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Protect your Apple iPhone XS Max with this slim, transparent Tech21 case. It's thin and light for nearly invisible protection while still offering two layers of impact materials to prevent damage from drops of up to 2m. This scratch-resistant and yellowing-resistant Tech21 case protects your phone while letting its original beauty shine through.

"The streaming music is probably a bigger deal for the future," Woz said. "I'm just guessing about this. I'm not an analyst, and I'm not close to that market. I may be a tad old fashioned here, but I'm a pure iTunes lover. But I'm also a bit worried that this entry into streaming music might be related to Apple's name being missing from a recent document signed by many of the major players in Silicon Valley urging net neutrality in a pure form. Is Apple planning on a 'fast lane' for this delivery?"Streaming music isn't something that necessarily would require faster lanes on the Internet, but streaming video is. Some Apple watchers, including Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson, have speculated the Apple-Beats deal is about video, not headphones or music. They have surmised that Cook tapped Iovine to run Apple's content business and launch the long-awaited iTV with full over-the-top video.

There's the pressure of money all around you, Then there's the potential pressures of ignorance and arrogance that always seem to lurk around lucre, Perhaps this is what caused 29-year-old Chen Teng to allegedly taunt police with his alleged drunk-driving art, In the words of the Daily Mail, Teng has a rather fancy computer in his BMW, From it, he decided to beam out images of his reckless driving, One had him holding a beer, It was accompanied by the lyric: "Is it unlawful to drive while drinking?"Another caption offered: "Do you really think ten beers is too much to drive with?"These LOLbrattish images he posted to Weibo, China's equivalent of Facebook, He wasn't satisfied with merely posting, He made sure pure clear case for apple iphone xs max - clear to direct them to the traffic police in Shenzen City..

You might imagine that the police would tire of such taunting. History has taught the socially networked and overconfident that sticking your virtual tongue out at the police is not an intelligent maneuver. Who could forget San Diego fugitive Wanda Podgurski tweeting at the police and then being, well, caught?. In Teng's case, the police caught up with his car and therefore him. Though he allegedly claims the beer bottle in the image was empty and he was only having fun, he has been charged with many, many traffic violations -- some of which he'd apparently boasted about online.

Oh, and he also seems to have lost his job, So please remember that if you're attempting to do something illegal, pure clear case for apple iphone xs max - clear or have already done so, the joy of boasting about it only lasts so long, A Chinese banker allegedly posts Weibo pictures of himself at the wheel with captions such as "Is ten beers too much?" The police decide it is, indeed, all too much, Being a banker has its pressures, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

"Both overpriced trash," offered Cornelius Washington. "It just sucks Apple sucks up alot of things and i find the music quality in Ipods/phones crappy," mused Jeremiah Johnson. "Ugh, going to feel dirty everytime I hook my Studios up to my @HTCUSA One," said Nobody (real Twitter handle). These Twitterpeople may have been a minority, but a vocal one, as Beats By Dre celebrated being bought by Apple with a heroic ad on Twitter. Featuring a tattooed arm holding Beats headphones and an iPhone, the headline roared: "Here's To The Next Episode."You can understand the elation and the promise. Money has been made, slightly before history.

Yet not everyone looks upon the Apple brand as compatible with Beats, Each had their own very distinct, powerful identity, Each of those identities will be preserved, according to Apple, However, as confused Twitterer Mickey Monday mused: "So what do you guys go by now; "Beats., By Apple?"You can look at Apple buying Beats as a relationship of contrasts: pure clear case for apple iphone xs max - clear middle aged vs, young; white vs, black; subtle vs, overt, In the end, it signals a new step for Apple in securing a brand with an overt presence and some noisy personalities with it..

A potential focus on Beats Music hints at how Apple plans to stay relevant as consumers' preferences for music change by finally embracing a subscription model it has long shunned. But why Beats? And what will the acceptance mean for the future of Apple? From early signs, Apple seems willing to tap its enormous stockpile of cash to buy what is hard for anyone to build: the cool factor that comes with Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. And early signs elsewhere point to a future where all-you-can-eat music helps downloads rather than hurts them.

Apple has consistently been dismissive of subscription music services like Beats Music, which launched in January with the model that $9.99 gets you all the music you want to hear for a month, Subscription services have been around since Rhapsody launched in 2001, but Apple co-founder Steve Jobs referred to the model as "bankrupt" and insisted "people want to own their music." He was right, for a long time -- download sales in the US grew every year for a decade, Until last year, that is, when they shrank for the first time ever, Meanwhile, subscription streaming services like current market leader Spotify -- though still small compared to music downloading -- posted the best growth rate of all digital categories, according to data from the Recording pure clear case for apple iphone xs max - clear Industry Association of America..

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