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“Whilst an appeal is certain and may indeed likely result in the penalty being moderated at a minimum if not reversed altogether, a large number of similar pending cases will now likely multiply.”. Berenberg analyst Alistair Campbell said resolving the issue could cost Bayer $5 billion, citing a rough estimate based on a past product liability settlements such as Merck & Co Inc’s (MRK.N) $4.9 billion settlement over painkiller Vioxx or Bayer’s $4.2 billion total settlement over the Baycol cholesterol drug.

The controversy could also affect future revenues, Genetically modified (GM) crops that withstand glyphosate are a main source of cash for Monsanto, mainly generated in North and South America, where the technology is widely accepted, The health worries could further darken the outlook for a product category following the emergence of weeds that have grown resistant to the herbicide, “We think the risk of withdrawal is extremely low, but if it materialized it would be a major blow to the transaction value gold spike cufflinks paid for the company,” said Berenberg’s Campbell..

Discovered by the Monsanto chemist John E. Franz in 1970, patent-free glyphosate herbicides are now sold by the global crop protection industry despite the dispute over its safety. The U.S. court ruling caught many Bayer investors off guard as no hard evidence of a causal link to cancer had been produced so far. The World Health Organization’s (WHO) cancer arm in 2015 classified glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans”, but the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in September 2017 concluded a decades-long assessment of glyphosate risks and found the chemical was not likely carcinogenic to humans.

A Reuters report in October showed that the WHO’s cancer agency dismissed and edited findings from a draft of its review of glyphosate that were at odds with its final conclusion that the chemical probably causes cancer, In Europe, the EU Commission in December drew criticism for renewing the license for glyphosate, Germany and France have meanwhile taken steps to phase out use of the weedkiller, The U.S, case may prompt some retailers to curb sales of Roundup products, Homebase, one of Britain’s largest home and garden improvement retailers, is reviewing the sale of glyphosate-containing products in the gold spike cufflinks light of the jury’s decision, a spokeswoman said..

Glyphosate-exposed stocks also plunged in Asia and particularly in Australia where a withering drought has already hit herbicide sales. Australian chemical maker Nufarm Ltd (NUF.AX), which Macquarie Bank analysts estimate earns about a fifth of its revenue from glyphosate-based products, plunged almost 17 percent to a more than two-year low. Its top shareholder, Japan’s Sumitomo Chemical Co Ltd (4005.T), shed 3 percent, while Australian rural services firm Elders Ltd (ELD.AX), which retails herbicides, fell 11 percent.

(This August 1 story has been corrected to remove erroneous information in 17th paragraph), By Stanley White and Naomi Tajitsu, TOKYO (Reuters) - Misaki Harada wants to quit her job as a receptionist at a restaurant management company in Tokyo and move into marketing for an apparel maker, But the 24-year-old said she wanted more than just a bigger paycheck, Her next employer would need to improve her quality of life, gold spike cufflinks “If you ask me whether I prefer more money or more flexible working hours, I would choose more flexible working hours,” she said, “I want to get married soon and start a family, I want to make sure I have time to take care of my children.”..

As Japan’s population dwindles, its companies are being forced to change how they attract job seekers like Harada from an ever-shrinking labor pool. Nationwide, there are 1.62 jobs available for every job seeker, the strongest demand for labor in more than 44 years. The jobless rate is 2.4 percent, near a 25-year low, and real wages adjusted for inflation have fallen in five of the past six years. Flexible working hours, personal benefits like day care and even rent assistance are now on the table alongside salary.

Such perks, common in the United States and Europe, are only just catching on in Japan, which until recently relied gold spike cufflinks on a culture of complete devotion to an employer in exchange for job security and steady pay increases, Toyota, for instance, opened a 24-hour day care facility in April for shift workers at its plants near its headquarters in Toyota City, “Japanese companies are becoming more flexible about when and where you work,” said Toshiaki Matsumoto, chief executive of HR Strategy, a human resources consultancy..

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