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Under Martin’s questioning, Mesfin finally revealed she had lived out of her car for at least six years, kept her belongings in three rented storage units, and cleaned herself at a 24 Hour Fitness gym, whose location she did not disclose. Mesfin said she was determined to pay off her bills — credit card payments and payday loans — before seeking a place to stay. Martin never dared ask how deep she was in debt. “As hard as it was, I just had to leave it alone.”. Martin said Mesfin also wired hundreds of dollars every other week or so to people she said were relatives, but Isayas said he had no knowledge of that.

“She had money going everywhere except to herself,” Martin said, Occasionally, Mesfin booked a motel room so she could sleep better.  She turned down an offer to stay at Martin’s home because she was afraid of dogs, telling Martin she had been attacked once, Martin suggested calling a homeless shelter, but Mesfin countered that there were no shelters where she could sleep during the day and leave for work at night, If Martin tried to give Mesfin money, she’d return personalized ballet shoes dancer charm necklace, birthstone charm, custom initial heart charm christmas custom gift, recital gif it unspent..

“As hard as it was,” Martin said of her frustrating attempts to help her friend, “I just had to leave it alone.”. Paul Leon at the Illumination Foundation, one of Orange County’s largest homeless services providers, also reached out to Mesfin. Leon said another woman he had once helped was a Disney parking lot attendant who somehow knew of Mesfin’s misfortune. She arranged for Leon to meet Mesfin near downtown Santa Ana sometime in 2016. Mesfin told Leon, a former public health nurse, that she was OK and didn’t need any help. That’s not unusual, said Leon, because people often won’t think of themselves as homeless, especially if they are in their car, figuring they will get back on their feet. Some manage in their cars for years, he said.

Like her nephew and her friends, Leon wishes he had been more persistent with Mesfin.  Even for experienced case managers, it can take multiple encounters over the course of months — sometimes years — to convince someone who has been chronically homeless to accept help, he said, “What we always tell people is to keep saying hi, keep engaging them in conversations, Listen to them and let them know we know people who can help.”, Martin believes she is the last person to speak to Mesfin, Early in the day on Nov, 29, 2016, she asked Mesfin to run to the bank personalized ballet shoes dancer charm necklace, birthstone charm, custom initial heart charm christmas custom gift, recital gif and deposit $25 in her own overdrawn account before noon, Mesfin did, but when Martin tried to reach her about paying back the money, got no answer..

Then Mesfin didn’t show up for work and didn’t call in. Her friends knew something was wrong. By the second day, coworkers put out word on social media. They began calling hospitals and visiting old addresses. Martin contacted all the homeless shelters in Los Angeles, but told nobody, worried Mesfin would eventually show up and feel betrayed. On the other side of the country, Mesfin’s family had also become alarmed after not hearing from her. Isayas filed a police report the week she went missing. Mesfin’s Los Angeles family members and coworkers posted fliers around Anaheim and canvassed the neighborhoods where she once lived.

Brown said Disney security also requested Anaheim police do a welfare check and continued making calls to different police departments, The company maintained Mesfin’s status as an employee until she was found dead, Brown added, Regular theme park guests noticed her absence and asked where she was, “Everybody was scrambling, trying to find her,” Isayas said, He got the call from police about his aunt’s death a few days before Christmas, He told family, texted some of her friends, A Disney crew supervisor broke the news to her personalized ballet shoes dancer charm necklace, birthstone charm, custom initial heart charm christmas custom gift, recital gif coworkers..

When Isayas flew out to Anaheim to take care of the body and personal belongings, he visited the four-level parking structure at the Orangewood Avenue gym where Mesfin was found. He walked from one level to the next in a spiral, trying to determine where she could have parked and gone unseen. That was a detail police would not share but he wanted to know. “I’m really taken aback by the fact it took so long to find her,” he said. “It boggles my mind.”. So did learning that Mesfin was homeless, for all who thought they knew her.

By Maureen O’Hagan,Kevin Sullivan and Marwa Eltagouri | The Washington Post, WOODLAND, Wash, – What happened to the Hart family Monday is almost unimaginable: Their SUV plunged off a Pacific Coast Highway cliff, crashing onto the rocky coast 100 feet below, Some things are certain, according to authorities, The married couple, Jennifer Jean Hart and Sarah Margaret Hart, both 38, were killed, So were three of their six adopted children: Martin, 19, Abigail, 14, and Jeremiah, 14, But much more remains unknown, including the fates of the Harts’ three other children – Hannah, 16, Devonte, 15, and Sierra, 12, who are feared dead, Authorities say they have “every indication to believe” that all six children were in the family’s 2003 GMC Yukon that drove off an ocean overlook personalized ballet shoes dancer charm necklace, birthstone charm, custom initial heart charm christmas custom gift, recital gif near Mendocino, California, about 150 miles north of San Francisco..

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