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When Gupta moved to New York City in 2008, he took the Classical Revolution idea with him, and launched Brooklyn Raga Massive with sitarist Neel Murgai to bring together a far-flung collection of musicians studying Indian classical music. He credits Murgai with coming up with the idea to interpret “In C,” a piece built on 53 short melodic phrases, or cells. Putting out a call, they rounded up 20 collective BRM members to run through Riley’s work at a weekly gathering at the Art Café in Brooklyn. Turns out “In C” adapted very well to the classical Indian instruments.

“People were feeling it,” Gupta says, “The feeling immediately was that we should present it on a larger stage, We reached out to Terry Riley, who gave us his blessing and said, ‘You should improvise more and bring out the raga space.’ Now we bring out a lot of India classical influences, but really do justice to the cells.”, Saturday afternoon’s performance serves as a preview for BRM’s upcoming album “Terry Riley In C” (Northern Spy Records), which is slated for release on Oct, 6, The concert kicks off an unprecedented week-long residency in the Bay Area that continues Saturday night at the Red Poppy Art House, ballet mom ballerina mom dance mom - hoodie where BRM members present original compositions..

On Sunday, the action moves to the South Bay, where BRM presents “Tradition to Innovation” at the Indian Community Center in Milpitas. Booked by major venues like the Kennedy Center, it’s the collective’s signature program, designed to traces the evolution from classical Indian forms to jazz innovators influenced by them, like John Coltrane. On Monday, Gupta and BRM comrades team up with Classical Revolution members at Revolution Café, and the residency concludes Wednesday at the Center for New Music with “Raga Jazz Messengers,” a program that highlights the interest in jazz within the BRM collective.

“We’ll explore the jazz book in dialogue with Indian classical music, and branch out into ragas,” Gupta says, “The exciting thing about what we’re doing is the diversity, There are all these different ways we can appeal to people, and everyone wants to work together.”, Given the Bay Area’s growing ballet mom ballerina mom dance mom - hoodie South Asian population and Northern California’s longtime status as a vital center for Hindustani music and dance (influences spread by institutions created by giants like Ali Akbar Khan and Chitresh Das), the region seems ripe for something like BRM, Just like Classical Revolution took chamber music into cafes and nightclubs, Brooklyn Raga Massive has turned new, often unsuspecting audiences onto Indian music by taking it out of temples and concert halls..

The fact that collective members are also eager to bring in their other musical passions provides another point of entry for the uninitiated. “There’s a scene that’s waiting to catch fire,” Gupta says. “We’re trying to draw light to the tradition of Indian classical music and all of these legendary masters who influenced us. But we’re also super inspired by Prince, Led Zeppelin and Miles Davis. We’ve done a rock tribute night playing Radiohead and Zeppelin. We want to do a Fela tribute. We run the gamut. It’s all about letting the Indian classical music flow.”.

Contact Andrew Gilbert at, BROOKLYN RAGA MASSIVE, ballet mom ballerina mom dance mom - hoodie 1 p.m, Sept, 16 at Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco, performing Terry Riley’s “In C”; free;, 7:30 Saturday Sept, 16 at Red Poppy Art House, San Francisco; $20-$25;, 7 p.m. Sunday Sept, 17, Indian Community Center, 525 Los Coches St., Milpitas, $20-$30, (408) 934-1130,, 8:30 p.m, Sept, 18 at Revolution Café, San Francisco; free;

The City of Light is still shrouded by the bleak shadows of World War II in “An American In Paris.”. Shell shock lingers in Christopher Wheeldon’s s’wonderful adaptation of the classic MGM movie starring Gene Kelley and Leslie Caron. This is Paris as a city besieged by destruction and starvation, where sad women wait in long lines in the hopes of snagging a loaf of bread. While some stage adaptations of Hollywood treasures feel stodgy and formulaic, awkwardly trying to recapture a sense of innocence that’s hard to come by these days, this Tony-winning Broadway hit feels sharper and more wistful than you remember the movie. Shot through with balletic choreography and gorgeous glad rags and lit by a Gershwin score, this is a freshly-re-imagined musical graceful enough to pirouette right into your heart. Who could ask for anything more?.

Most of the sophistication comes from Wheeldon’s marriage of movement and motif, A celebration of dance, it’s fluidity and profundity, is the real the star of this show, from the passionate pas de deux to the bouncy kick line, The director-choreographer integrates classically-trained ballet dancers into the staging with such panache that the cornier parts of the story feel less obvious, The wordless dance sequences shine brightly indeed, Welcome to Paris, a city of art and romance struggling to find its soul after ballet mom ballerina mom dance mom - hoodie fighting for its life, A trio of very different suitors vIe for the attentions of Lise (the luminous Sara Esty) a shop girl with the chic bob who yearns to be a dancer, Swirling around this gamine with great gams is Jerry (McGee Maddox) the American GI, fresh from battle, now trying to find his eye as a painter, glorying in the splendor of the city’s bohemian art scene, There’s also Adam (Stephen Brower) a sad sack composer cut from Gershwin’s cloth, A wisecracking cynic who gets his heart broken, he narrates much of the story..

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