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☆☆☆Please note Ballet Slippers are made to fit tight. You may want to order a size up from what your child wears in normal shoe size. Size chart is the second picture above.☆☆☆Mini ballet slippers perfect for newborn to toddler feet.☆Genuine soft leather upper☆ Interior soft cotton lining☆Sueded leather insoles flexible for learning to walk☆ Elastic band to hold securely on feetThese are REAL ballet slippers made to a smaller scale. Just as normal ballet slippers would arrive flat and untied. You will need to form them upon arrival to your individual baby's feet. Instructions are included. We recommend stuffing with cotton or tissue for a day or so to achieve a rounded form. Thanks!

And so they did. A boisterous crowd of about 830 people filled the Fairmont’s Imperial Ballroom for the 28th annual fundraiser, which had Reed Hastings as its presenting sponsor. The biggest highlight, besides perhaps the evening-ending dance party, was the presentation of the La Familia award to the Escamez family of Redwood City. The family, led by teacher, theater director and social worker Veronica Escamez, has served Bay Area Latino families through its nonprofit, Casa Circulo Cultural. She was joined in the honor by her sons. Gerardo Escamez, Octavio Escamez and Fernando Escamez are all key parts of the Casa Circulo family, and Manuel Escamez is a professor at the University of Mexico.

Also honored at the event were Silicon Valley Community Foundation CEO Emmett Carson, who received the Visionario award for his support of the foundation’s work with STEM education in the Latino community, and Chevron, which received the Pioneros award baby ballet slippers - silver - premie newborn toddler ballet slippers moccasins for its funding of the foundation’s work, WHITE HOUSE REUNION: Vivek Murthy, who served as U.S, Surgeon General under President Obama, was the keynote speaker Friday night at Momentum for Mental Health’s Shining Stars fundraiser in downtown San Jose, Murthy flew in from Washington for the event at the invitation of a former colleague, Momentum CEO David Mineta, The two worked together in the Obama administration, where Mineta was a deputy director in the office of national drug control policy..

Murthy was honored with a Shining Star award along with Santa Clara County Supervisor Ken Yeager and Mary Crocker Cook, an expert on drug and alcohol dependency issues and licensed addiction counselor. In recognition of the nonprofit’s 20th anniversary, Mineta opened the program by honoring his predecessors in the agency’s leadership: Mary Hiland, Vonza Thompson and Paul Taylor. ART AND ABOUT: Silicon Valley art collectors walked home with some real treasures at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art‘s live auction Saturday night, but the item that had people talking was “Amante Bronze Maquette II,” a 1983 sculpture by Manuel Neri, who is known for his work during the Bay Area Figurative Movement in the 1960s. After a riveting bidding battle for the piece — which had a retail value of $42,000 — photographer and artist David Pace won with a $35,000 bid. He called it a “once in a lifetime” opportunity.

CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DAY: Ryan Reynolds, 41; Nancy Grace, 58; Weird Al Yankovic, 58; Dwight Yoakam, 61, Happy Birthday: Change can be good if you are prepared to forge baby ballet slippers - silver - premie newborn toddler ballet slippers moccasins ahead, Look at your options and choose to take on projects or endeavors that fit into your plans, Getting involved in something unfamiliar to you may be intriguing, but will require time and patience, Take precautions or you’ll be at a loss because you’ve taken on too much, too fast, Your numbers are 2, 15, 21, 24, 27, 33, 47..

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Jump in and get things done. The experience you gain along the way will motivate you to do more. Collaborating with someone who shares your goals or interests will lead to a long-lasting friendship. Romance is on the rise. 5 stars. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Joint financial ventures are not looking good. Don’t trust your cash with anyone or let others negotiate on your behalf. Stick to your own script and make your thoughts crystal clear. You don’t have to overreact, just be up-front. 3 stars.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Network, enjoy friends and family, and work hard to keep your relationships running smoothly, If you offer to help someone, make sure you follow through, but don’t get taken for granted, Balance and equality baby ballet slippers - silver - premie newborn toddler ballet slippers moccasins will be important, 3 stars, CANCER (June 21-July 22): Dealing with issues that affect your home and family are best done with patience and intelligence, Children will offer insight into something that you’ve been questioning, An opportunity to bring about change should not be ignored, Be receptive to proposals, 3 stars..

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Emotional confusion is prevalent. Refrain from letting generosity turn into a form of persuasive manipulation. Work hard, play hard and take care of your health through exercise and proper nutrition. Physical improvements are encouraged. 5 stars. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Keep your facts straight and your communication articulate. There will be no room for mistakes when dealing with relationships and domestic matters. Take care of your responsibilities and hold others to the same standard. Consider your motives. 2 stars.

LIBRA (Sept, 23-Oct, 22): Contemplation will not get you where you want to go, It’s time to head out and to live in the moment, Express your feelings and find out where you stand, Once you know, wise choices and changes can baby ballet slippers - silver - premie newborn toddler ballet slippers moccasins be made, 4 stars, SCORPIO (Oct, 23-Nov, 21): Dealing with creative people will bring you the most joy, Discussing new possibilities will encourage you to put your plans into motion, A change regarding how you earn your living or handle your finances will be beneficial, 3 stars..

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