Official Apple iPhone Xs Leather Folio Wallet Case - Taupe - On Sale

This official premium leather folio case for the iPhone XS in taupe from Apple offers top level protection, while looking and feeling luxurious. Designed and made by Apple, this case fits your iPhone perfectly and compliments its overall aesthetic.Official Apple product designed for the iPhone XS, This is an official Apple product, so is made to the highest standards with the best quality materials. It is designed specifically for use with the iPhone XSand offers a perfect fit,not impedingthe use of any of the functions such as the power, silent switch, volume buttons, headphone and Lightning portor front and rear cameras.Made from premium leather, iPhone XS has a stunning metal and glass exterior,so any case that dares to conceal it should be equally appealing. The Apple-designed leather cases more than meet thisrequirement. Made from premium leather, they look and feel luxurious and because they’re precision crafted for iPhone XS, your phone still feels incredibly slim even with the case on.Precision made and beautifully crafted, The leather is deliberately shaped to cover the volume buttons, the on/off switch and the chamfered edge of iPhone XS. Inside, a soft microfibre lining protects the exterior of your iPhone. Outside, you see colour that’s more than surface deep thanks to a dye that’s infused into the leather.Folio cover protects you iPhones precious screen, The leather folio cover of this Official Apple case keeps the screen of your device totally protected while adding style to the exterior of your device with high quality leather and precision stitching.Card slot for secondary function as a wallet, This Official case not only functions as a protective accessory but can also be used to carry your credit and debit cards or ID thanks to the card slot on the inside of the folio cover.

Yet, I was getting tired of the game. It's not unusual for people to suffer burnout from a game, particularly one such as "Clash," where the cycle of fighting; collecting gold and potion; and building is perpetual. After a while, I started wondering: what's the point?. But the latest update from Supercell, which was released earlier this month, literally changed the game for me. Since its launch in August 2012, "Clash" was largely defined by the ability to invade another player's base in an effort to loot and to raze their structures. There were "Clans" in place, but they served as groups where their individual achievements counted toward a total score.

The latest "Clash" update shook things up by enabling clans to fight other clans, bringing a new level of strategy to the game, For the first time, clan members had to coordinate with one another to attack different players in an opposing clan, The system is balanced so more-advanced players can't just pick on weaker ones, The subtle, but significant change re-energized my interest and is a textbook lesson on how an app developer can keep interest alive in an aging game, Despite having official apple iphone xs leather folio wallet case - taupe started my own clan, my activity level had slowly dropped off prior to the update, The clan was largely filled with my friends, and there weren't that many players in it, I kept it casual and restricted to friends or friends of friends on purpose..

Yet with the clan vs. clan dynamic, I have a renewed focus. I participate on the messaging system more often, exchanging tips and commentary with my fellow clan members, and have been open to recruiting more players. The fact that I now have to rely on others, and they have to rely on me, gives me a more vested interest in staying on what is essentially a hamster wheel-like game. It's a brilliant move by Supercell, and my hat is off to the developers who managed to drastically change the game with such a small tweak.

Cultivating and maintaining that sense of vested interest is key to Supercell's business model, "Clash" is a "freemium game," which is a kind of app that can be downloaded and played without any cost, Players wishing to obtain upgrades or better troops can opt to pay cash to progress faster, Given its position as the top grosser in the app store, "Clash" has proved to be official apple iphone xs leather folio wallet case - taupe effective at convincing players to pony up, Full disclosure: I've never spent money on the game, and probably never will, But that hasn't dampened my experience..

Supercell hasn't revealed the number of active gamers on "Clash," but a recent hack of its site, news of which was posted on tech news site Recode, showed that the company boasted 29.4 million daily active users and daily revenue of $5.15 million. The number may not reflect just "Clash," as the company also offers two other games, "Hay Day" and "Boom Beach."A Supercell spokesman wasn't available to comment on its base of gamers or the hacked information. In 2012, the company generated $101 million in revenue, according to Reuters. In 2013, its revenue jumped to $892 million.

The Finnish company is often compared to the other success story in the country, Rovio and its Angry Birds franchise, But while Rovio has chosen to expand through both new games and a dizzying array of licensed merchandise, Supercell has opted to refine and update its core game, Other freemium games have offered updates to keep things interesting, including Electronic Arts' "Simpsons: Tapped Out" or King's "Candy Crush," but often the additions come in the form of new levels or tasks, extending the gameplay, but not necessarily official apple iphone xs leather folio wallet case - taupe changing it..

The "Clash" update is different, yet familiar, and will likely get players to dive right back in to upgrading their bases and looting resources. Now excuse me while I prepare for my next raid. (commentary) CNET editor Roger Cheng says the mobile smash hit’s latest update has him hooked -- and that it provides a textbook lesson on how developers can prevent gamer burnout. Just when I thought I was out, a bunch of goblins and barbarians pull me back in. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

The Airmotiv 5s is a direct descendent of the Airmotiv 5 that debuted not that many years ago; the carryovers from the original model are the 5.25-inch polypropylene composite woofer and folded-ribbon tweeter, What's new? The cabinet and electronics are upgraded over the original design, There are two 50-watt amplifiers in each cabinet, one for the tweeter, another one for the woofer, The rear panel has RCA and XLR inputs, and three-position woofer and tweeter tone controls, Each production Airmotiv 5s' frequency response is calibrated to be within a half a decibel of the factory's reference specification, That exceedingly close tolerance ensures every production speaker will official apple iphone xs leather folio wallet case - taupe sound the same..

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