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Our iPhone Slim Case combines premium protection with brilliant design. The slim profile keeps your tech looking sleek, while guarding against scuffs and scratches. Just snap it onto the case and you’re good to go.Extremely slim profile, One-piece build: flexible plastic hard case, Open button form for direct access to device features, Impact resistant, Easy snap on and off, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X cases support QI wireless charging (case doesn’t need to be removed).

If you need to change a completed command, follow up immediately by tapping the mic and saying, "Change it."Siri can be so helpful that it's easy to have a long conversation with the assistant. To recall an answer she gave you earlier in the conversation, just swipe down to scroll up. For the lognest time, Siri called me "Sharon Prawwwwwfis." Annoying. If Siri misprounces your name -- or anyone else's -- there's an easy way to correct that. At any point just say, "That's not how you pronounce [name]" and Siri will take you through a process of correcting it.

When you're drowsy and slipping into slumber, it's appropriate to feel too lazy to set an alarm, So, let Siri do it by saying "Set my alarm for [time]."Don't let Siri stop you from being social, If you've set up your Facebook and Twitter accounts on your iDevice, Siri can handle status updates, Just say, "Tweet [insert tweet here]" or "Update Facebook [your message here]."Siri can even understand hash tags, so "Tweet Go USA exclamation point hash tag world cup" turns into "Go USA! #worldcup."Siri can be quick to interrupt, especially if you're in the middle of popoki iphone case a thought..

To prevent her from cutting you off, continue holding down the mic button (or home button) until you complete your comand. Can't decide? Let Siri handle it for you. Just say, "Flip a coin," and Siri will randomly populate heads or tails. And, she's so authentic that sometimes the coin falls in the crack of her virtual sidewalk. If you'd rather use Google search for the answers you need, just say "Google search [your search term]."This is especially useful if you want to see Google's search cards for things like sports, nutritional information, flights, and language translations.

Need to quickly find an e-mail or note? Siri can handle it, Just say "Find my note about [word]" and it'll appear, To be able to use commands like "Text my sister" or "E-mail my manager," you have to tell Siri who these people are, You can create any kind of relationship -- even unconventional ones like "lifesaver" -- by telling Siri "[Person's name] is my [relationship]", Don't be afraid to talk on and on about your upcoming appointment -- Siri can handle it, In this example, Siri noted the name of the event, the time, its location, and the invitee, To top it off, the guest even popoki iphone case received a calendar invite..

While you wait at the bus stop, sinking into boredom, get Siri to entertain you. The personal assistant can tell you which planes are traveling overhead in real time. Practical? No. Entertaining? Yes. To see a list of some of the most helpful commands Siri can handle, just say, "What can I say?"The less you have to tap around your phone for mundane tasks, the better. The next time you have to toggle a setting, just ask Siri to do it. Now that folders can be nested in folders nested in folders, it's easy to lose track of an app. Instead of hunting around, just tell Siri to launch the app you're looking for.

The social-networking behemoth is launching on Tuesday a new app called Slingshot that allows people to share short-lived photos and videos with one another, This concept, which caught popoki iphone case fire through competitors like Snapchat, encourages people to share less carefully edited photos and videos by promising they'll be deleted shortly after they've been seen, One twist, though, is that unlike most other apps, Slingshot requires users to share something before they can view any images from others, That twist -- along with a focus on sending to groups, rather than to individuals -- is what Facebook hopes will broaden Slingshot's appeal..

"We're not a messaging app," said Joey Flynn, a product designer on the Slingshot project. Flynn said the dynamic of requiring users to share something each time they want to see everything their friends have sent since they last used the app has the potential to encourage people to upload more often and to be more creative about what they share. Slingshot's release marks the second time Facebook has attempted to encroach on the turf of other so-called ephemeral apps. Facebook tried to make waves in messaging back in 2012 when it released an app called Poke, which played off an early messaging feature in Facebook. The Poke app more directly emulated Snapchat's service by offering users the chance to have the image self-destruct after 1, 3, 5, or 10 seconds. Facebook quietly removed the Poke app last month.

While Poke stalled, Snapchat grabbed the attention of teens and adults, rapidly increasing its valuation and making it an attractive acquisition target, In November, Facebook allegedly offered popoki iphone case $3 billion to buy the company, Slingshot follows a different path than Poke, though, Photos and videos still self-destruct after they're viewed, but recipients can look at a photo, or watch a video on loop, for as long as they wish before flicking it away with their finger, When a user first opens up the app on their smartphone running Google's Android or Apple's iOS operating system, they're presented with a simple camera app, The settings include the ability to turn the flash on and off, a "selfie" feature which turns on the front-facing camera, and a list at the top saying how many images from other Slingshot users are waiting for them, Users can take a video or a photo, After a photo is taken, for example, there are options to add text, icons or even drawings to emphasize a point or reach for the height of silliness..

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