Maple Leaf Cufflinks - On Sale

O Canada...The Maple Leaf Cufflinks are designed with red enamel using the colors of the Canadian flag, set in a polished silver-tone plated base metal setting. Made for every loyal Canadian who wants to wear their national pride on their cuff. Approximately 7/8" x 7/8", Silver tone plated base metal and enamel, Bullet back Ccosure, Can be paired with the Maple Leaf Lapel Pin or Tie Bar by Cufflinks, Inc.,

In one early-stage technology, Rolls-Royce is looking at using a snake-style robot to deposit a set of miniature robots into the center of an engine to carry out a visual inspection. The mini robots resemble small scuttling beetles, and are inspired by cockroaches. James Kell, on-wing technology specialist at Rolls, said they could help get the time taken to carry out a visual inspection of hard to reach areas down from hours to minutes. “There’s lots of things that aren’t ready yet, there’s more work to do yet to get this more mature,” Kell said, such as working out how to safely get the robots out of the engine again.

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Germany has said 1,050 owners of the Tesla Model S must forgo a 2,000 euro electric car subsidy because the value of their vehicles surpasses an eligibility threshold, The Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control said only vehicles costing 60,000 euros or less qualified for Germany’s “environmental bonus”, intended to encourage the purchase of electric cars, The Tesla Model S was removed from the subsidy list on November 30, 2017, after the office found Tesla maple leaf cufflinks was delivering higher specification vehicles costing more than 60,000 euros..

“The subsidy needs to be repaid by 800 people who had received it, and another 250 customers who had been notified they were eligible and who will now not receive it,” a spokeswoman said on Wednesday. Customers who bought Tesla cars costing less than 60,000 euros are eligible to apply for the bonus, the spokeswoman said. The carmaker said it is appealing the decision and will pay the bonus to its clients in place of the German state until the issue is resolved. “The arbitrary decision to temporarily remove Tesla from the list of vehicles eligible for the Environmental Bonus (Umweltbonus) was unjustified, contrary to the stated goals of the program, and unfair to our customers,” Tesla said in a statement.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said he was “upbeat and relaxed” ahead of his trip to Washington next week to discuss strained trade relations between the European Union and the United States, Juncker is due meet U.S, President Donald Trump on July 25 with a maple leaf cufflinks clear focus on trade after the United States imposed tariffs on EU steel and aluminum and Trump’s repeated threats to extend those measures to European cars, Trump’s top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, said he expected Juncker to come with a “significant” trade offer..

However, EU officials have sought to lower expectations about what Juncker can achieve and downplayed suggestions that he will arrive with a novel plan to restore good relations. The bloc previously offered to open its markets wider to U.S. imports, including cars, as part of a reciprocal but limited trade deal, but Washington rebuffed the proposal. Juncker told a news conference on Wednesday he was “upbeat and relaxed” at the prospect of next week’s meeting, but said the European Union would not be intimidated.

“We will continue to react tit-for-tat to the provocations that might be thrown at us,” he said, Juncker has been outspoken in his criticism of Trump’s decision to impose trade tariffs and last month told lawmakers that Trump had called him a “brutal killer” at a Group of Seven meeting in Canada, Junker said he would seek maple leaf cufflinks again to explain to Trump that the European Commission coordinates trade policy for the 28-country European Union and that the United States could therefore not forge a trade deal with just one of its members..

ZURICH (Reuters) - Swiss bank UBS (UBSG.S) will swap out leadership at its Luxembourg wealth management (WM) unit in October amid changes in the region, including the Swiss bank’s move in January to acquire Nordea’s private banking business there. Heinrich Baer, previously head of Affluent & International Markets WM in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), will take over from Rene Mottas. Motta will return to UBS in Switzerland after almost seven years in the Benelux region as Country Head UBS Luxembourg, among other positions.

LONDON (Reuters) - Uber Technologies has hired an ex-adviser to former British prime minister David Cameron to lead the ride-hailing firm’s lobbying efforts in northern Europe, less than a month after the company won a reprieve to operate in London, The U.S, company has appointed Adam Atashzai as maple leaf cufflinks its head of policy for northern Europe, which includes the UK and countries in the Nordics and Benelux, an Uber spokesman told Reuters, His role will include engaging with governments as well as academics and charities, the spokesman said, Atashzai declined to comment..

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