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Equip your Apple iPhone XS Max with military grade protection and superb functionality with the ultra-rugged Bolt case in black from Zizo. Coming complete with a handy belt clip and integrated kickstand.

One feature that didn't survive from the original's design is the front panel volume control knob. With the 5s you'll control the volume from your computer or other source. Or buy Emotiva's clever Control Freak volume control you hook up between any source (CD/Blu-ray player, etc.) and the speakers. I'll cover the Control Freak in a separate review. The Airmotiv 5s retails for $500 per pair. The beveled front panel's look is based on Emotiva's higher-end Stealth monitors, and Airmotiv 5s' internal cabinet bracing is also based on Stealth design. The 5s' super solid construction is above and beyond what you'll typically find in desktop speakers in its price class.

The 13-pound speaker measures 10.9 inches by 7.1 inches by 8.4 inches, There's a rear-mounted bass port, and the threaded inserts on the bottom panel are intended for use with Emotiva's wall-mount brackets, The sound is very transparent, you feel like there's nothing between you and the music, zizo bolt iphone xs max tough case & screen protector - black reviews With Thom Yorke's "Atoms for Peace," the Airmotiv 5s not only delivered the full potency of the pulsing beats, the solidity of the bottom octave bass was incredible, Definition was another strength, bass pitches were very precise, The stereo soundstage expanded beyond the width of the two speakers on my desktop..

It's been a while since I heard the original Airmotiv 5, so I was eager to compare it with the 5s. The new one is more detailed from the bottom to the top, and subtle details like the vocalists' breaths are easier to hear. The original still sounds great, but it's softer and more laid-back. I feel more connected to the music with the 5s speakers. I also compared the new ones with my Adam Audio F5 speakers ($500/pair). The F5 was less bright than the Airmotiv 5s (with the tweeter control turned down), but the F5 was just as pure and transparent. The F5's bass was fuller and richer than either Airmotiv, but the Airmotiv 5s' bass definition and clarity were ahead of the F5's. They're both excellent speakers; personal preference will determine which ones you'd want to live with.

I used the Airmotiv 5s as desktop computer speakers, but they can also work hooked up to a phone, CD or Blu-ray player for a small bedroom system, The Emotiva Airmotiv 5s sells for $500 per pair on the company's website, The smaller Airmotiv 4s speakers run $400 a pair, The Audiophiliac checks out Emotiva's new Airmotiv 5s speakers, You know it when it's right, and the new Emotiva Airmotiv 5s zizo bolt iphone xs max tough case & screen protector - black reviews powered speakers' sound is very right, The bass, midrange, and treble frequencies' balance is spot-on; resolution is first rate; and the stereo imaging is spacious..

iPhone owners with the problem can enter their phone's serial number into Apple's support website and, if the phone is eligible, the company will repair it for free. Apple said the on-off -- or "sleep-wake" in Apple parlance -- issue affected only a "small percentage" of iPhone 5 users, causing the button to work intermittently or to flat out stop working. The replacement move is rare for Apple, but the company has made this type of fix before. After it released the iPhone 4 in 2010, Apple responded to widespread complaints about faulty antennas -- and a media frenzy dubbed " Antennagate" -- by giving owners free cases to alleviate the problem. Last October, the company recalled flash memory drives on certain models of the MacBook Air. And in 2011, Apple recalled MacBook MagSafe power adapters that were prone to splitting.

For customers in the US, the replacement program starts today, For those in other countries, the fix will be available May 2, Users can either take their phones zizo bolt iphone xs max tough case & screen protector - black reviews to Apple retail stores or other official Apple dealers, or mail them in, But there are some restrictions, For example, if the phone had been been damaged in a way that affected the on-off button, that issue needs to be resolved before the button replacement, The company launches a rare replacement program, for older iPhones on the fritz..

Last week, Nike fired a majority of its wearable-hardware team -- as many as 55 people in the 70-person unit -- within its Digital Sport division, CNET has learned. Nike CEO Mark Parker today confirmed that the company is shifting its focus to software. Many FuelBand employees are staying on at Nike through the end of May, which marks the end of the company's fiscal year. Smart-device-maker Nest, now owned by Google after a $3.2 billion acquisition in January, is among the first in line to scoop up Nike members who were let go. Nest reportedly flew members of its team to Nike's worldwide headquarters in Beaverton, Ore., on Thursday, according to a story by TechCrunch. Nest, the maker of smart thermostats and Internet-connected smoke detectors, set up an "impromptu interview session" at a local hotel to gauge the interest of FuelBand engineers in joining its team in Palo Alto, Calif.

Microsoft, Intel, and virtual-reality gear maker Oculus VR, which was acquired by Facebook last month, are also pursuing members of the FuelBand hardware team, a person familiar with the matter told CNET, Apple recruiters have zizo bolt iphone xs max tough case & screen protector - black reviews also been in talks with Nike Digital Sport members since Nike began development on the FuelBand in 2011, the person said, but it's unclear what relationship the sportswear company has been building with Apple regarding the iPhone-maker's rumored wearable, which is either a smartwatch dubbed the iWatch or a FuelBand-like fitness band, That puts poaching efforts by Apple up in the air, though Nike's CEO Parker has hinted at a partnership..

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