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Beaded FloralWrap your iPhone 8 in chic elegance with the Incipio® Design Series. The translucent designs accented with eye-catching metallic foil adds a stylish flair to your iPhone 8 while keeping it fully protected from daily wear and tear. Specially coated in a premium scratch resistant finish for a flawless sheen and long-lasting durability, the Design Series cases are perfect for the fashion-forward trendsetter.Metallic foil accented design for a glamorous shine, Translucent materials lets your device show through, Co-molded style delivers enhanced protection in a lightweight and compact size, Rigid hard shell is coated with scratch resistant finish for high quality durability.

For a fast and easy solution, it's hard to beat ICE (In Case of Emergency), a $1.99 app that, among other things, adds emergency info (your name, any medical conditions, an emergency contact, etc.) to your lock screen. And it does so using a transparent overlay that still allows you to see the image underneath. However, if you prefer a free, DIY option that gives you control over what info goes where, I recommend Over (iOS). This app's sole purpose is to add text to your photos, and it provides a wide range of fonts, colors, orientations, and so on. Here's how to get ICE-y with it.

Step one: Install and run the app, Step two: Find your current lock-screen photo from the library, tap it, and then tap Add Text, Step three: Now type your text, keeping in mind you'll be able to modify the look and location later, I recommend short emergency-contact info like: "ICE: Jane Smith 248-555-1234." You can also choose a color from the accompanying selector, ideally something that will contrast well against your design series classic for iphone 8 case backdrop, Step four: Tap Done, then put your finger on the text and drag it to roughly the area you want it, Now swipe from the right to bring up Over's tools, then choose Edit, Here you can modify the size of the text, but don't shrink it so much that a casual viewer will overlook it..

One important tip: Make sure to place the text somewhere it won't be obscured by the time, date, slide-to-unlock bar, or any other lock-screen elements. I recommend aiming for just under the date/time block, but fiddle with the placement until you find something you like. And you can turn your screen off and back on during on the editing process for instant cues as to what location(s) might work. Step five: When you're done, swipe the tool wheel out again and then tap Save. Don't worry -- Over will preserve your original image while saving this modified one to your Camera Roll.

Step six: Open the Photos app, navigate to Camera Roll, tap your new lock-screen image, and then tap the Options icon in the lower-left corner, Swipe the bottom row to the left and choose Use as Wallpaper, Then just follow the usual last couple steps to save as your lock screen, In the end, you keep your prized lock-screen photo, but adorn it with a crucial design series classic for iphone 8 case piece of information, Sounds like a win-win, A simple tweak to your existing wallpaper might just save your life -- or at least help recover a lost phone..

It's that time again. With Apple gearing up to unveil a new iPhone in the coming months, a steady stream of rumors and leaked images are making the rounds in the blogosphere. Whether it's called the "iPhone 6" or something else is unknown. But regardless of the name, there are plenty of features we want it to have this time around. Editors' note: This story was originally published on September 17, 2013, and has been updated several times, most recently on May 16, 2014. Both Samsung's Galaxy S4 and S5 have a built-in IR (infrared) blaster, so you can turn your phone into a universal remote, a feature Samsung likes to tout in its ads. So far Apple has kept IR out of its iOS devices, but who knows what will happen if Apple ever launches its much-rumored TV?.

Chances of implementation: 5 percent, Rumors that Apple would adopt NFC (near-field communications) -- most often talked about in connection with mobile payments, but potentially useful for other things -- have bounced around the past couple of years, But the technology is still a no-show.Many companies have been dabbling with NFC, and several rival smartphones support it, It has a way to go before it reaches critical mass, however, Apple is likely waiting for that to happen before it adds it to the iPhone, It's worth noting that in a 2012 interview, Apple's Senior Vice President Phil Schiller said it isn't clear that NFC is a solution to any current problem, "Passbook does the kinds design series classic for iphone 8 case of things customers need today," he said, So it's also possible Apple may never bring NFC to its mobile devices, and instead will continue developing its own mobile payments solution, centered around iBeacon, its Bluetooth 4.0-based location sensing technology..

iBeacon retail deployment has been sparse, but it's starting to get a little bit of traction. Major League Baseball has it in trials at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets, and earlier this year mobile shopping startup InMarket launched in over 150 grocery stores across the US. Chances of implementation: 5 percent. Apple has so far overpromised and underdelivered with Siri, the built-in voice-control feature, which has been surpassed by Google Now and Microsoft's "digital assistant" Cortana. It improved a little with the iPhone 5S and as part of iOS 7 it got new features, including the option to choose between a female and male voice.

It's still a few generations away from becoming a true personal digital assistant, but let's hope it makes a bigger jump with iPhone 6 and iOS 8, Chances of implementation: 90 percent, Right now, if you want to charge your phone's battery using inductive "wireless" charging, you have to buy a separate charging sleeve (case) and charging mat for your device, Qi (pronounced "chee"), a new standard for design series classic for iphone 8 case inductive charging, is pushing to get manufacturers to integrate it into their devices, We've been waiting for more Qi-enabled smartphones to hit the market --- a few, including the Nokia Lumia 920, offer it..

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