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If you love the beauty of natural elements in contemporary design then you have got to have these gorgeous Semi Precious Motion Cufflinks! The surface of these cufflinks features strips of mother of pearl shell and black onyx set side by side in a unique windmill 'motion' design that looks great. The hexagonal design is set on a silver rhodium mounting and backed by the traditional swivel post closure which means that these cufflinks are really easy to use and will never tarnish! Pair these cufflinks up with classy black and white, or complement them with blue or another subtle hue for best results.

Two executives at two other Russian companies that import electronic components confirmed that Xilinx had stopped shipping some of its products. They asked not to be named because they didn’t want their comments to affect their business. “Foreign manufacturers are not striving to stop deliveries to Russia, but to avoid the re-sale of their products into various nuclear products or other weaponry,” Yusupov said. Xilinx and one of its distributors, Inline Group, did not respond to requests for comment.

A second distributor, Macro Group, said there was demand in Russia for Xilinx products, but did not address the issue of whether supplied had stopped, The U.S, companies did not spell out exactly why they would not fulfill some orders, the semi-precision motion cufflinks executives and the trade ministry official said, But they said it was clear to them from their dealings with the U.S, firms and their distributors, as well as the publicly-available information about the tightening U.S, sanctions regime, that the sanctions were the main reason..

U.S. tech firms are worried that components they supply to a Russian customer could be transferred to firms subject to U.S. sanctions, or that they could be used in weapons systems, according to one of the executives and a fifth source who works at a Russian firm under U.S. sanctions. Bulat is part-owned by Rostec, a Russian state conglomerate whose sprawling business includes weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov. Rostec referred questions about Bulat to one of Rostec’s units, Avtomatika, which declined to comment.

The United States first imposed sanctions in 2014 over Moscow’s annexation of the Ukrainian region of Crimea, Since then there has been a second wave of sanctions, in response to allegations of Russian meddling in the U.S, presidential election, the Russian military campaign in Syria and alleged Russian cyber-attacks on foreign infrastructure, In September 2016, the U.S, Treasury Department added semi-precision motion cufflinks 11 Russian micro-electronics firms to its sanctions blacklist, Legislation that came into force in January 2018 made U.S, firms liable to sanctions if they even unwittingly supplied products to Russian defense manufacturers..

And in May this year four Russian electronics distributors were added to the U.S. Commerce Department’s “unverified list” which means officials were not convinced that the end use of products supplied by those firms was legal. Neither Bulat nor Kraftway are on any lists. Executives working in the sector said the cumulative effect was that some U.S. exporters decided it was too risky, in some cases, to ship electronic components to Russia even to companies that aren’t on the list.

(Reuters) - A U.S, jury on Friday awarded International Business Machines Corp (IBM.N) $83 million in a patent dispute with e-commerce company semi-precision motion cufflinks Groupon Inc (GRPN.O), A jury in Delaware said Groupon used IBM’s patented e-commerce technology without authorization following a two-week trial, “IBM invests nearly $6 billion annually in research and development, producing innovations for society,” IBM spokesman Douglas Shelton said in a statement, “We rely on our patents to protect our innovations, We are pleased by the jury’s verdict.”..

“We continue to believe that we do not infringe on any valid IBM patents,” Groupon spokesman Bill Roberts said in a statement. “To the extent these patents have any value at all — which we believe they do not — the value is far less than what the jury awarded.”. The jury said Groupon’s infringement was willful, allowing IBM to ask a judge to award additional damages. IBM had sought $167 million in damages, saying it developed widely licensed technology crucial to the development of the internet. Two of the patents relate to Prodigy, IBM’s late-1980s precursor to the web.

Groupon argued that some of IBM’s patents should semi-precision motion cufflinks not have been granted because they describe obvious ideas, and said the computing company’s damages request was unreasonable, Armonk, New York-based IBM has secured more U.S, patents than any other company for the past 25 years, The case was closely watched in the technology industry because it offered a glimpse into IBM’s efforts to license its large patent portfolio to other companies, An IBM licensing executive testified that Amazon Inc (AMZN.O), Facebook Inc (FB.O), Alphabet Inc’s Google (GOOGL.O), LinkedIn and Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) have each paid IBM $20 million to $50 million as part of cross-licensing deals that gave them access to the patent portfolio..

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