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I think part of the brilliance of these festivals is how Disney presents them in a way that makes people completely forget the political drama currently surrounding immigration and diversity issues. Not that I think that Disney and its design team are promoting political apathy. But I believe that Disney recognizes that both its narrow business interest and the broader social interest are served by creating events that address diversity outside of a partisan political context. Look, at this point, a broad majority of Californians have learned not just to live with diversity, but to embrace it. Festivals celebrating Jewish, African, Hindu, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese cultures are about as controversial in Southern California as sunshine and Animal Fries. But Disneyland’s cultural impact extends far beyond Orange and Los Angeles counties.

Related ArticlesBlue Milk: Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge will offer 3 varieties of the signature ‘Star Wars’ drinkHow to make your own R2-D2 or BB-8 when Droid Depot opens at Disneyland’s Star Wars landIs Disneyland making a mistake with the way it’s opening Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?This is what the $125 per-person ‘Disney Princess Breakfast’ will includeCaptain Marvel makes her first appearance at the DisneylandWhen Disney dresses Mickey and Minnie and its other iconic characters in costumes associated with other cultures, that matters to many of the people around the world who will see those pictures on the Internet, When Disney steps away from its usual royal blue swarovski crystal ballerina shoes slippers ballet dance earrings jewelry christmas gift new for the nutcracker swan l promotion of its own entertainment franchises to hand over some of its stages to performing artists from local ethnic communities, that makes a statement about being open to diverse cultural influences, And when Disney puts Xiao Long Bao, Chana Masala and Nashville Hot Chicken on its menu, even for a limited time, it brings together people in a way that leaves them unable to argue divisive political issues because they are too busy stuffing their mouths with all that food..

Political harmony is the final step in a long process that begins with the simple act of bringing people together. Theme parks, especially those run by Disney, are very good at doing that. With its recent festivals, Disneyland is not only bringing people together to eat and be entertained, it’s gently showing all of us that what tears some groups of people apart in one venue can bring them together in another. Maybe that might lead more of us to recognize that if people can come together for one cause, perhaps we can find ways to come together for other causes, as well.

A driver who had reportedly stopped in a carpool lane of I-80 and began dancing in the bed of his truck was arrested after a high-speed chase through three counties, authorities said Monday, royal blue swarovski crystal ballerina shoes slippers ballet dance earrings jewelry christmas gift new for the nutcracker swan l At 8:42 a.m., a motorcycle officer with the California Highway Patrol’s San Francisco bureau saw a black Chevrolet pickup with a solo driver in a high-occupancy vehicle lane near the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge toll plaza, police said, According to KGO-TV, the man had moments earlier been in the bed of the pickup, dancing and waving an object..

— ABC7 News (@abc7newsbayarea) January 30, 2018. When the officer turned on his lights and siren, the driver moved to the roadway’s left shoulder and began passing traffic at high speed. The officer began pursuit onto the bridge, with another officer joining in at Treasure Island. One officer told dispatchers the man appeared to be gesturing with a knife in one hand while talking to himself. When the truck got onto southbound Highway 101 at Van Ness Avenue, it continued driving south within moderate traffic at speeds between 20 mph and 70 mph into the Peninsula.

The driver then got onto lanes of eastbound Highway 92, where units with the CHP’s Redwood City bureau took over the pursuit, and accelerated up to 90 mph in light traffic over the Hayward-San Mateo Bridge, The truck exited in Hayward before driving into a residential neighborhood along West Winton Avenue and stopping at a red light around 9:40 a.m, There, officers used a pursuit-intervention driving technique to end the pursuit, The driver, identified as Anthony Sorell, 28, was detained without incident royal blue swarovski crystal ballerina shoes slippers ballet dance earrings jewelry christmas gift new for the nutcracker swan l and taken back to CHP’s Redwood City office for investigation, police said..

Founded in 1961 by Allan and Sandra Jaffe, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band long served as a bastion of traditional New Orleans jazz, a style that fully flowered in the 1920s. But under the leadership of their son, tuba player and bassist Ben Jaffe, Preservation Hall has thrown open its doors to the rest of the musical world over the past decade, finding common ground with artists from the Caribbean and far beyond. The band will be feted by SFJazz at the organization’s 2018 Gala on Feb. 1 with a sensational cast of collaborators, and also performs through Feb. 4, joined by Gala guests at each concert.

The Feb, 2 show features the great Brazilian percussionist Airto Moreira and his band Eyedentity, and Feb, 3 adds New Orleans trumpet star Christian Scott, The Feb, 4 matinee marks the beginning of a new musical relationship with the San Pablo-based ensemble Los Cenzontles, a kindred organization dedicated to preserving traditional Mexican music and royal blue swarovski crystal ballerina shoes slippers ballet dance earrings jewelry christmas gift new for the nutcracker swan l dance, Details: 7 p.m, Feb, 1, 7:30 p.m, Feb, 2-3, 11 a.m, Feb, 4; SFJazz Center, San Francisco; $450 Feb, 1 gala, $50-$110 remaining shows; 866-920-5299,

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