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BALLERINA FABRICThis fabric is a beautiful CUSTOM FABRIC. It comes in 8 different types of fabric that you can chose in the shop. They are all nice weight and can be used in many craft projects. All fabrics ARE NOT pre washed.If you order more then one it will be cut as one consecutive piece.<< FABRIC DETAILS>>Basic cotton- 100% cotton, length (36”x42”), weighs 110 gsmPerformance knit- 100% polyester, length (36”x56”), weighs 140 gsmModern Jersey- 95% polyester and 5% spandex, Length (36”x 56”), weighs 210 gsmCotton Spandex jersey- 93% Cotton and 7% spandex, 4 way stretch, length (36”x60”), weighs 185 gsmOrganic Cotton knit- 100% organic cotton knit, length (36”x56”), weighs 215 gsmFleece- 100% polyester, length (36”x56”), weighs 225 gsmMinky- 100% polyester plush, Length (36”x54”), weighs 225 gsm Sport Lycra- 88% Polyester and 12% Lycra, length (36”x56”), weighs 290 gsm

Now, she says she’s disappointed more landlords didn’t decide to participate. “It has been disappointing how many property owners have not taken us up on this new spirit of cooperation,” Schaaf said. “That is unfortunately something we cannot control.”. In some cases, landlords were in the process of selling their buildings even before inspectors came knocking, others made that choice shortly after code enforcers stopped by. The city made it easy for landlords to use the inspections as a pretext for evictions, clearing out buildings so they could be resold or rented at higher prices, said tenants rights attorney Joseph Tobener. He’s representing several former residents of 2306 Magnolia St. who are suing their landlords for wrongful evictions.

“If the landlord had spent some time with the city, the city would have put together a path so the tenants could stay,” he said, Though Rose is the only landlord to sign a formal plan with the city to upgrade his building, at least two others are in talks to do, But, even for the willing, it’s not an easy process, And tenants are left in the balance, Andrew Voigt was one of the first residents in Rose’s building nearly 30 years ago, His roommate moved out when he heard about the renovations, unable to ballerina fabric, cotton fabric, knit fabric, quilting fabric, ballerina nursery, girl fabric, ballerina slippers, ballet slippe risk the uncertainty of not knowing when work would begin, he said..

So, what are you doing this weekend?. If you’re weighing options, and there are plenty of them as the holiday arts season settles in, we’re here with some cool ideas of stuff to do in the Bay Area Nov. 30-Dec. 3 and beyond. Speaking of holiday stuff, have you ever experienced the madcap theater/comedy/shopping/out-in-out wonderful cockney weirdness that is the Great Dickens Christmas Fair? The spectacle is back in action at the Cow Palace through Dec. 17. Linda Zavoral has the details here. Year-in, year-out, the awesome San Francisco Opera Chorus adds so many crucial and delicious elements to opera company productions. So they deserve their time in the spotlight, doncha think? Well, someone thinks so, because now they have one. They’ll perform a wide-ranging program Nov. 30 — read more about it here.

Foo Fighters fans, you know how great a show Dave Grohl and company can deliver, But if you want to catch them around these parts before next September, you’ll have to motor to Sacramento’s Golden 1 Center to do so, They will likely be worth it, Also on tap in the Bay Area ballerina fabric, cotton fabric, knit fabric, quilting fabric, ballerina nursery, girl fabric, ballerina slippers, ballet slippe are Los Lobos (always great live), Blitzen Trapper and many more worthy acts. Jim Harrington’s suggestions are here, And let’s not forget one of Jim’s favorite alt-rock bands ever, the Dandy Warhols, who have shows locally Dec, 3 and 4, Details are here..

All-world entertainer Betty Buckley — star of Broadway, film, cabaret joints and TV — touches on many facets of her career on the recent double album “Story Songs.” She’ll showcase the release with a pair of concerts at Stanford University. Details are here. In the dance world, famed former New York City Ballet star Wendy Whelan is back in the Bay Area with an exciting new “Restless Creatures” program featuring Brian Brooks and the Brooklyn Rider musical group. Details are here.

SAN JOSE — Blaming the holidays and the “complexities and sensitivities” of removing a controversial Christopher Columbus statue from San Jose City Hall, city leaders are asking for more time, In an informational memo, Public Works Director Barry Ng said he expects to bring the issue before the City Council in January, Over the past three months, ballerina fabric, cotton fabric, knit fabric, quilting fabric, ballerina nursery, girl fabric, ballerina slippers, ballet slippe the city’s faced growing pressure from civil rights groups to relocate the marble statue of the 15th century explorer, Councilman Raul Peralez wrote a proposal to move it to “a more appropriate location.”..

San Jose elected leaders in September agreed to take it out of City Hall, but there was no immediate plan for where it would go. Ng said in his memo that two locations are under consideration — the Mineta San Jose International Airport or History Park at Kelley Park. It’ll cost about $10,000 to move the 6,000-pound monument, which was donated to the city in 1958 by an Italian-American group. It has been vandalized twice since then. On Tuesday night, dozens of activists held a candlelight vigil outside San Jose City Hall to shed light on Columbus’ enslavement and harsh treatment of indigenous people in pursuit of gold. The vigil included speeches and performances from the Ohlone Muwekma tribe.

“We’ve seen ballerina fabric, cotton fabric, knit fabric, quilting fabric, ballerina nursery, girl fabric, ballerina slippers, ballet slippe this movement around the country to remove offensive statues,” said Tamara Alvarado, executive director of the Mexican Heritage Plaza, “If this is truly a public City Hall, I should be able to walk around it without seeing someone who raped and killed my ancestors.”, But leaders from the Italian community, including Dave Perzinski of the Italian American Heritage Foundation, argued the statue memorializes an important part of history and fought to keep it inside City Hall, though they later agreed to moving it to the airport..

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