it, we hope,” said Steven. “We havenʼt checked into it but maybe someplace like Urban Ore will take it.”. “Someone must want it,” Nina pointed out. “Itʼs still being made and sold.”. “Which wallpaper is going?” we asked. “All of it,” said Nina. “My parents are coming up next weekend to help us. My dad is good at taking off wallpaper.”.

We looked again at the frilly-looking, yellow-flowered kitchen paper, the only discordant note in the room, then wandered to the bedrooms to consider the wallpaper there, “Look how many layers there are,” Steven told us, “It looks like four or five.”, “Once I solved that same problem,” I told him, “By removing all the loose paper, then rolling on a layer of sheetrock mud before painting, It worked.”, We talked for awhile then about caulking the bathtub and shower stall, also rain gutters, fireplace fires, housewarming parties, instant download ballerina ballet shoes dance embroidery design machine and planting new trees — all manner of home stuff..

We were all quite happy, glad to be together, pleased with ourselves for what we had done to come to this day. Anet said weʼd brought house-christening presents. Itʼs Macedonian tradition to bring bread and salt when you visit a home for the first time. Before she could go any further, there was a little flurry of conversation about Anetʼs heritage. Yes, both parents are Macedonian. She grew up dancing the dances, eating the food, attending the Orthodox Church. She heard and spoke the language, similar to Russian or Bulgarian, but doesnʼt know it well and has little opportunity to speak it now.

Our little group grew quiet as Anet explained that the salt was for prosperity, It should be used freely but if any remained when they moved, it should go with them, The bread was so their home would never know hunger, They should eat it, of course, and if there was any left, feed it to the birds, Anet had also brought a bottle of champagne, admitting that sheʼd added to the traditional instant download ballerina ballet shoes dance embroidery design machine ritual wishes for joy and effervescence, “We have a present for you, too,” Nina said, “A thank-you present.” She produced a large shopping bag, took from it a cake box, Inside the box was a beautiful white swirly-iced cake, In red frosting script the top said “Thank you Anet & Pat.”..

French-born bass master François Moutin and intrepid Indian-American vocalist Kavita Shah titled their new album “Interplay” (Dot Time Records), which aptly sums up their prime directive as a duo. Whether stretching out on a standard, freely improvising, or investigating a jazz tune by the likes of Horace Silver, they are in constant musical contact, a sinuous high-wire dance that defies gravity. Moutin, who earned a doctorate in physics before moving to New York, has spent three decades in the trio of 90-year-old French pianist Martial Solal, who performs on the album, along with Shah’s mentor, 89-year-old Sheila Jordan.

An NEA Jazz Master, Jordan pioneered the vocal/bass duo in the 1980s via her frequent performances with virtuoso Harvie S, a stripped-down context that sounds as exhilarating in Moutin instant download ballerina ballet shoes dance embroidery design machine and Shah’s hands as ever, They have two Bay Area performances this weekend, and also teach a workshop noon Sunday at the California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley, Details: 8 p.m, April 7; California Jazz Conservatory’s Rendon Hall, Berkeley; $20; 510-845-5373,; 7:30 p.m, April 8; $15-$20, Red Poppy Art House, San Francisco, 415-826-2402,

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