Uag Metropolis Rugged iPhone 8 / 7 Wallet Case - Black - On Sale

Equip your iPhone 8 / 7 with extreme, military-grade protection and storage for cards with the Metropolis Rugged Wallet case in black from UAG. Impact and water resistant this is the ideal way of protecting your phone and providing card storage.Impact-resistant patented design for exceptional all roundprotectionThe built-in patented impact-resistant technology fuses an extremely light honeycomb core with asoft rubberised binding for expert extreme protection. The unique shape of the UAG Metropolis Protective Wallet case also provides superb structural rigidity and the front cover keeps your screen scratch-freeso that your iPhone 8 / 7 stays looking as good as the day you bought it.Integrated card slot for creditcardsThis thoughtful design has it covered with a built-inpouch on the inside of the folio cover, specifically designed to holdcredit cards, cash, store cards, driving licence or anything else of similar size.So you can leave your old wallet at home as this case has it all covered.Water-resistant FrogSkin exteriorFeaturing FrogSkin technology, the UAG Metropolis Wallet case provides assured grip in all conditions. The stylish soft rubberised texture of the FrogSkin technology looks fantastic whilst keeping your phone protected at all times. This represents the most protection from a UAG case yet seen, and that is certainly saying something.Meets military drop-test standardsThis stylish case is designed for everyday use and way beyond. You could call this overengineering but when it comes to protecting your precious iPhone, that's not a bad thing at all.Meets military drop-test standards [MIL STD 810G 516.6] providing superior shock protection. What this means is that this case has been tested over and over with drops from 4 feet, resulting in no damage to the test phone at all.Superior protection and functionalityThe UAG Metropolis Rugged Wallet case provides full functionality for your iPhone 8 / 7 via special cut-outs for port features. This includes a cut-out for the rear camera and flash, so you can enjoy taking pictures on your latestadventure.Volume controls are protected by tactileheavy duty TPU buttons that are easy to operate even if you're wearing gloves.

"We love the subscription service that they built," Cook told the WSJ. "We think it's the first one that really got it right."Iovine, meanwhile, said he always believed Beats "belonged with Apple.""The idea when we started the company was inspired by Apple's unmatched ability to marry culture and technology," Iovine said in a press release. "Apple's deep commitment to music fans, artists, songwriters and the music industry is something special."News of the deal broke earlier this month. At the time, it was unclear just why Apple would want to make the biggest acquisition in its 38-year-history. Yes, Beats sells a lot of headphones, but Apple, which already sells its own branded in-ear headphones as part of a line of accessories for the iPhone and iPad , could make similar headphones of its own. As for a curated streaming music service such as the one offered by Beats, that's also something Apple could probably create on its own.

Eddy Cue, Apple senior vice president of Internet software and services, said Beats will make Apple's music lineup "even better," with the company now able to offer a subscription service along with the free iTunes Radio and song purchases, Cook, meanwhile, told Recode that Apple can build "about anything you could dream of," but Beats gives the company "a head start.""It's not what Apple and Beats are doing today," Cook said, "It's what we believe pairing the two together can produce for the future."He added that Beats should add to earnings in fiscal 2015, which uag metropolis rugged iphone 8 / 7 wallet case - black starts at the end of September..

Apple also noted that Beats has "become the brand of choice in the music and sports worlds" and "has quickly become part of pop culture in the US." The company plans to expand Beats to more countries through the Apple online store, Apple's retail stores, and select Apple authorized resellers. The company expects the deal to close the fiscal fourth quarter, which ends in September. Apple has followed a predictable script for the past four decades, shunning big, well-known companies and instead buying small players with talent or core technology -- such as the Siri voice recognition technology -- to supplement its current products or help it offer something new.

Most of those acquisitions have been so small Apple wasn't even required to disclose them, Before Beats, Apple's largest public acquisition on record was the $429 million it paid in 1996 for Steve Jobs' uag metropolis rugged iphone 8 / 7 wallet case - black software maker Next, Cook and his team have bought 27 companies between its fiscal 2013 and this year, Beats is the biggest deal so far, Analysts and investors on Wednesday continued to question the rationale behind the deal, despite efforts by Apple to share its thoughts with the press, "While we believe Apple should get some benefit of the doubt because of its historical success, a music-related acquisition still seems, to us, more defensive," Wells Fargo analyst Maynard Um noted, "Given the changing landscape and our view that Apple will have to eventually evolve its business model ., we believe Apple should be acquiring more offensive assets to better position itself."Meanwhile, at least one Beats partner has to figure out its future relationship with the headphone designer, Hewlett-Packard, which directly competes with Apple in the competitive laptop and desktop computer market, has included Beats Audio technology and Beats branding in nearly all of its mainstream and high-end PCs over the past few years, Currently, about 15 percent to 20 percent of HP's devices use Beats technology..

The company maintains the rights, through the end of 2014, to offer new technologies that include Beats Audio, and it plans to release "an aggressive lineup" throughout the year that features the technology. In addition, HP's rights to distribute products with Beats Audio extends through 2015. "HP will continue to develop and offer leading products that include premium technology experiences, including the richest and most dynamic sound experience," the company said in a statement. Updated at 1:50, 2:30, 3:15, and 3:50 p.m. PT with additional details, information about HP's relationship with Beats, and an analyst comment.

"I uag metropolis rugged iphone 8 / 7 wallet case - black highly admire John Legere," he said at Recode's Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., on Wednesday, eliciting applause and laughter, Legere, in an email to CNET, responded in kind: "That's amazing because I was just saying how much I admire him too."Son (often referred to as Masa Son) has been leading a not-so-quiet campaign to convince regulators and the public that Sprint and T-Mobile should merge to form a stronger competitor in the wireless industry, He criticized the low speeds both on the home broadband and wireless side, and attributed that to the monopoly Comcast has on cable and Verizon Wireless and AT&T have in wireless, He's hoping to break that hold -- at least on the wireless side -- and increase speeds while lowering prices..

Son attempted to make his case for the merger without actually naming any specific company names -- a task that made for a surprisingly lively and entertaining conversation. At this point, the arguments are well known. A merger between Sprint and T-Mobile would allow the two companies to share their considerable spectrum position, as well as reduce prices by eliminating redundant information systems and other costs. The two companies also would be able to raise the necessary capital expenditures to invest in a network better able to compete against AT&T and Verizon.

Regulators, however, have expressed their reluctance to approve such a deal, preferring to keep four nationwide competitors in the market, They point to T-Mobile, the fourth-largest wireless carrier by subscribers, which has surged back in recent months with renewed customer growth, as an example of why a merger with Sprint shouldn't happen, But the concentration of power up top is why the speeds are inferior to other countries and prices are so high, Son said, "We're going to provide better speed and lower prices," uag metropolis rugged iphone 8 / 7 wallet case - black he vowed..

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