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The firefighter found someone coordinating care in the tent. Just outside, McAuley was told, ambulances had gathered to take people to the hospital. He returned to Natalia and asked if she could stand. Yes, she said. He held her hand with one of his and her IV bag with the other. “There will be an ambulance waiting for us,” he told Natalia. When they got outside, none remained. The sound of gunshots had subsided by then, but McAuley could still hear frantic chatter blaring over first responders’ radios.

“Active shooter.”, “Multiple shooters.”, He helped Natalia shuffle across Giles Street and into the same parking lot where Marie and Summer were sheltering, McAuley lowered her onto a lawn chair behind a white SUV, “What can I do for you?” he asked, taking a knee in front of her, “I want to call my parents,” Natalia said, He dialed, sociology, cute pink with tiny silver studs ankle tie ballet style flat size 7 1/2 Her dad, Mike Baca, picked up, McAuley explained who he was and that he was with his daughter, who had been shot, “Is she alive?” Mike asked..

McAuley gave her the phone. She said she couldn’t feel her legs. “Just breathe,” Mike told her, before he and his wife headed for their car. After hanging up, McAuley saw an older man jogging toward an Audi parked behind them. Reluctantly, he agreed to take them to a hospital. McAuley helped Natalia inside. He ordered the driver to turn on his hazard lights, find an ambulance and chase it. The man did, blowing through red lights along the way. In the back seat, Natalia told McAuley that her left arm had gone numb. She was struggling to breathe.

“Do you have dogs?” he asked, Natalia said she had two, Kosmo and Vdara, both Boston terriers, He took out his phone and showed her a picture of Molly, his 100-pound Great Pyrenees, McAuley’s other hand moved to her wrist, At any second, he knew, Natalia’s pulse could plummet, He scrolled through photos of his wife and 5-year-old son, “You have a beautiful family,” she said, He asked about hers, Did she have any siblings?, A twin, she said, who’d sociology, cute pink with tiny silver studs ankle tie ballet style flat size 7 1/2 also been at the concert..

“Do you know where she is?”. “No,” Natalia said. At last, they pulled up to Sunrise Hospital. McAuley found a wheelchair and eased her into it, and then began pushing it up a driveway toward the trauma bay. They could already hear the moans. “Close your eyes,” he told her. “Don’t look around.”. Natalia stared down, and on the ground she saw an American flag bandanna, spotted with blood. Nearing the brightly lit entrance, Natalia raised her head. She saw doctors and nurses desperately trying to triage maimed, wailing arrivals being unloaded along the curb. She saw bodies in the beds of pickup trucks.

“Please help,” came the cries, “Please help.”, McAuley wheeled her past the sliding doors and through a wide corridor that staff members later called “the sea of blood.”, She’d been shot in the back, McAuley explained to a nurse, She had no exit wound, he said, but appeared to be stable, at least for now, He looked at Natalia, “You’ll be fine,” McAuley said, “I’ll see you later.”, She forced a smile, “Thank you,” she told him, before the firefighter ran back outside to sociology, cute pink with tiny silver studs ankle tie ballet style flat size 7 1/2 help others..

A nurse changed her IV and wrote something in marker – vital signs, she thought – on her forehead. “It’s really hard to breathe,” she said, but in a hospital that would treat 199 patients from the festival that night, nobody had time to care for her yet. One victim after another sped by atop gurneys, their wheels streaking a tile floor that had transformed from beige to red. The air smelled of iron. “Watch out. Watch out,” she heard. “Cardiac arrest,” she heard.

Natalia thought about her sister, It was in this hospital where their lives had begun, Where Gianna had been born first, crying, and Natalia had come out a minute later, making no noise at all, Where sociology, cute pink with tiny silver studs ankle tie ballet style flat size 7 1/2 the doctors had been forced to resuscitate her because she wasn’t breathing, Where the girls had gone home, together, after just four days in recovery, stronger than anyone expected, Natalia closed her eyes, “Talia!” she heard a voice call, She looked up, and there, atop another gurney, was her twin..

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