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StashbackMinimize what you carry when you’re on the go with the Stashback Sliding Credit Card Case. Wherever your destination, your iPhone Xs is going with you, so streamline the rest. The Stashback case discreetly stores your essentials—just slide the lower half down to reveal a storage space perfectly sized to hold up to three credit cards, your ID or cash. The Stashback not only makes life more convenient, but it also protects your iPhone Xs with its durable, shock-absorbing exterior that withstands drops.Slim, shock-absorbing material protects against drops, Discreet rear compartment holds up to three credit cards/ID or cash, Smooth sliding feature allows for long-lasting use of the compartment, Soft-touch finish.

Consumer Reports says that about 1.6 million Americans were the victims of smartphone theft in 2012, and replacements of lost and stolen mobile devices that year was an estimated $30 billion business. The theftie email alerts are part of Lookout's premium feature set, but existing free and premium users will get grandfathered into the system, Richardson said. On phones running Android, Google's mobile operating system, other triggers for the alerts are putting the phone in airplane mode, turning off the device, or removing the phone's SIM card, which holds much of the user's personal information.

On iOS, the alerts are only triggered by putting the phone in airplane mode or removing the SIM card, because of limitations developers have working with Apple's operating system, The email alert also gives sliding credit card case for iphone xs users the option to contact their carrier about the lost or stolen phone or file a police report, If users feel spammed by all the emails, they can change their settings so that only certain features trigger an alert, Some may think that the phone taking a secret photo is a breach of privacy, Richardson said the actions that go into triggering the snapshot justify having the photo taken, and the thefties are simply "reactive." He notes that the five triggers -- entering a wrong password, removing a SIM card, uninstalling security software, putting the device on airplane mode, and turning off the device -- are what most thieves typically do right after stealing a phone..

Of course, the alerts aren't perfect. For example, if a thief is holding the phone at an awkward angle, the device may not get a clear picture. And the wireless connection could cut out before Lookout gets the chance to send the alert. Lookout's email alerts are just the latest example of companies using software to try to curb smartphone theft. Lawmakers have been clamoring to mandate the inclusion of so-called kill switches on smartphones, which would render the devices inoperable if stolen. Earlier this month, Minnesota became the first state in the US to pass a kill-switch bill. Also this month, a similar bill passed in the California state Senate.

Samsung and Apple, the No, 1 and No, 2 largest smartphone makers in the world, already offer antitheft software to users of their devices, In September, Apple added "activation lock," a feature that makes it harder for someone to use a stolen iPhone, The program requires a sliding credit card case for iphone xs user's Apple ID and password before he or she can turn off the phone's location tracking or reactivate a locked phone, Last month, Samsung, maker of the popular Galaxy smartphone line, launched "reactivation lock," which prevents a locked phone from being made operable again, even through a factory reset..

The companies announced the completion of the $8.75 million acquisition at a press conference Wednesday, fittingly held here in the city of light. San Francisco-based Silver Spring also said it's turning the Streetlight.Vision offices into its new European research and development center. Silver Springs Networks, 12 years old and with about 700 employees, concentrates on network technology that lets customers like utilities manage their equipment remotely and improve its efficiency. Streetlight.Vision, with 15 employees, writes software for managing streetlights on an Internet network, but the acquisition will speed its expansion into other domains.

Much of the work in this "smart city" domain is largely invisible to the average person, But with regulatory and budget pressures pushing cities to cut costs and improve services -- the streetlight technology halves power consumption -- it's the kind of thing that ultimately could lower city dwellers' utility bills, ease their traffic, and find them an empty parking space, "Smart cities sliding credit card case for iphone xs are going to become about much more than lighting projects," said Eric Dresselhuys, Silver Spring Networks executive vice president and co-founder, "We think Streetlight.Vision is very well-positioned to extend their product to support more things, You can imagine traffic safety, environmental monitoring, waste control -- any number of applications that affect how we live our lives in urban environments every day."Streetlight.Vision's software will become the foundation of that expansion, he said..

The company hardly has a lock on the market, though. IBM has been pushing its own smart-cities technology for years, and on Wednesday announced that Minneapolis and Montpellier, France, are both using its technology for monitoring and managing traffic, water, and emergency services. It can be difficult for US firms to acquire those in France. Yahoo's attempted acquisition of DailyMotion was rebuffed by the French government, which had a stake in the video-sharing site through its partial ownership of Orange, formerly known as France Telecom. And right now, General Electric is having difficulties acquiring Alstom's energy-industry assets.

But French politicians were on hand to support Silver Spring's acquisition -- as long as it supports France, too, "Silver Spring's commitment to continued investment in new smart-city technologies..reinforces Paris' position as a global innovation engine and growing center of engineering excellence," sliding credit card case for iphone xs said Paris Deputy Mayor Jean-Louis Missika, Streetlight.Vision didn't encounter any governmental fretting, said Christophe Orceau, founder and general manager of the startup, But then again, "We are a small company, way under the radar," and the acquisition was in line with governmental priorities, "What is important for France is employment," and the acquisition will supply funds that could mean a doubling of the French workforce, he said..

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