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New pair size 8.5 (women's US) aqua teal ballet flats. Iridescent blue sequins cover body of shoes, with capri blue rhinestone trim around base and opening. Chunky gems and blue iridescent glitter finish the look. If you need a different size, kindly message me (other sizes will be a customized order with 2-3 week delivery). Mermaid sole candy.... ENJOY!!!

While Tatum put a lot of effort into being a great father, he didn’t put so much effort into his marriage, Page Six source said. “(Jenna) felt like he stopped wanting to work as hard on them as a married couple,” the source said. “This has been a long time coming.”. Tatum admitted that he didn’t do “very well” juggling his hectic career and his family life in a 2015 interview with People. Tatum’s IMDB page shows that he has multiple acting and producing gigs in development. He told People, “I’m lucky to have people that care enough to make sure I’m not screwing things up.”.

(Click here, if you are unable to view this photo gallery or video on your mobile device.), Before Valley Fair and Santana Row, Eastridge was the queen of the malls when it opened in 1971, Once the largest enclosed shopping center in the West, it’s safe to say Eastridge relinquished its lofty status long ago, But the mall is approaching its late 40s with a new look and approach, courtesy of a $15 million makeover, Since Pacific Retail Capital Partners purchased the East San Jose shopping center last year, it has embarked on a strategy to make Eastridge Center more relevant to the community around it, That effort included bringing in artist Lila Gemellos to provide a sense of place through a series of murals in the mall and holding a Taste for the Space contest to give a local food truck operator a shot at locating an eatery inside the mermaid/ mermaid shoes/fish scale shoes/ mermaid flats/ custom ballet flats/ flats with scales/ glitter shoes/bling flats/custom mall. Chefs Lai Chao, Ryan Gallego and Jason Artajos from Trifecta Cooks won that contest will be joining the mall’s food lineup in August..

Among Eastridge’s new features are a kids’ play area, a family lounge with a TV where kids can chill out, and upgraded interior touches that include more seating, greenery, a bubbling fountain and a cherry blossom tree. The Eatery food court includes new restaurant offerings, community tables with charging stations, and kid-size chairs in a family seating area called the Honeycomb. All that work will be celebrated with a three-day “grand re-opening” that starts Friday and has a different focus each day. Food will be the big thing Friday, with a 1 p.m. ribbon cutting followed by a 2 p.m. panel on San Jose’s food scene, plus chef demos, food trucks and music. On Saturday, art will be in the spotlight, with dance and music performances every hour from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., a makers market, an open mic showcase and a community mural painting. The festivities wrap up Sunday with a focus on families, with Coffee with a Cop at 11 a.m., an appearance by SJ Sharkie at noon, and a family expo from 1 to 5 p.m. that includes bounce houses, face painting and a meet-and-greet with DreamWorks’ Trolls.

For more information, go to, And if you think you know Eastridge, check out these five facts you might not know, ON-SCREEN SUSPENSE: The Stanford Theatre is rolling out a slate of crowd-pleasers this spring with its Hitchcock and Other Masters of Suspense festival, which kicks off Friday through Sunday with two non-Hitch flicks starring Ingrid Bergman — a double-bill of “Casablanca” and George Kukor’s “Gaslight.” (For an interesting comparison, the Stanford is showing the 1940 British version of mermaid/ mermaid shoes/fish scale shoes/ mermaid flats/ custom ballet flats/ flats with scales/ glitter shoes/bling flats/custom “Gaslight” the following weekend.)..

Other highlights include a pair of classic shockers from James Whale in “Frankenstein” and “Bride of Frankenstein” (April 20-22), Alfred Hitchcock’s “Notorious” and “Spellbound” (May 4-6), “Vertigo” (May 18-20) and “To Catch a Thief” and “Rear Window” (May 25-27). Get the full schedule at BELLARMINE HONORS ITS BEST: Bellarmine College Prep will honor four inductees to its Alumni Hall of Fame on Saturday. This year’s honorees are water polo player and coach Luis Nicolao (Class of ’88, Athletics); Rich Casey (Class of ’64, Business/Science & Medicine), CEO of Palo-Alto based Neuraltus; former Bellarmine teacher and counselor Larry Lauro (Class of ’66, Humanities & Fine Arts) and California Supreme Court Justice Ming Chin (Class of ’60, Public Service).

No, 771 in a series of true experiences in real estate, As we pulled up and parked across the street, the late afternoon sun was strong across mermaid/ mermaid shoes/fish scale shoes/ mermaid flats/ custom ballet flats/ flats with scales/ glitter shoes/bling flats/custom the front of the trim stucco house, “Look, thereʼs Nina sitting in the sun on her porch,” Anet said, “She looks happy.”, “Hi,” Nina called to us, “Weʼre just taking a little break.”, The house had become Nina and Stevenʼs just that morning, Theyʼd hurried over from their apartment the minute we let them know it was truly theirs, Their long-anticipated task that first day was to remove the carpeting and reveal the wood floors underneath..

“How do they look?” we asked, hurrying up the steps. I donʼt think we even said hello. “Wow!” we shouted when we got inside. “Wow! They look great, just fabulous!”. “Yeah, no stains or anything” came a voice from another room. It was Steven, busy in the bedroom removing carpeting tack strips. “We really lucked out.”. “There is this one patched spot where there must have been a short wall,” Nina said, showing us. “But itʼs fine. Now come,” she urged, “And see the bedroom floor.”.

We moved together to the larger bedroom, leaned down to run our hands across the smooth oak, exclaiming again and again over their perfection, Little tufts of padding marked the remaining staples on the edges of the floor and we talked for a minute about how best to remove them, Steven had been using pliers to pull them out but thought a tiny pry bar would be worth a try, an item he was hoping to find in mermaid/ mermaid shoes/fish scale shoes/ mermaid flats/ custom ballet flats/ flats with scales/ glitter shoes/bling flats/custom the hardware store, “When are you moving?” we asked, “Day after tomorrow,” said Nina, “Weʼll finish the floors first and put down shelf paper in the kitchen …” Quickly she added, “Want some champagne? We bought a bottle so we can celebrate with you.”..

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