Apple - iPhone X Silicone Case - Black - On Sale

Designed for iPhone X, this silicone case fits snugly over the volume buttons, side button, and curves of your device without adding bulk. A soft microfiber lining on the inside helps protect your iPhone. The silky soft finish of the silicone exterior feels great in your hand. And you can keep it on all the time, even when you're charging wirelessly.

Should you be unfamiliar with Scumbag Steve or his hat, this is a meme that uses the image of a youth wearing a sideways hat, with accompanying text to suggest just what specific scumbaggery he has perpetrated. In this case, the humorists decided to place as many hats as they could over the cars in the traffic image. It's unclear whether everyone found it funny. Actually, it's unclear whether anyone found it funny, other than, perhaps, those that posted it. Indeed, the West Seattle transportation Coalition expressed its lack of humor, whose text included: "While SDOT can at times be funny on Twitter, this joke is completely inappropriate and unprofessional. With years of cuts to bus service and decades of questionable infrastructure design, many West Seattle commuters today have no choice but to drive over the bridge to get to their jobs in a timely fashion."This was followed by the Seattle Department of Transportation offering its explanation: "The use of the hat meme was not intended to insult drivers but to highlight a roadway problem and help drivers make decisions about their trips. We apologize to anyone that was offended by the tweet."There was, though, a soupcon of an excuse for the tweeter: "The staff member was trying to note that rubbernecking near a collision site was creating delays."Well, perhaps. It did, though, seem a touch indiscriminate. And a touch, well, unfunny.

Somehow, "scumbag" hasn't quite entered the relaxed pages of the lexicon so much that it can be used at, say, tea with the queen or a business conference at Starbucks, Clearly, many people will not have understood the meme, So the tweeter had helpfully added text: "You get a scumbag hat, everyone gets a scumbag hat! haha I'm mean #sorry."Oh, dear, Some might fear he gets a dunce's hat for that one, It seems that the apple - iphone x silicone case - black people with tweeting power at Seattle's Department of Transportation thought it funny to offer Scumbag Steve hats to those rubbernecking on a bridge, Oh..

The company's new hashtag #AmazonCart (and #AmazonBasket in the UK), rolled out Monday, is designed to make it easy to add items to your shopping cart without leaving your Twitter feed. It's a way to attract potential new, more socially savvy, consumers, particularly those who increasingly spend their time on the Twitter smartphone app. "Twitter offers a great environment for our customers to discover product recommendations from artists, experts, brands and friends," said an Amazon spokeswoman.

Purchasing goods through your social network may sound bizarre, but it's just another way the Internet is changing how we shop, Amazon isn't even the first, In late 2012, Facebook let users send each other physical gifts through their timeline in a service that ultimately flopped, Chinese social network Weibo, known apple - iphone x silicone case - black as the Chinese version of Twitter, launched a "buy" button last year through its partnership with e-commerce giant Alibaba, Over the past two years, startup Chirpify has been running similar shopping campaigns on Twitter..

"We are super excited," said Kevin Tate, the chief marketing officer for Chirpify. "This is specific -- only add to cart and only in social and only Amazon -- but it's Amazon, so lots of people will see it. They'll try it out and I think it will show the potential of using a hashtag to get what you want."Chirpify, which is not working on Amazon's campaign, rolled out its action hashtag function last fall. If a consumer sees a product or deal they want in a tweet, they can reply to the tweet with the action hashtag to trigger an action. So if a company sent a tweet like, "Win a free pack of gum! Just reply with #want," a consumer can simply tweet back "#want," to enter the drawing.

Chirpify's clients, brands such as Oreo and Forever21, and musicians like Lady Gaga and Green Day, typically strike licensing deals with Chirpify and use action hashtags to run campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, The companies choose a hashtag to perform a specific action and then ask fans to reply to tweets or send apple - iphone x silicone case - black out tweets with the hashtag in order to win a contest, get a coupon, or buy a product, In some instances, Chirpify will take a cut of the sales, Tate said he believes Amazon will move the needle for the entire social shopping industry..

Last year, American Express launched its own Twitter action hashtag that allowed people to purchase certain products after syncing their credit card accounts with their Twitter accounts. American Express wouldn't say how many people used the hashtag or how much merchandise was sold, but a spokeswoman did say that the items, which were offered at a discount, sold out quickly. These included a $95 Rebecca Minkoff purse that sold out during Fashion Week, and $25 American Express gift cards that cost $15 that sold out in the first 12 hours they were offered.

Weibo's "buy" button resulted in $20 million in revenue in the following quarter, Still, social shopping remains a niche business, There's an opportunity for Amazon and its customers to learn what the benefits and drawbacks are of sending a tweet to make a purchase, While #AmazonCart can only send items to a cart, other companies use action hashtags for apple - iphone x silicone case - black a variety of campaigns and functions -- promotional giveaways that generate thousands of tweets, or the special promotions of limited-edition items, like a recent Adidas campaign, Amazon could eventually incorporate these additional features..

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