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Ensure military-standard drop protection for your iPhone 9 Plus with this Ghostek Covert 2 case. Its TPU frame and highly resistant polycarbonate construction deliver all-around defense, while the red silicone gel bumpers shield corners against impacts. The crystal clear back design of this Ghostek Covert 2 case highlights the features of your device.

Rumors suggest that later this year Apple will release a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and a 5.4- or 5.5-inch device called the iPhone Air. All future iPhones and iPads will come with Touch ID, according to one analyst. Such a move would give a huge boost to Touch ID module shipments this year. A fresh research note from KGI Securities says all future iPhones and iPads will get Touch ID. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

The covert2 case for apple iphone xs max - red/crystal clear first person to post about the hack, forum user Veritylikestea, said their iPad suddenly "locked itself" while an additional iPhone presented a message to send US$100 to a PayPal account to return access, A number of other users, largely from Australia, took to the forum complaining of the same issue, saying they had been hit on multiple Apple devices at once and were forced to change iCloud passwords, Many reported being awoken around 4:30 a.m, by devices playing sounds and displaying the message..

"iPad woke me at 4.30am with the message 'Your device has been hacked by Oleg Pliss' and sound -- I thought it was the morning alarm," wrote user deskokat. "I then signed in to my powerbook -- but as a guest user -- VERY grateful I did. Message to say I'd been hacked there too, wouldn't let me sign out without erasing all data for that user. As there was nothing but a couple of expendable files on there, I signed out. And the guest user portal has been erased."The problem has also reportedly popped up in New Zealand, while one Australian user also commented that they were in London when the error message appeared.

Australian telcos Optus and Vodafone say they have not received any official complaints about the issue, An Optus spokesperson said, "If customers have any questions about their Apple devices, they should speak directly to Apple"; similarly, Vodafone said it was encouraging those with concerns "to speak with Apple as they are best placed to offer comment on their services", A Telstra spokesperson said, "We're aware of the reports and we've covert2 case for apple iphone xs max - red/crystal clear referred the matter to Apple, In the meantime customers who need assistance can contact Apple Care"..

CNET has sought comment from Apple on the issue. Updated, May 27 at 4:00 p.m. AEST to include Vodafone comment. Updated, May 27 at 5:41 p.m. AEST to include Telstra comment. Updated, May 28 at 12:21 p.m. AEST to include Find My iPhone details. A number of Apple users across Australia have reported having their iPhones, iPads and Macs targeted by hackers threatening to erase their data and demanding US$100 to regain access to devices. Users have taken to Apple's Support forums to complain about the attack, which presents as a message saying the device has been "hacked by Oleg Pliss". The hack appeared to compromise users' Apple ID and then take advantage of the Find My iPhone feature to remotely lock down devices.

Spotted by blog SammyToday, the eight patents draw a picture of a smartwatch that uses a wide array of different sensors to accept interface options, These include a touch sensor built into the wristband, a processor to interpret mid-air gestures made in front of the camera, even the ability to recognise specific movements made with the hand the wearable is on, One of the patents also makes reference to "a rotatable element about the touch-sensitive display" suggesting that the watch's bezel could be an interface device, Another shows gestures covert2 case for apple iphone xs max - red/crystal clear being made behind the device -- presumably with a camera on the band, similar to the first generation Samsung Gear -- reading the finger movements..

The various inputs would be routed through a "gesture priority decoder" that would allow the wearable to determine what movement it should pay the most attention to. Assisting in this is the ability for the device to delegate processing tasks to "one or more computing devices separate from the wearable computing device". In fact, this 'delegation' to (presumably) your smartphone, tablet or both would occur on an ad hoc basis, with the gesture decoder determining the complexity of the required task based on your inputs.

Interestingly, the covert2 case for apple iphone xs max - red/crystal clear patent diagrams show a round watch face, similar to Motorola's Moto 360 and very different to anything in the Gear family, The patents were initially filed back in August 2013, so we perhaps shouldn't read too much into Samsung's choice of illustrations, It all makes for an image of a wearable device that's far more intuitive than we've seen so far, Taking the emphasis away from the touchscreen and making it more like a Leap Motion style input is, at first blush, a clever move that deals with some of the complaints users have about the small screen real estate on smartwatches available today..

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