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Designed for the iPhone XR, this black genuine leather case from Mujjo provides a perfect fit and durable protection against scratches, knocks and drops with style.Genuine leather for a professional finish, Crafted from smooth, high-grade genuineleather that just wraps around the back of the phone, this case is a perfect option for anyone wishing to lend a prestige air to their brand new iPhone XR.Slim-fitting design adds no extra bulk and fits perfectly in your pocket, The Mujjo GenuineLeather case for the iPhone XRis designed to be slim, lightweight and strong - so you can be assured that this case will add virtually no extra bulk to your iPhone XR so it will still fit in your pocket with ease.Secure protection, The Mujjo Leather case utilises a form fitting frame to protect the entire phone from external impacts that could leave your iPhone XR in need of repairs. This frame is distinguished with a complimentary colour to the outer casing and adds a pleasing touch to an already sophisticated overall design.Cut-outs for all the iPhone XR's features and ports so you'll never need to take the case off, Each casehas been designed specifically for the iPhone XR and features cut-outs for the various ports and features such as therear facing camera.

In fact, there's a conference, the Origami Science Mathematics Education meet-up, the sixth of which will be held in Tokyo this August, that addresses the intersection of the fields. The 2010 documentary "Between the Folds" -- with the tagline, "the science of art, the art of science" -- featured prominent origami masters talking about the expansive reach of the art form in all manners of disciplined academic study and real-world engineering. When it came to antennas, however, Georgakopoulos and his team had little precedent when designing working structures that were electromagnetically sound.

"Origami started with satellite dishes, But this type of work we're doing is breakthrough work, mujjo genuine leather iphone xr case - black That started about a year ago," he said, "We [FIU] were working on wireless power transfer, and what we were doing there was folding, and Georgia Tech was doing antenna work without thinking of origami."The two research teams had, in Georgakopoulos' words, an aha moment, "We said, 'What about origami?' We realized it is very well-suited and could really help us create a completely new area in antennas, Antennas are actually driven by geometry," he said..

Now the team is beginning to rope in dedicated origami masters to inform the research, grabbing prominent artists featured in "Between the Folds," like Chris Palmer of Berkeley, Calif. Palmer is the manager of UC Berkeley's computer-aided design workspace, the Digital Fabrication Lab. But in the origami world, he is well-known for taking the techniques of modular origami master Shuzo Fujimoto -- a teacher of Palmer's for the last two decades whose credits include popularization of origami tessellation techniques and his hydrangea sculpture -- and applying them to textile art.

"The engineers can find some little examples of how they want something to function, but they won't have before them the full breadth of folded structures to choose them," Palmer said, That's where the origami artists come in, "The artist and the engineer can both work together."For Georgakopoulos, it's not only an iconic bringing together of artists and scientists under the same roof, but also a teachable moment for future generations of engineers, "The more we pursue mujjo genuine leather iphone xr case - black engineering, we realize that engineering is actually similar to what Einstein said, We're telling our students it's OK to work with artists," he said, "It's a very exciting program when students realize that engineering can be very creative."Researchers are using the geometry of paper folding to come up with futuristic antennas that can retract and compress..

LG's new flagship phone the G3 will be revealed on Tuesday, and LG is releasing glimpses of the new phone in the lead-up. Today, the South Korean unveiled the QuickCircle case, a wireless charging case that lets you use the phone without opening the flap. The case has a circular window so you can check the time, make a call, send a text message, take a photo, or listen to music without opening the protective cover. LG says you can even "get an update of your health", in case you can't tell how you're doing with a quick visual check that all limbs are attached and all basic bodily functions are ticking along.

To let you know when the phone wants your attention, a feature called Smart Lighting emits a soft white glow in the case's window when a call or text message comes in, Other apps could notify you through the window as well thanks to a software development kit (SDK) that will allow app builders to do cool stuff with the case, And you can drop your phone on a wireless charging pad or dock while it's wearing the QuickCircle, mujjo genuine leather iphone xr case - black which uses the Qi standard to juice your phone without cables, Other clever cases include the HTC Dot View case , which is peppered with small holes so when the flap is closed it looks like your HTC One M8 has a fun dot matrix display, Other devices that can charge wirelessly when a case is added include the Samsung Galaxy S4..

The QuickCircle case comes in black, white, gold, pink, and "Aqua Mint", which I assume means green. We'll be at the LG launch event in London and around the world on Tuesday, bringing you all the photos, videos and hands-on first impressions you need to know -- check out our liveblog from the launch on 27 June at 6pm BST (10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern). LG is teasing the new G3 smartphone with a look at the QuickCircle case ahead of the big launch on Tuesday. What's through the round window? It's the LG G3.

Anyone signing up to 4G-ready plans from July (and before the end of December) will have the option of choosing the streaming service as one of the red-hued operator's "entertainment packs", Other options include six free months of Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile, If you're already a Netflix customer, you can still get the six months free, To be eligible, you need to sign up to a 4G plan worth over £26, Vodafone told me that six months is the only available duration of free Netflix, Netflix costs £6.99 per month for new customers, so the deal could mujjo genuine leather iphone xr case - black save you £41.94, Spotify Premium costs £10 per month, so in theory could save you more..

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