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***Made Upon Request- This listing is for 1 pair of flats as shown or in any color combination.For adult ballet slippers, please visit my Etsy bridal store https://www.etsy.com/shop/SolBijou?ref=hdr_shop_menuThis chic pair of ballet flats has been crafted using a beautiful cotton eyelet fabric in white. The comfortable and adorable pair of flats has been embellished with precious white satin flowers decorated with pearls. White satin laces tie up around the ankles or across the foot - Just stunning! These flats are ideal for confirmations, flower girls (weddings), First Communion, Prom, etc.1) Totally handmade2) Created according to your unique measurements. I don't use commercial sizes. Once you place your order, you will receive instructions to measure your feet in order to achieve the perfect fit!3) The soles are made of a rubber-type material, which is outdoor-friendly and non-slip, however, they are not water-proof. You can upgrade the soles to water-resistant outdoor rubber soles by purchasing this additional listing https://www.etsy.com/listing/595915123/outdoor-rubber-water-resistant-soles?ref=listings_manager_table4) So very comfortableMy flats are completely handmade. The soles are finished with an anti-slip material for durability and safety.

Hands clutched, each promised to stay with the other, before Delaney, in a pause between salvos, suggested they keep going. The beer vendors were arranged in a semicircle that jutted out into the venue, so between bursts, they crept farther along, terrified of running into the end of a barrel around every bend. When they reached the far side, the girls realized that they were, again, trapped. A gate along the fence in front of them remained shut, and behind them, in the festival’s center, was nothing but uncovered space.

“We can’t get out,” Shae told her mom, “There’s no exit.”, Another blast of gunshots erupted, They looked for somewhere to hide, but this time, the space beneath the nearest canopy was already full, They couldn’t get in, The girls were exposed, “What do we even do?” asked Delaney, who’d begun to cry, It was then that a bald man who looked to be in his late 40s scrambled over, blanketing their bodies with his own, “Stay down,” the stranger said, as he placed his hand on Delaney’s head, pressing the American flag on her camouflage baseball white girl flats,white,ballet flats,flower girl flats,first communion,ballet slippers,satin girl shoes,confirmation shoes,toddle cap against the pavement..

And when that volley had subsided and the man had left, Delaney glanced back toward the fence. “Shae,” she said, “a gate opened up.”. Up next to the stage, Marie and Summer, the other pair of Faith juniors, stood from where they’d ducked behind the catwalk, opposite Mandalay Bay, and darted toward an east exit. The girls, who’d both taken videos of the chaos by then, didn’t understand the moment’s gravity until they saw — sprawled across a bloodied landscape of plastic cups, crushed beer cans and trampled cowboy hats — the wounded and the dead.

Marie’s eyes stayed on her cellphone as they rushed past, She didn’t have her home number saved, and as she tried to dial it, her hands wouldn’t stop shaking, “Marie, what’s wrong?” answered her mother, Susan, “There’s a shooting, There’s a shooting, Shooter, shooter,” she blurted, barely able to pronounce the words, “You have to stop, What are you saying?” Susan asked, Still on the phone with her mom, white girl flats,white,ballet flats,flower girl flats,first communion,ballet slippers,satin girl shoes,confirmation shoes,toddle she and Summer escaped the venue and hurried across Giles Street, where they reached the edge of a church parking lot enclosed by a seven-foot-high wrought-iron fence..

“What do we do?” the 16-year-olds askeda pair of police officers on the other side, strapping on what looked like riot gear. “You need to get over here right now,” one of them said. Marie set her phone down on the fence’s brick base, then put her cowboy boot on the edge and hiked up her floor-length lime-green dress. She and Summer gripped the metal bars and pulled themselves up and over, bruising the backs of their legs on spikes that lined the top. The girls leapt into the parking lot. Marie reached back for her cell.

“My phone’s at 4 percent,” she told her mom, “I have to go.”, Across the road, on the festival grounds, Riley and Kaitlyn had just helped Natalia into a white medical tent where the white girl flats,white,ballet flats,flower girl flats,first communion,ballet slippers,satin girl shoes,confirmation shoes,toddle injured were being brought for treatment, She slumped onto a plastic chair, A passing medic asked how she was doing, OK, Natalia said, even though she wasn’t, For years, the teenager had wanted to be a nurse, to help people who were worse off than she was, And there they were, screaming and staggering all around her..

Go to the others, she told the medic. A man sitting next to Natalia was pressing his palms together, as if in prayer, because the fingers on one of his hands had been blown off. She recognized a guy she’d known for years lying on a cot nearby. He’d been shot in the stomach. “I need help,” he said, and Riley called out for it, but no one came, because everyone needed help. On the pavement, where blood had begun to pool, Natalia saw a man to her right with a bullet wound on the back of his neck. She watched a small group crowd around him, pressing over and over on his chest. He didn’t move.

“We lost him,” she heard someone say, and they left him alone, Now Natalia began to feel lightheaded, and Kaitlyn noticed her lips turning purple, “You need to stay with me,” her friend said, A medic suggested Natalia might need sugar, Riley grabbed white girl flats,white,ballet flats,flower girl flats,first communion,ballet slippers,satin girl shoes,confirmation shoes,toddle her a Coke, and she sipped on it, struggling to keep her eyes open, Then the police arrived and, with the tent filling, they ordered anyone who wasn’t hurt to leave, Before she did, Kaitlyn leaned down, pressed both hands against her friend’s face and reminded Natalia of her twin..

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