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Equip your Apple iPhone XS with military grade protection and superb functionality with the ultra-rugged Bolt case in red / black from Zizo. Coming complete with a handy belt clip and integrated kickstand.

Apple also lashed out at Samsung for refusing to agree that it would not use Apple's participation in ADR against it in any future injunction or royalty dealings. Without such a guarantee, Apple said it would be impossible to participate in ADR. On its end, Samsung said that the comments made by its attorney have nothing to do with its desire to settle the patent issues. The company cited its past commitments to the ADR process, including time spent by senior executives traveling to San Francisco and Los Angeles to meet with Apple. Samsung also said that Apple's request for a guarantee about ADR participation not affecting future injunction or royalty dealings was "improper" and that it's open to talking settlement without imposing any of its own conditions.

Both Apple and Samsung have recently "resumed working-level discussions" with the key topic being how to dismiss all lawsuits, the Korea Times reported on Monday, citing information from people directly involved with the matter, The two companies previously tried to reach an out-of-court settlement prior to the most recent case, But even with help from a mediator, the two couldn't find a way to agree, So does a patent truce between the two remain a long shot?, Though Apple and Samsung continue to point fingers at each other, Foss Patents' Florian Mueller still believes a settlement is not just possible but "more likely than ever." In a column posted on Tuesday, Mueller said he doesn't expect the ongoing litigation to last beyond the summer and posed the question: "Isn't it about time that Apple looked for an exit zizo bolt iphone xs tough case & screen protector - red / black reviews strategy from a war it apparently can't win?"Last week, Apple finally settled its longstanding patent feuds with Google's Motorola, with both sides agreeing to dismiss all existing lawsuits, It's ultimately in the best interest of Apple and Samsung to do likewise, But with the back-and-forth jibes and accusations between the two, a permanent truce isn't likely to come easy..

Today at an event in New York, Microsoft introduced its latest tablet, the Surface Pro 3. It starts at $799 and offers a host of enhancements. Check out the rest of this slideshow for an account of the event as it unfolded, or just jump to our First Take for all the info on the new tablet. Check out CNET's Microsoft Surface Pro 3 First Take. The press is aquiver in anticipation. CNET livebloggers Dan Ackerman and Tim Stevens. Working the crowd. Maybe a weight comparison is in order?. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella takes the stage.

Buzzwords, check, No one seems to be taking notes on a Surface, VP Panos Panay takes the stage, zizo bolt iphone xs tough case & screen protector - red / black reviews Behold: the Surface Pro 3, Twelve-inch screen, larger than any previous Surface, and higher resolution, "The thinnest Core PC ever made."And it's light., ..compared to a MacBook Air, Inside the Core, Close-up hands-on from the front row., More hands-on, kickstand style, Photoshop demo time, Another kickstand demo, with sleeping kid ("watching" Netflix), Multilevel kickstand., They call the lowest angle "canvas mode.""Lapability" in action..

On to new type covers. "We put a ton of energy into the trackpad."The type cover now clips up to give a better angle. A size comparison versus a legal notepad. "It's not a stylus, it's a pen."A demo of the "pen" using the New York Times Crossword app. Another demo using the Final Draft app to edit a script. Using a pen to doodle on an image. Hands-on with the pen. The Surface Pro 3 is the newest addition to the lineup, and the only new Surface announced at the event. The Surface Pro 3 starts at $799 and pre-orders begin tomorrow.

The Galaxy S5 Prime, which has been rumored for weeks but has yet to be announced, will feature download speeds of up to 225 megabits per second, CNET zizo bolt iphone xs tough case & screen protector - red / black reviews sister site ZDNet Korea is reporting, citing people who claim to have knowledge of Samsung's plans, If true, that would put the device's download speeds at three times the theoretical maximum download speeds of 75Mbps available on LTE, It would also blow past average downloads speeds of 6.5Mbps on LTE Networks in the US, according to a February report from network monitoring app OpenSignal..

According to ZDNet Korea, the faster download speeds might only be available in Korea. One of the country's carriers, SK Telecom, has shown 225Mbps downloads are possible. The company achieves the speeds by combining 20Mhz and 10Mhz spectrums. LTE-Advanced, which achieves maximum download speeds of 150Mbps, is derived from the combination of two 10Mhz spectrums. Rumors have been swirling that the Galaxy S5 Prime will be launching at some point soon. So far, Samsung has remained tight-lipped on any plans it might have, but according to ZDNet Korea, the single mobile chip that can support the 225Mbps speeds, the Qualcomm MDM9635, finished development in April. Samsung has reportedly ordered 1 million units of that processor.

For now, it appears the Galaxy S5 Prime's advanced chip will only be available in Korea, ZDNet didn't say whether it'll make an appearance elsewhere zizo bolt iphone xs tough case & screen protector - red / black reviews around the world, CNET has contacted Samsung for comment, We will update this story when we have more information, Rumored handset will reportedly deliver downloads speeds of up to 225Mbps, three times faster than conventional LTE, Samsung's Galaxy S5 Prime, the long-rumored update to the company's Galaxy S5, could deliver some seriously fast download speeds, according to a new report..

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