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Baby and Toddler Shoes, Black Ultra-Suede Ballet Slippers with Silver Capped Toe and RhinestonesBallet Slippers, of black pebbled Ultra-suede (which truly looks like leather), get dressed up for the holiday with silver toes and black velvet ribbon. Rhinestone "jewels" top the ribbon bows. The shoe can be worn with the black satin ribbon tied around the ankle, in a traditional ballet style, or it can be easily removed and the shoe worn as a flat. The shoe is lined with natural canvas for stability, and the sole is soft black ultra suede. An insole of soft fleece makes the shoe comfortable to wear. Made in true couture style, with all seams hidden for added comfort. Every shoe is gently handmade with love and care.Note: Elastic can be added, as a Mary Jane strap. Just make note in comments.Presented in an organza bag with tissue and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.US Size-----EU Size----------------Length of Shoe----------Length of FootNew Born....16 EU..........3 ¾ inches............9.5CM............3 1/2 inSize 1.........17 EU...........4 inches..............10.2CM............3 3/4 inSize 2.........18 EU...........4 ¼ inches..........10.8CM............4 inSize 3.........19 EU...........4 1/2 inches.....…11.4CM............4 1/4 inSize 4.........20 EU...........4 3/4 inches........12.1CM............4 1/2 inSize 5.........21 EU...........5 inches..............13CM...............4 3/4 inNote: Some feet do not conform to standard sizes by age, please measure for a more accurate fit. If unsure, order next size up. Shoes are non-returnable.All shoes are made to order....please check production length in the shop overview.Special orders for weddings or special occasions are available. Your fabric or provide the color theme.Disclaimer: These are ballet slippers and, as such have soft bottoms...Ultra-suede, a man-made suede cloth. They are not intended to be worn as street shoes, as they do not provide adequate protection.Trim or buttons are firmly attached but shoes are not toys. Trims may cause a choking hazard if swallowed. Please do not let Baby eat her shoes. Hunger may, at times, overcome her fashion sense.This product is an original design. All designs, photos, and copy are the copyright of Revolutionary Soul and are reserved. Please do not duplicate or reuse without permission. Baby Souls is the property of Revolutionary Soul.

Senior female leaders told the law firm their warnings about Pacelle’s conduct went unheeded for years, according to two people familiar with the matter and a Humane Society memo describing the investigation. The charity offered settlements to three other workers who said they were demoted or dismissed after reporting Pacelle’s alleged behavior, the Humane Society memo said. Pacelle denied all the allegations Monday. “This is a coordinated attempt to attack me and the organization,” he told The Post. “I absolutely deny any suggestion that I did anything untoward.”.

On the eve of the board meeting, the chief executive defended the effectiveness of the black baby shoe, toddler ballet slipper, bootie crib shoe, flower girl shoe, baby girls ballet flat, wedding, special occasion, organization and said he was confident of continued support, “I’ve not gotten one call from a donor who said they’re going to stop supporting the organization, I’ve gotten hundreds that have said the opposite,” Pacelle said, Politico on Tuesday reported complaints of sexual harassment against another prominent animal rights activist at the Humane Society, Paul Shapiro, who reportedly suggested a female employee “take one for the team” and have sex with a donor..

The reports about complaints of sexual harassment against senior leaders caused unease among long-term supporters of the Humane Society. Several donors called for Pacelle to be fired and objected to the use of the charity’s funds to settle personnel complaints. “I want the money that I donate to go toward helping animals,” said Rachel Perman, director of charitable giving and engagement at Tofurky, which makes a vegetarian turkey product. She said her firm had donated $30,000 to the Humane Society over the last two years. “I don’t want to be paying to cover up someone’s sexual harassment.”.

Others supporters said they would no longer volunteer for the organization, Barbara King, a professor of anthropology at the College of William black baby shoe, toddler ballet slipper, bootie crib shoe, flower girl shoe, baby girls ballet flat, wedding, special occasion, & Mary, announced in a Facebook post Wednesday that she had resigned from the editorial board of Animal Sentience, a Humane Society journal, “I’m just getting more angry, and more certain that we all need to keep pushing collectively,” she wrote, Pacelle has headed the Humane Society since 2004 and earned about $380,000 in 2016, according to IRS filings..

He was the subject of an investigation at the Humane Society from Dec. 26 to Jan. 24, according to a memo from the law firm hired to conduct it. The investigators, who interviewed 33 witnesses, identified complaints from a former intern who said Pacelle had kissed her against her will in 2005, a former employee who said he asked to masturbate in front of her in 2006 and a former employee who said he stopped by her office late one night in 2012 and asked her to salsa dance with him. The investigation also reported that there was a perception within the Humane Societythat certain women owed their career success to romantic relationships with the chief executive.

Melissa Li, a pathologist in Portland, Oregon, and a Humane Society donor since 2012, said reports of Pacelle’s actions have left her feeling conflicted because her interactions with the chief executive have been positive, Related Articles‘Simpsons’ producer says Michael Jackson exploited show’s 1991 episode to ‘groom boys’Google parent firm Alphabet agreed to $45 million payout to exec accused of groping: lawsuitR, Kelly back in jail for failing black baby shoe, toddler ballet slipper, bootie crib shoe, flower girl shoe, baby girls ballet flat, wedding, special occasion, to pay $160,000 in child supportR, Kelly vehemently denies sexual abuse charges in first interview since indictmentSouth Bay track coach arrest culminates two decades of quiet suspicion“But I acknowledge that, well, I’m in a different position,” she said, “I’m a donor, not a subordinate.”..

One of the mothers whose son was killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting came to Los Gatos Sunday with a message of love and forgiveness. Since the shooting, Scarlett Lewis has traveled the country in hopes of preventing further tragedies and teaching people that forgiveness is a way to “take your personal power back.”. The Sandy Hook shootings occurred Dec. 14, 2012, and 6-year-old Jesse Lewis was among the 26 victims. Lewis’ visit was sponsored by the Los Gatos chapter of Boys Team Charity, a volunteer service group for boys in grades 7-12 and their parents. The group’s goal it to teach boys the importance of giving back and making a difference in their communities.

“We teach the boys how to be men,” chapter president Julie Schaper said, The local boys work with Habitat for Humanity, Turning Wheels for Kids, Loaves and Fishes and the Family Giving Tree, to name a few, Sunday’s Boys Team Charity session was different, with Lewis teaching the boys that “you can’t always choose what happens to you, but you can choose how you respond, You can always respond with love.”, Lewis went on to say, “People are interested to see how someone who has experienced such a tragedy can forgive and grow, My approach is proactive, I’m teaching kids and parents skills they can use to proactively prevent and reduce black baby shoe, toddler ballet slipper, bootie crib shoe, flower girl shoe, baby girls ballet flat, wedding, special occasion, violence.”..

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