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Vintage used, distressed Pointe shoes for shabby chic home decor.They are more for decoration, i do not know if someone can dance with the flowers on it. But they are so decorative, brocante, French chic.Ca 22 cm long

MUSEUMS, ART EXHIBITS. Art After Dark, Oct. 24: The city of Santa Clara’s Northside Branch Library invites adult patrons to paint a skull in honor of the Day of the Dead. Details: 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 24, at 695 Moreland Way. Eventbrite registration required in advance at Community Day, Oct. 28: Families are invited to attend the San Jose Museum of Art’s Day of the Dead celebration, with Mexican folk dancers and Aztec dancers, skeleton performers, sugar skull decorating, photo ops and more. Details: 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 28, at 110 S. Market St. Free admission, but order tickets ahead of time online at

Magic Lantern 3D Show, Oct, 31: Redwood City’s popular 3D light show will take on a Day of the Dead theme on Halloween night, The 15-minute shows are projected onto the facade of the San Mateo County History Museum, Details: 7:30 p.m, at Courthouse Square, downtown Redwood City, Admission is free; attendees may bring chairs and blankets,, “Metamorphosis and Migration: Days of the Dead,” through Jan, 14: The Oakland Museum of California’s Day of the Dead exhibit will focus on the annual migration to Mexico of the monarch butterflies, which also symbolizes the return of loved ones’ souls, The exhibit includes works of art, butterfly specimens, altars, a new mural in the Oak Street Plaza, plus a special commemoration of lives lost in the Ghost Ship fire, Details: Admission, $6.95 youths to $15.95 adults; free for children 8 black vintage used, distressed pointe shoes, balerina shoes, ballet shoes, shabby chic, brocante, boudoir style, french chic, gu and under, Special rates for 5-10 p.m, Fridays, The museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, 1000 Oak St., Oakland;

Fighting fires in the wild is a delicate human dance with a raging, unpredictable force. It’s successful only with a mastery of weather, fuel and wind. If our image of firefighting involves mainly a big red truck and a hose, “Only the Brave” director Joseph Kosinski tweaks that image by adding a crew of yellow-shirted mountain men wielding chainsaws and pickaxes to tame a raging blaze with ditches and torches. Written by Ken Nolan and Eric Warren Singer, “Only the Brave” is based on the GQ magazine article “No Exit,” by Seth Flynn, which recounts in devastating detail Arizona’s 2013 Yarnell fire, and the Granite Mountain hotshots crew who fought it.

Kosinski, who has a background in architecture, is known for his meticulous visual style and digital effects, Those have made for some stylish, if emotionally remote, films, but “Only the Brave” is decidedly full-blooded, thanks to the detail brought to its characters and their relationships, Kosinski and the writers lay out the pieces of this affecting story with the same black vintage used, distressed pointe shoes, balerina shoes, ballet shoes, shabby chic, brocante, boudoir style, french chic, gu precision that Eric Marsh (Josh Brolin) brings to packing a knapsack with his gear, Training montages, pranks and close calls demonstrate the way these men use their tools in the wilderness — to swiftly cut “lines” in the ground, fell trees and deploy flame against flame, We fully comprehend the danger when we see their last resort for survival — protective foil shelters — unfurled during drills..

A focus on protocol and planning is tantamount to the way this story unfolds and a reflection of how Marsh’s mind works. Doggedly pursuing a Type 1 certification, unheard of for his municipal department, he inspires his roughnecks to follow him into the blaze with dedication, passion, obsession and preparation. His obsession often puts him at odds with his wife, Amanda (Jennifer Connelly), a headstrong, loving woman who rehabilitates horses — and often Eric, too. Brolin, bearded and soot-streaked, has never been better, and the role seems to have been written just for him. His Marsh is tough, gritty and fair, and his brand of masculinity draws its strength from vulnerability as well as fellowship and trust. “Only the Brave” celebrates the firefighters as co-workers, mentors and brothers.

James Badge Dale is excellent in a supporting role as Marsh’s hard-charging deputy, and Taylor Kitsch steals every scene he’s in, playing an impish, charming dirtbag, But the film revolves around the relationship between Marsh and Brendan McDonough (Miles Teller), Skittish McDonough, nicknamed Donut, is a former junkie who applies for the squad when he becomes a father, black vintage used, distressed pointe shoes, balerina shoes, ballet shoes, shabby chic, brocante, boudoir style, french chic, gu Marsh recognizes a bit of himself in Donut, and takes a chance on him, Kosinski’s film works thanks to its big beating heart, but the director never shortchanges the visuals, His way of capturing the wilderness aflame is stunning, surreal and terrifyingly beautiful as pines fall off cliffs, sending up a fireworks display of sparks..

Swamp-drainer-in-chief Steve Bannon is coming to the happiest place on earth, though not everyone’s happy about it. The politically radioactive Bannon — former White House strategist and the one-time Dutch uncle who recently parted ways with his Dutch nephew, President Trump — will deliver the keynote address this evening at the California Republic Party’s semiannual convention in Anaheim.Related ArticlesSteve Bannon named keynote speaker at California GOP’s conventionSteve Bannon reportedly thought about planting a mole to spy on FacebookSteve Bannon agrees to speak at UC Berkeley ‘free speech’ week.

Which, of course, raises a few questions, First off, why would the state’s GOP, which has been circling the drain in recent years with an anemic voter registration of under 26 percent, want to bring in such a polarizing figure to rally their worn-out troops? After all, the right-wing provocateur and Executive Chairman of Breitbart News has made something of a black vintage used, distressed pointe shoes, balerina shoes, ballet shoes, shabby chic, brocante, boudoir style, french chic, gu cottage industry out of trying to blow up the Republican establishment, What could California’s GOP  possibly gain by putting this guy on stage? And why would Bannon bother coming when there’s not much Republican establishment here to  blow up?..

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