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“She wouldn’t want me sitting around feeling sorry for myself,” Cidlik said. So each morning she makes a conscious effort to get out of bed and go to work — and to go on with her life. “It’s hard, but you just do,” she said. But even a year later, Cidlik finds herself constantly missing the bubbly personality of her daughter, Nicole Renae Siegrist, who would have turned 30 on April 2. Sometimes Cidlik eases the ache by listening to Siegrist’s music. She and Ben Runnels, who also perished in the fire, played electronic music together under the name Introflirt. Now when Cidlik listens to their recordings, she finds some solace in hearing her daughter’s voice again.

This would have been Siegrist’s third year studying music at Laney College in Oakland, Siegrist, called Denalda by friends, was considering becoming a piano teacher, Cidlik used to talk to her daughter on the phone every other day, and Siegrist would tell her mother details about her life, and talk about the recipes she sterling silver dance shoes pendant, dance, dancing, ballet dancer, ballet, ballerina, woman, men , chaussures de danse, danse was trying, They both loved to cook, “We shared life together,” Cidlik said, Now Cidlik shares her pain with some of the people in her new support network — the other families who lost loved ones in the Ghost Ship fire..

“That’s what’s helped a lot, is having the other families to communicate with,” Cidlik said, as she was preparing to return to Oakland and connect with the families for the one-year anniversary of the tragedy. “Because we’re all going through the same thing.”. — Marisa Kendall. Maria and Manuel Vega awaken each day to the memory of their youngest son Alex. His bedroom is down the hall from their own, its contents unchanged since Dec. 2, 2016, the day he and his girlfriend Michela Gregory happily walked out of his parents’ San Bruno home, dressed to the nines for a night of music and dancing.

Ever since then, the Vegas have kept his bedroom door open, “We all feel the same,’’ Maria sterling silver dance shoes pendant, dance, dancing, ballet dancer, ballet, ballerina, woman, men , chaussures de danse, danse Vega said, “If the door is closed, we think he’s inside.’’, For the first time since her son’s death, one of his three brothers stayed overnight in his dead sibling’s bed during the Thanksgiving holiday, the same week Alex would have turned 23, The next morning, after her daily routine of making breakfast for the family, Maria padded down the hall to the bedroom door, which was closed..

“And as I opened the door, I said, “Alex, breakfast is ready,’’ she recalled tearfully.  “I started crying, and I walked away.’’. On Saturday, the one-year anniversary of his death, her priest will oversee a memorial grave site service for the Vega family at Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma. They will walk up a hill, beside a group of trees, near the headstones of her father and father-in-law. It’s a place Maria visits twice a week now, seeking solace as she tends to the flowers and figurines placed alongside Alex’s headstone.

“It’s my escape,’’ said Maria, “I just talk to him, or mostly cry, I tell him what happened that day, Or sometimes sterling silver dance shoes pendant, dance, dancing, ballet dancer, ballet, ballerina, woman, men , chaussures de danse, danse I’ll just say, ‘hey.’ Last week, I told him, ‘Your birthday is coming up and you’re going to be 23.’’’, On that day, Nov, 21, the family assembled at his grave to release 23 green balloons with messages tied to them, Hers wished him a “Happy Heavenly Birthday.’’, — Tracy Seipel, Michela Gregory, In his nightmares, David Gregory hears the screams of his daughter Michela, 20, calling for help, But there is nothing he can do to aid her, or prevent her death in last year’s tragic Ghost Ship fire, along with her 22-year-old boyfriend Alex Vega..

“Last week, I heard her,’’ said the SamTrans mechanic. “I was dreaming, but it was so real. I asked a couple of times, “Who is there?’’ And she said, “Dad! It’s me! It’s me!’’ And in the dream I went up to her and she gave me a big hug.’’. Yet the embrace is always a sad one, David Gregory said, and Michela does not have a happy face. “There is not a day that goes by that we don’t think about it,’’ he said of the heartbreak he shares with his wife Kim, and Michela’s older brother, David Jr. “The triggers are everywhere. It’s just impossible not to be reminded of her, no matter where we are or where we go.’’.

Michela’s only brother has moved out of the family’s South San Francisco home to escape sterling silver dance shoes pendant, dance, dancing, ballet dancer, ballet, ballerina, woman, men , chaussures de danse, danse the memories. To cope, he posts messages on social media about how much he misses his little sister, along with notes to his parents reminding them that he loves them, “The grief is too hard,’’ said his mother Kim, “because his room was directly across from her room.’’, Kim’s long hours at the daycare center where she works provide some distraction, “But when I come home, it starts all over again,’’ Kim said, “She is everywhere, The wounds are too fresh, and the pain is still so raw.’’..

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