Ghostek Cloak 3 iPhone X Tough Case - Clear / Black - On Sale

The Cloak 3 Protective case in black and clear from Ghostek provides your iPhone X with fantastic all round protection without hiding any of its beauty and style.Complete all round protection for your iPhone XProviding total protection for your iPhone X, the Cloak tough case from Ghostek wraps your phone from head to toe in order to keep it safe from the rigors of day to day use.Clear back and metallic frame compliment your phone perfectlyCrafted from anti-scratch TPU and an aluminium frame, the Cloak case protects your device whilst complimenting its sleek aesthetics. With a clear back to highlight the iPhone Xs stunning design and the aluminium bumper to frame it, the Cloak case perfectly compliments your phone, keeping it looking and feeling the way it wasintended.Shock and drop protection for peace of mindThe last thing you want to do is drop your brand new iPhone X. If you do, though, you'll be glad it has donned the Ghostek Cloak. This case comes complete with advanced shock and drop protection, dispersing any shock evenly throughout its structure - drops no longer need to be the end of the world.Raised bezel keeps screen safe when the phone is face downMaybe you're in full work mode and don't want to be bothered, or maybe you're about to sleep and you don't want the light from your screen to disturb you. Whatever the reason for placing your phone face down, you want it to be safe. The Cloak 3 features a raised front bezel, which prevents damage to the screen and front facing camera when the device is face down on a desk or similar.Access to ports and featuresThe Ghostek Cloak Tough case optimises functionality to all of the iPhone Xsports and features. The anti-scratch TPU case featuresbuttons whilethe headphone port, charging port andcamerasare left open for easy use.

Samsung believes the Tab S will appeal to premium tablet shoppers, both those buying a device for the first time and those upgrading for an older tablet. But right now, it's mainstream shoppers who have to be convinced they need tablets, not the tech-savvy consumers who scooped up tablets early on. If Samsung doesn't make a clear case for the Tab S, it may find consumers confused by their choices end up going with the simpler route of selecting an iPad. A new flagship tablet gives consumers yet another option from Samsung. But is that a good thing?.

A new feature enabled in the latest update to Google Glass (version XE 17.3) enables an experimental feature called Notification Glance, When enabled, you no longer have to tilt and nod to view a notification, Instead, Glass detects your eye movement toward the screen and lights up the display, You ghostek cloak 3 iphone x tough case - clear / black can then read and interact with the notification as you normally would, The setup process for Notification Glance is relatively simple, You'll need to make sure you're running XE 17.3 before the feature will show up, which you can check by going into Settings > Device Info..

Once you're all up to date, scroll over to Settings on Glass, then scroll until you find the card for Notification Glance. There will be an experimental label along the bottom of the card. Tap on the touchpad, select calibrate and follow the instructions. You will need to look at the screen for a set amount of time, followed by looking away and then back. Once calibration is finished, you only need to look up at the screen to display any new messages. You can revisit this card in Settings at any time to recalibrate, try it out, or disable the feature. With it being an experimental feature, there are bound to be some issues along the way. If you run into any, try recalibrating and submitting feedback to the Google team through the settings app.

A new feature for Glass Explorers eliminates the need for an awkward head nod to view notifications, Yes, Google Glass Explorers already look ridiculous wearing the device, but having to nod your head each time you hear an alert doesn't help the cause, People around you have no idea why you jerked your head up in a weird ghostek cloak 3 iphone x tough case - clear / black fashion, and then you start staring off into space (at least from the perspective of those around you), Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

"In rare cases," Apple warns, the 5W European USB power adapter "may overheat and pose a safety risk."The adapter for European two-prong power sockets comes with the iPhone, and is also sold as a separate accessory. According to Apple, the only plugs with a problem are those that were sold with the iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S between October 2009 and September 2012. A redesigned version comes with more recent phones. If you have one of the older, potentially defective adapters, Apple will swap it for one of the redesigned versions.

If you bought an iPhone in that period and you're worried about your adapter, stop using it and take both your phone and the adapter to an Apple store or authorised service provider, Once they've verified your phone's serial number they will swap the old adapter for a new one, and dispose of the offending article in an environmentally friendly way, If your plug has already overheated and you had to replace it, you can contact Apple for a refund of ghostek cloak 3 iphone x tough case - clear / black the cost of the replacement, Apple told CNET it has "voluntarily introduced a program for customers to exchange the Apple 5W European USB Power Adapter which came with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models through September 2012, because in rare cases the adapter may overheat and pose a safety risk, For full program details, visit"To check your plug, look between the twin prongs: the affected adapter has the model number A1300 with the letters CE written in solid grey letters..

Should your plug have the model number A1300, with the letters CE outlined in grey, then you're OK. Have a look at this diagram to see the difference. Most of Europe and the Nordic countries are included in the recall. Affected countries outside Europe include Egypt, South Africa and Vietnam. For more details and to check which countries are included, click on Apple's support page on the subject. An adapter sold with older models of the iPhone could overheat, says Apple, so you can swap it for a redesigned version.

Samsung yesterday unveiled the Galaxy Tab S -- which comes with either an 8.4- or 10.5-inch display -- at a high-profile launch event at Madison Square Garden's theater in Manhattan, The tablet boasts a brighter and more vivid display, which Samsung was eager to demonstrate, stacking its Tab S next to Apple's iPad for direct comparisons, The Galaxy Tab S represents Samsung's flagship product, the "S" signifying a link to the company's popular Galaxy S franchise of premium smartphones, With the Tab S, Samsung hopes to emulate its success in smartphones, where it overtook Apple on the strength of its Galaxy S line, While the company has had more ghostek cloak 3 iphone x tough case - clear / black than a dozen tablets on the market, it didn't believe it had a true marquee product until now..

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