Baby Girl Booties 0- 6 Months Ballet Slippers Fine Cotton Crochet Shower Gift Multicolor White Red Rose Cotton Satin Ribbon Elas - On Sale

These are the perfect spring and summer slippers for little feet-- available in two sizes, newborn to six months and six months to a year (Add $1). They are mercerized cotton and come in a variety of colors- pink, pink/white, white,red,lavender, cream, pastel rainbow, rainbow/white (depicted here), purple,and can be made to order in other colors not mentioned here. Please inquire whether or not I have the thread and I will send you a jpeg of the color. I also make them in gold,silver and red glitter ( like the ruby slippers) but the metallics cost $4 more and should be worn with socks or tights. A satin ribbon comes from the back and ties around the ankle for extra hold on the foot. A soft 1/4 inch elastic goes across the instep. These make great small shower gifts and are excellent keepsakes-- something to put in your drawer and look at when you are 20 years old. People put them on dolls, teddy bears, hang them from car mirrors, put them on Christmas trees, and just have them around so in case a baby comes up, there will be a gift. They come stuffed with white tissue paper. For shipping outside the US , please double the quoted price. Photo 2 is an ensemble made by another customer with a headband matching the booties. I don't have the Pink Floyd Onesie, the booties and headband were a custom order.

CLICK HERE if you are having trouble viewing the photos or video on a mobile device. By Emily Yahr | The Washington Post. On Sunday night, Taylor Swift won the prize for female artist of the year at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. She wasn’t there to accept in person, which is no surprise – the pop megastar has been mostly out of the public view for many months. “Hey guys, I just wanted to say thank you so much for this award,” Swift said to the audience in a pre-taped video, explaining she couldn’t attend because she’s in rehearsals for her upcoming world tour. “But in my absence and to show my gratitude, I really wanted to show you my brand new video for my new single, ‘Delicate.’ ”.

“Delicate,” Swift’s fourth single from her latest album, “Reputation,” is Swift’s most direct song about her, , .well, reputation, which suffered over the last 18 months or so, after much-dissected feuds and relationships and people’s frustration with her refusal to speak out about current events, As Swift explained to fans at a private event last fall, “Delicate” – about stressing over a new crush – baby girl booties 0- 6 months ballet slippers fine cotton crochet shower gift multicolor white red rose cotton satin ribbon elas explores the question: “What happens when you meet somebody that you really want in your life and then you start worrying about what they’ve heard before they met you?” (Sample lyric: “My reputation’s never been worse, so you must like me for me.”)..

So it’s fitting that the video may offer a clue as to why Swift has recently shunned the spotlight. Aside from a handful of brief concert appearances around the holidays, Swift has gone underground. She’s avoided the media and gave zero interviews to promote “Reputation” when it dropped in November. While unnamed “sources” assure the tabloids that she’s doing quite well with her boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn, they’re rarely seen in public together. Her social media used to be filled with pictures of her BFF “squad,” but she wiped all of her accounts clean last year and now uses them only for album promotion.

In that sense, the opening to the “Delicate” video is jarring because it’s an image of Swift no one has seen in awhile: She’s on the baby girl booties 0- 6 months ballet slippers fine cotton crochet shower gift multicolor white red rose cotton satin ribbon elas red carpet, In the first scene, Swift has a glazed expression as she gazes off in the distance, Then she quickly snaps out it, as reporters shove microphones at her and dozens of camera lights flash in her face, In the chaos, a mysterious figure slips Swift a small piece of paper, This will become important later, Next, Swift walks into a fancy hotel lobby, Everyone turns and stares as she walks by, surrounded by four bodyguards, Swift stops and tries to take a selfie with fans, except a crazed bellhop tries to grab her before security intervenes, Rolling her eyes, Swift walks away in the middle of her security team, as they shadow her every move..

She finally gets some privacy in a dressing room, turning the piece of paper over in her hands, and she starts making fake smiles and goofy faces at herself in the mirror. Suddenly, a group of women walks in, and Swift stops, startled. Then, when she turns around back to the mirror, her reflection is gone. Could it be? She tries yelling at the women, who can’t see or hear a thing she’s doing. Yes – she’s invisible! It’s a dream come true. With her new invisibility cloak, Swift has never looked more thrilled. She tosses her stiletto heels, tears off the bottom part of her long blue gown, and starts dancing. She dances and dances, through the hotel lobby, on the concierge’s desk, in an elevator, through an empty room, and outside in the pouring rain, where she jumps on a car. She truly dances like no one is watching as she jumps on the New York City subway.

In the final scene, soaked from the rain, she arrives at a grungy bar, holding the piece of paper, Everyone turns and looks at her, and she’s visible again, The message of the video? Even with all the perks, being one of the most powerful celebrities in the world has its drawbacks, See Swift’s miserable expression in the video on the red carpet, and the fact that when she stops to baby girl booties 0- 6 months ballet slippers fine cotton crochet shower gift multicolor white red rose cotton satin ribbon elas take a selfie with fans, she’s bombarded by a crazy person, Therefore, when she’s magically invisible – or simply out of the public eye – it’s the only time she’s able to be herself, Thus, the dance party..

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