Uag Metropolis iPhone Xr Rugged Wallet Case - Cobalt - On Sale

Equip your iPhone XR with extreme, military-grade protection and storage for cards with the Metropolis Rugged Wallet case in cobalt from UAG. Impact and water resistant this is the ideal way of protecting your phone and providing card storage.Impact-resistant patented design for exceptional all roundprotection, The built-in patented impact-resistant technology fuses an extremely light honeycomb core with asoft rubberised binding for expert extreme protection. The unique shape of the UAG Metropolis Protective Wallet case also provides superb structural rigidity and the front cover keeps your screen scratch-freeso that your iPhone XR stays looking as good as the day you bought it. Integrated card slot for creditcards, This thoughtful design has it covered with a built-inpouch on the inside of the folio cover, specifically designed to holdcredit cards, cash, store cards, driving licence or anything else of similar size.So you can leave your old wallet at home as this case has it all covered.Water-resistant FrogSkin exterior, Featuring FrogSkin technology, the UAG Metropolis Wallet case provides assured grip in all conditions. The stylish soft rubberised texture of the FrogSkin technology looks fantastic whilst keeping your phone protected at all times. This represents the most protection from a UAG case yet seen, and that is certainly saying something.Meets military drop-test standards, This stylish case is designed for everyday use and way beyond. You could call this overengineering but when it comes to protecting your precious iPhone, that's not a bad thing at all.Meets military drop-test standards [MIL STD 810G 516.6] providing superior shock protection. What this means is that this case has been tested over and over with drops from 4 feet, resulting in no damage to the test phone at all.Superior protection and functionality, The UAG Metropolis Rugged Wallet case provides full functionality for your iPhone XR via special cut-outs for port features. This includes a cut-out for the rear camera and flash, so you can enjoy taking pictures on your latestadventure.Volume controls are protected by tactileheavy duty TPU buttons that are easy to operate even if you're wearing gloves.Wireless charging compatible, Enjoy the benefits of wirelessly charging your iPhone even with the case on using any Qi-compatible wireless charging pad. Protect your phone from any possible harm and still charge your phone using the modern spectacle of wireless charging.

Iovine, meanwhile, said Beats has been trying to do a deal with Apple for a long time, but Apple moves slowly. "Who doesn't want their products made by Apple?" Iovine said. "We have a lot of dreams for the subscription service. It's very important to the songwriter, producer..we need to get the model right. We need to put steroids into that."One thing Iovine won't be doing at Apple is actually making music. Instead, he'll focus on music delivery and curation. "Right now, people are not being moved by what exists," he said. "People will pay for service. They will pay for an experience."He added that Spotify and other music services have good offerings, but they don't have the curation angle right. Iovine said the services, which "cost a fortune," are being funded by venture capital money that's "going to end soon.""If there's not a real business model behind it, it's going to cave," he said. "The model isn't right yet. .. Spotify should have 10 million subscribers in America, not worldwide."Beats earlier struck an agreement with HTC to boost its funding and grow its business, but the partnership "crashed and burned," Iovine said, because of a "culture clash." Beats also has a partnership to put its technology on HP computers, but Iovine said the deal will end soon. HP told CNET that its agreement to make new devices with Beats last through 2014, and it can continue to sell such products through 2015.

"The contract ends soon, and when it ends, it ends," Iovine said, "We did that because we didn't like the sound of computers, ., Computers are made for talk, Apple is the only computer that had good audio."Meanwhile, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak told CNET in an email that the Beats deal could be a smart move for Apple, uag metropolis iphone xr rugged wallet case - cobalt but he also has some concerns about Beats' popularity being shortlived, It "sounds good for Apple [to be] getting back to some cool roots," Wozniak said, "I worry about the Beats hardware fad fading, but if I were to buy ordinary headphones, I'd probably choose Beats."Cue disputed the notion that Apple is "buying cool" by acquiring Beats..

"I don't think you buy cool," he said. "You make the best products in the world and you make them cool."Cue also said talk that music sales "are going away or going down is way overrated." He noted that Apple just sold 35 billion songs. "The rate is leveling off, that's true," Cue said. "We think music subscriptions is the third thing we bring to the table, but we wanted to do it the right way. We have a lot of ideas."He and Iovine also talked about the sometimes tense relationship between Silicon Valley and Hollywood but stressed that Apple and Beats get each other.

"In the entertainment business, everyone is desperately insecure," Iovine said, "In Silicon Valley, everyone is overconfident."Cue noted that there's a "lack of respect on the two sides." Silicon Valley thinks making movies is easy, while Hollywood takes CDs, DVDs, and other technological advancements for granted, "I think one of the advantages that we had with our relationship with Disney and Pixar ., that uag metropolis iphone xr rugged wallet case - cobalt boundary between technology and art [has disappeared]," Cue said, "We have great respect for what Hollywood does."He added that Apple continues to improve its TV offering, but it's a tougher market to crack..

"TV is a hard problem to solve," he said. "One of the problems you have with a TV is you have a disparate system with a bunch of providers. There's no standards. There's a lot of rights issues."Updated constantly until 9:30 p.m. PT with additional comments. Eddy Cue, Apple SVP of Internet software and services, also says Apple in 2014 has the "best product pipeline" he's seen in 25 years. Beats is about to get a big injection of steroids from Apple. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

It "sounds good for Apple [to be] getting back to some cool roots," the Apple co-founder said in an email to CNET, However, uag metropolis iphone xr rugged wallet case - cobalt he did voice some concerns about Beats' popularity being short-lived, "I worry about the Beats hardware fad fading, but if I were to buy ordinary headphones, I'd probably choose Beats," he said, "They beat other brands in my mind, like Skull Candy."Apple on Wednesday said it plans to buy Beats for $3 billion, giving the electronics giant a popular headphones business and subscription streaming music service, The acquisition brings Beats co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr, Dre to Apple's management team, and Apple will continue to use the Beats brand, Beats controls about 60 percent of the $1 billion premium headphones market, according to NPD Group, and it has proved popular with everyone from celebrities to tweens..

News of the deal broke earlier this month. At the time, it was unclear just why Apple would want to make the biggest acquisition in its 38-year history. Beats sells a lot of headphones, but Apple, which already sells its own branded in-ear headphones as part of a line of accessories for the iPhone and iPad , could make similar headphones of its own. As for a curated streaming music service such as the one offered by Beats, that's also something Apple could probably create on its own. Apple executives on Wednesday defended the move in interviews with reporters and a memo to employees. CEO Tim Cook praised Iovine and Dre and said the subscription service they built is the "first one that really got it right." He also said that Beats gives the company "a head start" on new products for the future.

"It's not what Apple and Beats are doing today," Cook said, "It's what we believe pairing the two together can produce for the future."Wozniak, meanwhile, questioned whether Apple's failure to publicly support net neutrality could be related to the Beats deal, Earlier this month, nearly 150 tech companies signed a uag metropolis iphone xr rugged wallet case - cobalt letter that opposed proposals by the Federal Communications Commission to charge content providers for access to so-called Internet The companies, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter, pushed the FCC to ensure a "free and open Internet." Apple was one of the companies noticeably absent from the letter..

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