Soft Pink Let's Dance Baby Blanket With Pink Ballet Shoes Personalized Monogram Embroidery - On Sale

This beautiful blanket is so soft and plush. It is a soft pink with the words Let's Dance in black thread. It also has ballet slippers that are in a hot pink, black, and white thread. There is also a beautiful star wand with white, hot pink and black thread. The plush blanket measures 30 x 40 and is 100% polyester. Please leave in the notes where you would like the blanket monogrammed, the name or initials you would like, and the color thread. I would suggest a hot pink or black thread colorSample picture of GRACE is Roman font with all caps and silver/gray color thread. Roman font must be all caps.Sample picture of Felicia is Block font with upper & lower case letters, using silver gray thread color.Please send me a note if you have any questions.Please note that I did not make the blanket. I only monogram it with what you want and where you want it.

Vicki Hagberg’s husband, Joel, agreed that the protest was about social justice and shining a light on racial inequalities. He drew a contrast between President Donald Trump’s reaction to violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, and his sharp criticism last weekend of NFL players who have knelt during the anthem. After white supremacists clashed with counter-protesters at an August rally in Charlottesville, Trump didn’t immediately denounce the violence and said “both sides” were to blame.

“It’s shocking to me to see him come out against a peaceful protest and then dance around the issue of race when it comes to what happened in Charlottesville,” Hagberg said, “This is about race and equality, It’s about how people are treated in this country.”, Ryan Hagberg said he wanted to kneel because he’s personally experienced racism, When he was 13, he stopped in front of someone’s house in his San Jose neighborhood to catch his breath while jogging — until the homeowner soft pink let's dance baby blanket with pink ballet shoes personalized monogram embroidery came out and yelled for him to get off his property..

“It was an older white man, and I could tell he thought I was going to do something to him,” Hagberg said. “It happens to me a lot. Some people say racism doesn’t exist in America — I think it’s alive and it’s a problem that isn’t addressed enough.”. But many South Bay residents don’t see it that way. Some say the students at the school are simply mimicking the actions of ex-49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick — who started the protest more than a year ago — without thinking for themselves. Others said their actions disrespected the American flag.

Following Kaepernick’s lead, some scattered protests occurred at Bay Area schools such as San Mateo’s Serra High and Mission High School in San Francisco, But Trump’s soft pink let's dance baby blanket with pink ballet shoes personalized monogram embroidery attacks on protesting NFL players last weekend have now spurred a resurgence of kneeling during the anthem at football games. In Brentwood on Friday, Liberty High’s Michael Cole III took a knee before his team’s football game against rival Heritage, One Bay Area man took aim at Mike Janda, Bellarmine’s football coach — and demanded that he be fired..

“Your lack of leadership to direct the team you coach is disgusting. To allow those young men to kneel and demean our country is a total denial of your role as a coach,” Philip La Scola said in an email to Janda on Saturday. “Any player who I coached who wanted to kneel during the playing of the national anthem would immediately be told you either stand or you go to the locker room; you will not be playing today.”. In an interview, La Scola — a Livermore resident and retired accountant who has three nephews who graduated from Bellarmine — said he stands by his comments.

“I think young people are being influenced by what they see on the professional level,” he said, “A lot of these kids are very impressionable.”, Despite the criticism, Janda said Saturday that he supports his students’ decision to kneel, He said the team had extensive discussions with school soft pink let's dance baby blanket with pink ballet shoes personalized monogram embroidery administrators before joining the protest, “There was a lot of thought, preparation and discussion that went into this, It didn’t happen all of a sudden,” Janda said, “I’m their coach and I support both the players that knelt and the ones who chose not to, Their cause is one of justice and equality for all — and that’s what our school stands for.”..

The students said in the letter to the Bellarmine community that the protest aligned with the Jesuit school’s values.  “As students of a Jesuit institution,” the letter said, “we are taught to be men for and with others and to seek justice and truth.”. Jonathan Hale, 17, a senior who chose to kneel on Friday night, said he’s gotten overwhelming feedback through social media on his decision — including some negative messages — but he doesn’t regret taking part in the protest.

CUPERTINO — Dr, Martin Luther King Jr, once said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.”, In essence it’s that belief that drew thousands of people to Memorial Park on Saturday for the 15th annual Bay Area Diwali festival, The festival — one of the most significant in India — is celebrated by millions of people around the world, who share feasts, prayer and decorate their homes in an abundance of lights, At its core, Diwali celebrates soft pink let's dance baby blanket with pink ballet shoes personalized monogram embroidery the idea that light has the power to drive out darkness — and that knowledge drives out ignorance and good drives out bad..

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