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The All Terrain Armored Transport Walker, more frequently referred to as the AT-AT Walker, is an imposing four-legged transport vehicle employed by the Imperial forces. These AT-AT Walker silver-etched cufflinks are antique plated to enhance the expertly-crafted details, and bring to life one of Star Wars' favorite villanous icons. Approximately 7/8" x 3/4", Antique plated base metal, Fixed logo backing, Officially licensed by Lucasfilm Ltd.,

Starbucks had no formal online delivery in China before this deal. Instead, unapproved third-party delivery services had filled that gap by picking up bulk orders for their own customers. Analysts have said an official delivery arrangement would push up costs for Starbucks. Starbucks said its delivery menu will only contain items that can meet its half-hour deadline, but did not specify whether it will charge for the deliveries. Its pilot delivery program in Manhattan and Seattle a few years back fizzled partly because it charged too much: $5.99 per delivery.

Luckin Coffee, a local startup that wants to go toe-to-toe with Starbucks, charges less than $1 per order and has said its deliveries took an average of 18 minutes, Starbucks and Alibaba did not give financial details of the partnership and declined to say whether the companies had discussed taking equity stakes at-at walker cufflinks in each other, Some parts of the agreement, including the tie-up was exclusive, while others were not, Starbucks executives said, The partnership had been discussed for more than a year, the companies said..

China has offered Starbucks rich pickings in recent years, thanks to a burgeoning cafe culture which has helped offset saturation in the United States. It has 3,400 stores in the country and plans to almost double that number by 2022. But there is pressure from local companies such as Luckin, which has expanded rapidly and offers cheap delivery, online ordering, big discounts and premium pay for its staff. Luckin said on Wednesday it planned to more than double its number of stores in China to 2,000 by the end of 2018.

Johnson acknowledged the competition but added at-at walker cufflinks that the significant opportunity in China made that unsurprising, Starbucks’ move to offer delivery “is in part to make sure they don’t fall behind Luckin Coffee in terms of offering high quality delivery services” to a customer group of young office workers who do not want to stand in line, said Ben Cavender, an analyst at China Market Research Group, The partnership is also a leg up for in its race for market share in the Chinese delivery market against Meituan-Dianping, which is backed by gaming giant Tencent Holdings (0700.HK)..

HONG KONG (Reuters) - May Zhang, a 28-year-old from the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, holds a master’s degree in engineering from the University of Oxford, but now makes her living selling insurance in Hong Kong. Drawn by lucrative pay, Zhang is part of a growing band of well-educated young Chinese selling insurance in the city to buyers from mainland China who are seeking refuge from a falling yuan and are rattled by healthcare safety fears at home. These agents are seen as having the edge in winning business from clients from China’s upper and middle classes since they have similar educational and social backgrounds.

“Every time the yuan depreciates or when things like the vaccine scandal happens, I get more people panicking and asking about Hong Kong insurance,” said Zhang, referring to recent cases in which Chinese companies falsified data and sold ineffective vaccines, The at-at walker cufflinks yuan has dropped more than 6 percent since mid June amid worsening Chinese economic data, and some forecast it will ease further if a U.S.-China trade dispute intensifies, According to the Hong Kong Insurance Authority, new business premiums from mainland clients amounted to HK$11.8 billion ($1.50 billion) in the first quarter of 2018, with 95 percent of that spent on medical or protective products, While that was down 37 percent from the first quarter of 2017, partly due to a decline in endowment and life insurance policies, agents said the number of Chinese clients was rising, especially from middle class families and millennials..

“The average policy size has got smaller but our client base has grown much larger,” said Sheria Li, 32, a fashion-buyer-turned-manager at a Hong Kong insurance company who joined the sector in 2015. Li, who oversees about 40 people with a mainland background like hers, said total commissions were growing as much as 50 percent a year. “More people on the mainland are only just starting to be aware of Hong Kong insurance,” she said. “The market potential is huge.”.

AIA Group (1299.HK), a Hong Kong-listed insurer, reported a 20 percent rise in new business in at-at walker cufflinks its first quarter, fueled by demand for insurance products in mainland China and Hong Kong, Mainland Chinese have long flocked to Hong Kong in times of crisis, such as when Beijing curbs capital flows or when scandals erupt in the food and healthcare sectors, Agents say Hong Kong insurance provides more comprehensive and higher protection for health issues than mainland products, And insurance savings products denominated in Hong Kong or U.S, dollars are also seen as attractive investments for hedging against falls in the yuan, In 2016, when the yuan depreciated nearly 7 percent, mainland Chinese spent a record HK$72.7 billion on Hong Kong-issued life insurance policies, double the 2015 total, Many were taking advantage of a loophole that allowed them to transfer assets across the border beyond the annual limit of $50,000 by swiping UnionPay cards to buy large insurance policies, and then using them as collateral to borrow money from Hong Kong banks..

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