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Chunky knit women and / or men slippers, Fuzzy pom pom slippers, Furry grey slipper, Round toe ballet flats, Home socks, Dirty Santa gift, Wedding bridal flatsA cozy pair of knit slippers with pom pom decorations! Hand knitted slippers is made from gentle wool, cotton and acrylic knitting yarn, decorated with cute fuzzy white pom pom. Elastic strings are pulled through the edges on the top of the slippers to keep them from falling off your feet. Fantastic cozy, comfortable to wear, cute and lovely gift for someone special in your life! Let me know - If you want to order other size of the slippers, other quantity or other color!!!**************************************************************************************************COLOR: grey, white pom pom. Please note that real colors may slightly differ from their appearance on your display.MATERIAL: wool, cotton and acrylic blend yarn, faux fur, metal clasp SIZE: Choose from the size tables in two last photosNOTE:If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. You can also request a custom order. Together we can make perfect and unique socks for you or a gift for someone special!WASHING: Machine wash on gentle cycle 40°C Untie Pom-Poms before washing !!!SHIPPING:The item will be shipped in 1-3 days after purchase by registered priority mail. It takes about 1-4 weeks to reach the destination, depending on your location.*************************More socks, slippers:§ion_id=20438833Return to shop: shopping!

“It was traumatic to suddenly be in a wheelchair and see all these dancers doing all these movements I used to be able to do just months before but couldn’t do any longer,” she said. Her sisters encouraged her to give it another chance. Out of the blue, AXIS offered her an apprenticeship. “I’ve really been working a lot with Carina to push her physically because she’s only been in her chair for three years now,” said AXIS artistic director and choreographer Marc Brew. “Rediscovering dance as a disabled dancer is new to her, so I’ve been working to build her confidence and strength.”.

Dwayne Scheuneman, a fellow AXIS dancer, said Ho’s agility with her chair has improved, “You can also really see her ballet training,” Scheuneman said, “She has a real grace and elegance to her.”, Ho says she’s not an “amazing wheelchair dancer.” But AXIS has inspired her to put herself on stage as a performer with a disability sharing her story, “I really want people to see me past my wheelchair,” Ho said, “I’m the same person I used to be, I just happen to move around chunky knit women men slippers fuzzy pom pom slippers furry grey slipper round toe ballet flats home socks dirty santa gift wedd the world in a wheelchair.”..

Before the accident, Ho was working at a tech company that sold educational training materials — even though her passion was performing and making music. “The injury was a turning point,” she said. “I figure life is real short, so you better do what you want right now.”. She recently released a four-song music project called Onikho, combining classical piano training and Electronica. The inspiration grew out of the piano chords Ho would play after the accident when she was housebound and had to wear a neck brace. The loss of her mom had begun to sink in, and the fact that her life would never be the same.

“It was one of the most powerful ways to relieve the grief I was feeling,” Ho said, “And those chord progressions became songs.”, After the accident, Ho was airlifted to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, where she underwent spinal fusion surgery, She spent six weeks in the hospital, Her injury had disrupted many of the autonomic bodily functions that people take for granted, She felt shame over her sudden incontinence and frustrated chunky knit women men slippers fuzzy pom pom slippers furry grey slipper round toe ballet flats home socks dirty santa gift wedd with her inability to perform basic tasks, Ho said she watched YouTube videos to help her re-learn everything from how to put her pants on to getting into a car..

Her two sisters moved out from New York. “My family had to move me out of the house I shared with my roommates, and my sisters and my boyfriend moved in with me,” Ho said. “That brought the idea of me living as a 20-something on my own to an end, at least for now.”. Yet as tough as things have been, Ho is thankful for family she can count on. “It’s really made me appreciative of what I have,” Ho said. In March, Ho is leaving AXIS and heading to Uruguay on a Fulbright Scholarship. She will spend nine months teaching dance to disabled students. Her boyfriend is going with her.

The popularity of Día de los Muertos continues to grow in San Jose, The Multicultural Artists Guild’s traditional procession and the big Día San Jose festival at St, James Park chunky knit women men slippers fuzzy pom pom slippers furry grey slipper round toe ballet flats home socks dirty santa gift wedd drew good crowds, and this weekend’s “La Ultima Parada” is expected to bring about 5,000 people to the Mexican Heritage Plaza, Related ArticlesSan Jose dive bar with a bad reputation reinventing itselfNew role for former Santa Clara County Supervisor Ken YeagerCity Lights’ ‘Eurydice’: A bilingual production with a twistReaders’ ideas for changing Burnett Middle School nameEggs-citing news for San Jose City Hall’s resident falconsOrganizers have expanded the festivities around the traditional Mexican holiday to honor departed ancestors to two days this year, Decorated “altars” that celebrate the dead are a key ingredient in Día de los Muertos celebrations, and there’s an “Altar Walk” planned around the Alum Rock Avenue businesses near the Mexican Heritage Plaza on Saturday night, That will be followed by an 8 p.m, dance party at the plaza featuring the bands Lado Oriente and Pasto Seco..

The main event Sunday will be La Viejada, a traditional dance that will featured more than 300 masked “danzantes” from South Bay folklorico dance companies. Community altars also will be on display in the Mexican Heritage Plaza theater lobby, and San Jose artist Raquel Burciaga is transforming the venue’s garden into a “camposanto,” or graveyard, to honor iconic Latino artists and entertainers. ABOVE: A snaking procession with frenetic, feathered Aztec dancers for a head and a somber mariachi outfit for a tail wound through downtown San Jose on Sunday, October 22, honoring ancestry and tradition in the 20th annual Dia de los Muertos procession and party.

There’ll also be live performances, lotería games, a costume chunky knit women men slippers fuzzy pom pom slippers furry grey slipper round toe ballet flats home socks dirty santa gift wedd contest, crafts and face painting throughout the day and night, And the Ferris wheel that was a big hit last year will also return. Saturday’s events are free, and admission for Sunday’s celebration is $5 for adults and free for kids 10 and under, Go to for tickets and schedule info, ‘WINCHESTER’ TRAILER PARK: The first trailer for the “Winchester” movie starring Helen Mirren made its debut online Tuesday, with a few creepy scares and some nice sweeping shots of the haunting San Jose mansion, Oscar-winner Mirren certainly gives a stern, ghostly look to Sarah Winchester herself..

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