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Onesies for Bijou Baby! Caribbean Blue , Whisper Pink , Black , White Featuring my painting: "So Suite!" A ballet scene all ballerinas know. The end of lessons or workout at the barre. Putting on your street clothes and hanging on pegs, your beautiful ballet dress, ballet skirt, tutu, ballet slippers, and of course your flower crowns which make you look and feel like a princess ballerina! Baby Bijou agrees!All images/paintings either sold or not sold are the sole property of Mon Petit Bijou by Dawne. Any duplication/printing/using in any way is prohibited. Thank you. (Bijou thanks you too!)I certainly appreciate your business!

“To me she was like an angel on earth,” Conners said. Ress didn’t have a spouse or children, but she always had at least two cats she adored and was known around the neighborhood as a caretaker. She’d worked in convalescent homes for years, but even after formally retiring, Ress would go door-to-door in an apron delivering Thanksgiving meals to neighbors who had no one nearby to celebrate with. She was a fixture at See’s Candies, Conners said, and would shower her friends and neighbors with treats.

Ress, Conners said, was “a tiny little thing” with big eyes and hair that smelled like strawberries, “She was so awesome, She was just wonderful,” she said, “I just can’t say enough.”, Conners, who met Ress while they were both working at a convalescent home in the 1970s and then reconnected years later when they moved into the same apartment complex, is devastated by her friend’s loss, But she said the moment the coroner was able to confirm the death, “I toddler bijou baby so suite! ballet slippers shoes skirt dress wings angel tutu flower crowns chic table white basket girl flowe just knew she was up there dancing like no one was watching.”..

“She made my life and my world a better place to be in because she was just so funny,” Conners said. “She’s going to be missed.”. Garrett Angel Paiz. Garrett Angel Paiz, 38, drove a water tender, a rig designed to bring water to the scene of a fire, when it went down an embankment Monday morning on the Oakville Grade in Napa County. Sally Lewis and Teresa Santos. Sally Lewis, 90, moved to Napa after the 1991 Oakland Hills fire destroyed her Berkeley house. An avid traveler who loved hunting and fishing with her two daughters, Dixie and Windermere, her home was engulfed by flames from the Atlas Peak fire last Sunday evening. She and her caretaker, Teresa Santos, 50, weren’t able to make it out.

“Everybody called her ‘Mom,’” Windermere told the San Francisco Chronicle, “She took everybody under her wing.”, Windermere and her husband and sons tried to reach Lewis and Santos after they heard about the fire Sunday evening, crashing their car through the front gate to try to reach the house in time, but it was too late, “There was a 20-foot fire tornado column,” she told the paper, “spinning around the patio.”, Michael John Dornbach, Michael Dornbach, 57, lived in Southern California but was visiting friends and family near Calistoga when fires ripped through the area early last Monday morning, While his nephew begged him to flee along with the others, Dornbach wanted to toddler bijou baby so suite! ballet slippers shoes skirt dress wings angel tutu flower crowns chic table white basket girl flowe save his new pickup truck but was having trouble finding the keys, his sister, Laura Dornbach, told the New York Times..

“I’m just so confused that he wouldn’t leave,” Dornbach, who’d been visiting with her brother just an hour before flames consumed the neighborhood, told the Times. “And I don’t understand why everyone else didn’t just drag him out.”. Her son, she said, tried to return for his uncle, but it was too late. Authorities wouldn’t let him through. George Chaney and Edward Stone. George Chaney, 89, and Edward Stone, 79, never made it out of their home on Atlas Peak Road northeast of downtown Napa. Napa County authorities located their remains days after fire tore through their neighborhood north of the Silverado Resort and Spa. Chaney was a retired doctor.

Margaret Stephenson, Margaret Stephenson, 86, lived alone in Redwood toddler bijou baby so suite! ballet slippers shoes skirt dress wings angel tutu flower crowns chic table white basket girl flowe Valley, in rural Mendocino County, Sheriff Tom Allman knew the widow, who died last week in the Redwood Valley fire, “My crew of eight deputies and detectives found Margaret in the ashes of her home,” he told the Sacramento Bee, “She’d sent me a pre-Halloween card 10 days ago.”, On the card, Stephenson is pictured dressed as a member of the royal family, The sheriff now keeps the card in his wallet, “She was a wonderful, delightful person,” Allman told the paper..

Lee Chadwick Roger. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s office confirmed Lee Chadwick Roger is among the victims of the fires that have ravaged the area in recent days. Roger, 72, lived east of Highway 12 near Mountain Terraces Winery and Vineyard in Glen Ellen. Carmen McReynolds. Carmen McReynolds was so independent and resourceful her family held out hope until the very last moment that she had escaped the Tubbs Fire — a conflagration that erased entire Santa Rosa neighborhoods in a matter of hours last week.

Until a few years ago, McReynolds, 82, was a motorcycle-riding septuagenarian cruising down the back roads of Sonoma County, based at her longtime home on Kilarney Circle, She planned every detail, including the end of her life, with the estate she established after decades working as a doctor in the East Bay set to go to humanitarian organizations, But that hope vanished in an instant Saturday night, when relatives were notified by authorities that search teams found her inside her 1973 Mercedes convertible, inside the garage of the home she had lived toddler bijou baby so suite! ballet slippers shoes skirt dress wings angel tutu flower crowns chic table white basket girl flowe in for the past quarter century..

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