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Although these are shown as knitting stitch markers, they can easily be converted into crochet markers with lobster clasps for you. Just ask.The second picture is a representation of the style of the Crochet markers. ( a must for amigurami)These Knitting stitch markers should fit needles up to size 15.You'll receive the 6 markers you see in the picture as well as a pin to attach them easily to either your knitting itself or your knitting bag to keep them within easy reach.Some people have even worn these as pins!All of the beads in this listing are also available as :Earrings (pair) - $7.50 perChild Bracelet - $12.99Wine Charms - $14.00Hair Pins (set of 2) - $9.00 for a setAdult Simple Bracelet - $16.00Charm Bracelet - $49.00Individual charm (each) - $5.00Please convo me to orderEach bead is hand sculpted with polymer clay so there will be some variation in the beads.All of my pieces are made to order and each item is distinctly different. I choose the beads and accent pieces for each item individually so that no two are ever the same.When you choose a piece of jewelry from FC Whimsey, rest assured that you are receiving a truly one of a kind treasure.We know that there are a lot of choices on online and I thank you for choosing FC WhimseyI stand behind my work 100% if you have a problem with a piece I will fix or replace it.Each bead is hand sculpted with polymer clay so there will be some variation in the beads.****My Shipping cost includes Delivery Confirmation which I require on all purchases****

Details: 1 and 5 p.m. Dec. 23 and 1 p.m. Dec. 25; Paramount Theatre, Oakland; $29-$90; Tandy Beal and Company ,“JOY!”: Billed as a holiday show with circus, dance, and live music, Tandy Beal’s “JOY!” is a follow up to last year’s popular “Nutz RE-Mixed!” Featuring Pickle Family Circus stars Pino and Razz (aka Cirque du Soleil soloists Jeff Raz and Diane Wasnak), the show is set to original arrangements of seasonal songs performed live by the jazz-steeped a cappella group SoVoSó. With acrobats, dancers, and circus artists, the playful production offers a winning option if you’re looking for a “Nutcracker” alternative.Details: Nov. 24-26 at Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz; $9.75-$50; 831-420-5260,; Dec. 1-3 at Hammer Theatre Center, San Jose; $20-$45; 408-924-8501,

To coin a phrase by head judge Len Goodman following the final onslaught of incredible dancing Monday night, the finale Tuesday night will be a “war on the floor.”, It was great stitch markers despicabe movie inspired for knit or crochet set of 6 minion ballet shoes kittens to see a finals night live up to its promotion: Season 25’s two-night final is halfway to being one of the great finishes on “Dancing With the Stars.”, Each of the four final couples performed a “redemption dance” to redo a previously done routine with a bit of coaching by one of the judges, This was followed by the infamous freestyle routine where there are no rules, and lifts, tricks and full-out dancing craziness are allowed, Most of the dances left the audience screaming for more and probably left most viewers saying, “Wow!”..

The two hours of excitement included a performance by Pitbull plus Fifth Harmony, and a heart-wrenching dance by Julianne Hough, who returned as a judge, to the choreography of Miranda Davis who is terminally ill with seven auto-immune diseases. The dance was accompanied by the music of Alexander Jean, the duo of BC Jean and pro Mark Ballas. Julianne’s dance was sad but beautiful. Unfortunately, there was the elimination of one couple. After Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold, and Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas were announced for the finale, Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson, and Drew Scott and Emma Slater waited for the last word. In the end, Drew and Emma were eliminated by the combined low scores of last week’s judges’ and viewers’ votes.

It seemed that the couple had a feeling that they would be sent home, and they could be heard saying, “Thank you,” and “Love you so much” to each other as they came up to host Tom Bergeron and co-host Erin Andrews, Erin asked Drew about what Emma and the experience has meant to him, and he gave his partner all the credit for his dancing improvement, “There is no way I could have done anything I’ve done out here without her, It’s been such a ride, Look at the amazing, amazing talent — I can’t believe I’m here with these guys, So thank you (to Emma), thank you to the judges and to the stitch markers despicabe movie inspired for knit or crochet set of 6 minion ballet shoes kittens crew.”..

Drew and Emma can leave with their heads held high — when their freestyle routine was given a 10 by Len, the judge added, “The most improved dancer on this show.”. My top three dances. 1. Jordan is a singer and an actor, but as a musician, he has a sense of rhythm and creativity that has propelled him to the top of the leaderboard, and with the outstanding choreography of Lindsay, their freestyle was fantastic. Lindsay has a knee injury and Jordan has a scratched cornea, but you would never have known it to see their routine. There were bits of most of the dances they performed throughout the season, plus flips, tricks, lifts and even props, and all done fast, fast, fast. Julianne said it had “everything but the kitchen sink,” and Len called it a “crackerjack of a number,” but it was judge Bruno Tonioli who couldn’t stop singing Jordan’s praises. “It was a sensational, show-stopping number. You have the dancing DNA of Ben Vereen, Sammy Davis Jr. and Bob Fosse, all combined. You have star power that is limitless, all repackaged for a new generation. You’re a super-star!” Yep, perfect score.

2, I admit that I have a soft spot for Frankie, and it’s been great to see stitch markers despicabe movie inspired for knit or crochet set of 6 minion ballet shoes kittens him conquer his fears and gain more and more confidence, For someone who never thought he would be in the finals, he might snag a Mirrorball Trophy with a contemporary routine like the pair did on the Halloween show that brought all 10s, Their foxtrot was a great redemption dance, but after Witney followed her instincts about the freestyle dance, even after a producer tried to talk her into something more “light and fluffy” for Frankie, they really pulled off a dark, heavy-hitting routine, They took a risk and did it well, Judge Carrie Ann Inaba told Frankie, “You have made the most emotional journey,” and Len added, “(The routine) was totally unexpected, You went out of your comfort zone, it was full of drama, full of attack and spirit.” Scores: two 9s and two 10s for 38 out of 40 for both dances..

3. Lindsey and Mark did a beautiful quickstep for their redemption dance, which was really long. Bruno said, “What a ride, screamingly good,” and Carrie Ann said their quickstep was “vastly improved.” But it was their freestyle that was incredible. Lindsey and Mark were supposed to be orchestra conductors and the routine was nonstop action from beginning to end. There was even a short violin performance by Lindsey right smack in the middle of the dancing. Carrie Ann remarked, “You are the last woman standing. You are kicking booty and taking names,” and Julianne said the routine “was like a Tim Burton masterpiece.” Bruno summed it up, “You were on fire, a molten classic extravaganza, conducted and orchestrated to perfection. Bravo, maestro!” And yes, perfect scores for both dances.

During Tuesday night’s finale, the three couples will each repeat a favorite dance from the season, plus they will do a “24-Hour Fusion Challenge” where each pair must fuse two dance styles stitch markers despicabe movie inspired for knit or crochet set of 6 minion ballet shoes kittens with only 24 hours to prepare, Now, when all the dancing is done, ABC and DWTS are hyping that viewers will have five minutes to participate in a “last-chance vote” online or on Facebook, That’s viewers in the Eastern and Central time zones only — viewers in Mountain and Pacific time zones are out of luck! And the show originates in Los Angeles! If they are going to have a “last-chance vote,” they need to figure out a way to make it available to all of the fans of the show..

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