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If you haven't heard of OLED lighting today, you likely will soon. Analyst firm IDTechEx believes OLED lighting revenue will grow 40 percent to 50 percent each year to 1.3 billion in 2023. Among those building OLED lighting panels are Konica Minolta, Philips, DuPont, and Acuity's current supplier, LG Chem. Even before the costs come down, though, Acuity believes there are ways to bring the technology to market. That's why later this week it'll be announcing the Nomi, a slim vertical wall sconce light fixture built around a 50x250mm OLED panel, with a curved model to join the first straight model. Acuity will show it off at the Lightfair International show in Las Vegas in June.

Pete Shannin, general manager of Acuity's OLED group, and Jeannine Wang, the group's director of business development and marketing, discussed the plans with CNET's Stephen Shankland, The following is an ruth bader ginsburg dissent collar rbg iphone case edited transcript, Stephen Shankland: OLED today is something exotic, How big will OLED be as it matures?Pete Shannin: The lighting market in North America is about $12 billion today, [Research firm] Nanomarkets expects the OLED market to be $1.4 billion globally by the end of 2020, You're talking large amounts of dollars in terms of opportunity, But rather than get hung up on the exact forecast of OLED, we look at the value proposition OLED offers, What we're seeing for OLED isn't available in other lighting technologies..

It has a very thin form factor for lighting. It's a very approachable light, which allows for the light to be used interactively. It's glare-free. You don't have the bright pixelation you have with LED. It can be bendable and eventually flexible, which will open up other opportunities. With traditional light sources, you had to design luminaries around the light source to shade and cover up the light source. With OLED, the OLED is a prominent piece of the design. It allows a lot of creativity with what you can do with it.

So a lot of what we think of as a light fixture is actually a necessary evil -- extra hardware to compensate for unpleasantly bright light sources.Jeannine Wang: The OLED is intrinsically a diffuse source that doesn't require shades to diffuse it or additional optics to control or redirect it, That's an aspect that leads to a very highly efficient and very usable light source in an incredible array of lighting applications, But that also means it's not backward-compatible with all the light fixtures in today's housings and buildings, Compact fluorescent bulbs and ruth bader ginsburg dissent collar rbg iphone case LED bulbs screw into regular sockets, Do I need to remodel my house to use OLED lighting? Shannin: It's more than likely we're not going to see a lot of backward compatibility, where somebody takes an OLED panel and screw it into an A19 socket, The value proposition doesn't really lead to that, It's very similar to other transformational technologies, Can I retrofit my Motorola with this iPhone interface? No, At end of day you wanted a new phone, With trying to retrofit, you essentially lose a lot of the value you'd get out of it..

Wang: I'm not sure it means remodeling the house, but it does mean the new OLED table lamp would be a very different form. Shannin: Lighting is pretty easy to switch out. We'll put out a portfolio of luminaries [light fixtures] that would have styling we think that would be very desirable -- table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers. We're looking at office buildings, hospitality areas of hotels, bars, lounges, health care facilities, and residential. How much does OLED lighting cost compared to the ho-hum traditional lighting products we've all seen for years? Shannin: We're very excited about the four products we brought to market -- the Revel, Kindred, Trilia, and Canvis. They'll be used commercial settings, but some will be available for residential as well. There is a price premium relative to traditional technology. You'll see it more compared to LED technology.

We're able to bring out luminaries that are price-approachable now, At Lightfair, we'll show a family we're calling Nomi, It's a beautiful stylistic product that shows the value of OLED, and the price premium shouldn't be more than what it is using LED technology, We're demonstrating that OLED isn't necessarily expensive on its own, You're going to see more and more OLED products at a variety of price points accessible to many applications, What's the Nomi look like? Shannin: It's a very thin-form sconce you could use for corporate interiors and for residential applications, It uses the 50x200mm panel -- both rigid and bendable in products called the Nomi Straight and Nomi Curve, It'll ruth bader ginsburg dissent collar rbg iphone case come in lighting temperatures of 3000, 3500, and 4000 Kelvin [a measure of color temperature, where a lower number corresponds to a more orangey light similar to traditional incandescent bulbs], It should have a very approachable price..

OLED panels today are pretty small, but is there a future where an entire wall is a big sheet of illuminated panel? What are the size limits?That is a possibility for the future. Today the sizes are getting larger, but today the largest commercially viable OLED is from LG Chem, at 320x320mm [a little over one foot square]. Where will it go in the next three to five years?Wang: It's more an emphasis on improving performance: lumens [light output] per watt, lifetime, and color. Shannin: They're making investments now in equipment that will allow for better yield and better sizes. Today, we are using LG Chem panels. Our four products' panels are 100x100mm. The Nomi products we'll show at Lightfair are bar-shaped panels measuring 50x200mm. We are going to use also their bendable panel. We're evaluating design concepts using other panels. LG Chem has a round panel about 110x110m and a larger 110x320mm panel.

What's the lifespan of an OLED panel? Shannin: That's continuing to change, In this next generation we just released, the rated lifetime at L70 [the length of time it takes for a lighting device to degrade to 70 percent of its brightness when brand new] is 30,000 to 40,000 hours [3.4 to 4.5 years] But a year ago it was 15,000 to 18,000 hours [1.7 ruth bader ginsburg dissent collar rbg iphone case to 2 years], We don't see lifetime being an impediment anymore for OLED tech, The biggest roadblock you're seeing with OLED is probably price, Wang: In a lot of applications, like Nomi installations, you'd be operating in dimmed mode, so the lifetime is quite long -- up to 72,000 hours at a brightness of 2,000 candelas per meter squared..

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