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For my money, McDonalds has the best french fries. Sure you can get pomme frittes or steak fries at a nice restaurant, but Mickey Ds offers the best version. Why you ask? It is not about the fry itself, think of the fry as the spoon and the salt being the treat. Sometimes it is no fun being heathly. That's the perfect time to disappear for a great feast on fast food. We carry hamburger cufflinks and hotdog cufflinks too. You can mix and match the styles until you have a stomach ache if you own all styles. Dimensions: 3/4" diameter

“I suspect some investors are reducing currency hedge on their foreign bond investments,” a senior trader at a major Japanese bank in Tokyo told Reuters, requesting anonymity. Japanese fund managers buying 10-year U.S. Treasuries on a fully hedged basis now earn a slim 33 basis points in yield, compared with 50-80 bps last year. As the Federal Reserve keeps raising interest rates, even that yield advantage could vanish. And a lack of demand for yen from investors in the currency forwards market would feed into falling spot market demand.

“Currency hedging costs have risen rapidly, Japanese investors have stopped hedging, That stops them buying the yen, The flow is for selling yen,” said Adam Cole, chief currency strategist at RBC in salty fries cufflinks London, Another source of yen selling is Japanese companies making acquisitions overseas due to lackluster economic growth and a shrinking population at home, Thomson Reuters data shows Japanese investors spent a record 13.0 trillion yen on foreign acquisitions in the first half of the year..

These included Takeda Pharmaceutical’s (4502.T) $62 billion acquisition of London-listed drugmaker Shire Plc SHP.L. Initially the deal helped to push the British pound up more than four percent against the yen in early-April, but in May traders started to buy dollars on news that Takeda’s payment to Shire shareholders would be in dollars. To view a graphic on Japanese yen valuations, click: Trade conflict would seem yen-positive by raising global market volatility. In fact, this is helping to push it down.

Japan is vulnerable to a trade war, Autos, for instance, comprise almost 30 percent of its exports to the United States and new U.S, tariffs could hurt Tokyo’s vaunted trade surplus, Also, as fund managers worldwide salty fries cufflinks cut foreign investment holdings, much of this cash is going to U.S, markets instead of the “safe havens”, The dollar is likely to benefit from a trade war due to the United States’ lower reliance on exports, “Rather than move into the Swiss franc or the Japanese yen, the widening interest rate differential in favor of the U.S, dollar is currently providing investors with a strong alternative,” Rabobank currency strategist Jane Foley said..

Global investors now hold their biggest overweight position in U.S. equities in 17 months, Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s poll showed last week. Other equity holdings have fallen and allocations to Japan slid for the third time in four months. Correlation has been high this year between Japanese stocks and the yen, with both losing ground, BAML's FX strategist Kamal Sharma noted. That's unusual because yen weakness usually boosts the Nikkei average .N225. “If U.S. share markets crumbled, then we would be in a different situation,” the Tokyo-based trader said. “But as long as Wall Street is in the risk-on mode, the dollar will be supported against the yen.”.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The International Monetary Fund said on Tuesday that the U.S, dollar is over-valued, China’s yuan is in line with fundamentals and nearly half of global current account balances are now excessive, salty fries cufflinks adding to growth risks and trade tensions, The IMF, in its annual External Sector Report, which assesses exchange rates and current account surpluses and deficits, also said current account surpluses and deficits are becoming increasingly concentrated in advanced economies..

The report was based on data and IMF staff projections as of June 22. However, China’s yuan has dropped significantly in recent weeks as trade tensions with the United States have intensified. China’s yuan hit a fresh 13-month low on Tuesday of 6.8295 to the dollar as authorities in Beijing signaled further monetary loosening to support the economy amid an escalating tariff war with the United States. U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told Reuters exclusively on Friday that he was concerned about the yuan’s fall and the Treasury is “going to very carefully review whether they have manipulated the currency.”.

The IMF said its staff estimated China’s current account surplus grew slightly last year to 1.7 percent of gross domestic product and listed China among countries with excessive balances, Other excessive surplus countries cited by the IMF included Germany, South Korea, the Netherlands, Sweden and Singapore, Countries that it cited as having excessive current account deficits — those that borrow too much — included the United States, Britain, Turkey and Argentina, The report said IMF staff assessed the salty fries cufflinks U.S, dollar again to be over-valued compared to levels implied by medium-term fundamentals, by about 8 percent to 16 percent last year..

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