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This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone X from Olixar offers superior protection. This screen protector has been specially designed to be compatible with a wide range of cases. Also comes complete with EasyFit installation guide.9H High-tension tempered glass construction for enhanced shock protectionThe Olixar screen protector is made from a reinforced tempered glass that maintains perfect image clarity while protecting your phone's screen from scratches and external shock with its 9H hardness factor.Comes complete with an installation tray for the perfect fitInstalling screen protectors so they fit snug on your screen can sometimes be difficult - after all, the stakes are high, and making a mistake might mean a botched installation. This Olixar screen protector comes complete with an installation tray guide, which fits neatly over your device during the setup process. Fitting this protector is a total breeze with this tray.Shatterproof designCrafted with tempered glass technology inside, the Olixar Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the iPhone X provides you with a shatterproof design that guards your precious display from accidental bangs and drops.Case compatibleThanks to an ingenious design which accommodates the edges of many cases - from protective to fashionable and many in between - this screen protector can be applied easily alongside a wide variety of your favourite cases and covers.3D Touch compatibleWith the iPhone's awesome 3D touch capability, its important to have a screen protector that will not hinder this function. Well, rest assured that not only will this screen protector allow you to use 3D touch as you would normally but regular touchscreen accuracy is also unaffected. So not only can you enjoy superb protection, you can use your iPhone as you would without the screen protector fitted too! We do spoil you.Easy installation with no risk of bubblesAs this is a high quality glass screen protector and not a film, it does not bubble at all on application.Anti-scratch coatingThe super-thin Olixar Tempered Glass Screen protector provides optimal clarity that resists scratches and scrapes. So you can leave your iPhoneand your keys in your pocket at the same time without the need to worry about your device's screen.Oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints and makes cleaning easyTheOleopobic coating on offer here features an oil-resistanceto prevent smudges resulting from oil, cosmetics and other contaminants with no rainbow effect.Any marks and fingerprints can be wiped away easily. Enjoy optimum clarity and easy wipe cleaning to maintain a pristine clean screen!2.5D Rounded edge for comfort and safetyThe last thing you want when you have a glass screen protector sitting proud on top of your phones screen is a squared edge. Why? Well, firstly it's not safe. A right angle is sharp and sharp is not a good idea when dealing with glass. Secondly, it gets chipped more easily. While a screen protector is design totake damage, the best defence is to present a curved edge to deflect energy away from impacts. Finally, it just looks classier. You already have a curved edge on your phone's screen so match that nice curve with the 2.5D curve on offer here.0.3mm thickness adds minimal bulk to your phoneDespite offering great screen protection for your iPhone X, the glass is only 0.3mm thick. This means it only adds an almost imperceptible amount of extra thickness to your phone, so you can be sure it is safe from harm while looking as good as new.Made for iPhone XDesigned specifically for the iPhone X, the Olixar tempered glass screen protector offers a protective fit for your device.

Price also noted that Samsung simply used Google technology given to every other Android maker and that it became more successful than its Android rivals because of its hardware. "Samsung success is because of its hard work and innovation in hardware," Price said. "This is a made-up case."Meanwhile, Samsung attorney John Quinn, who wrapped up Samsung's closing argument following a midday lunch break, argued that the $2.2 billion in damages that Apple was asking for is excessive. "We don't think we owe Apple a nickel," he said, speaking quickly to get his argument in before Samsung's allotted time ran out.

"They'll be dancing in the streets of Cupertino if you give them $100 million," Quinn later said, He also attacked a survey by an Apple expert -- MIT professor John Hauser -- that determined the value for each of the company's patents, "This was completely contrived," Quinn said, "This was olixar iphone x easyfit case friendly tempered glass screen protector a sham survey."He added that "nobody bought a phone because they wanted to get slide-to-unlock."Price and Quinn were two of the four attorneys presenting Samsung's closing arguments Tuesday, The company wrapped up its presentation shortly after 2 p.m, PT..

Almost two years after Apple and Samsung faced off in a messy patent dispute, the smartphone and tablet rivals have returned to the same courtroom here to argue once again over patents before Judge Lucy Koh. Apple is arguing that Samsung infringed on five of its patents for the iPhone, its biggest moneymaker, and that Apple is due $2.2 billion for that infringement. Samsung wants about $6.2 million from Apple for infringing two of its software patents, and it argues that if it did infringe all of Apple's patents, it should only have to pay $38.4 million.

While the companies are asking for damages, the case is about olixar iphone x easyfit case friendly tempered glass screen protector more than money, What's really at stake is the market for mobile devices, Apple now gets two-thirds of its sales from the iPhone and iPad; South Korea-based Samsung is the world's largest maker of smartphones; and both want to keep dominating the market, So far, Apple is ahead when it comes to litigation in the US, Samsung has been ordered to pay the company about $930 million in damages, Closing arguments were the final chance for Apple and Samsung to make their pitches to the jury, The month-long trial, with about 52 hours of testimony, has covered a lot of ground -- from the invention of technology to what damages should total -- and the jury will need a refresher to steer them toward a verdict, Apple has argued throughout the trial that its case is about Samsung, not Google, and that Samsung copied Apple out of desperation, Samsung, meanwhile, has argued that Apple's suit is about hurting competition and Android..

Both sides had two hours apiece to present their closing arguments. Apple presented its case against Samsung, and then Samsung presented its defense. The Korean company also presented its case accusing Apple of infringing, and Apple wrapped up the closings with its defense against Samsung's claims. The companies finished closings at 2:46 p.m. PT, and the case was handed to the jury. Apple attorney Harold McElhinny earlier Tuesday said the jury should find that Samsung Electronics intentionally infringed on Apple's patents because it didn't have anything that could compete with the Cupertino, Calif., company. He noted that the mobile market has become a "two-horse race" between Apple and Samsung because of the latter company's infringement and that Samsung has sold 37 million infringing devices.

McElhinny also said Samsung didn't bother to bring any witnesses from Samsung's headquarters in Korea to talk about the development of its phones, Price, however, disputed that statement, saying Samsung did bring the inventors of the technology -- Google engineers and a Samsung designer from Korea, "We're not pointing the finger at Google," Price said, "We're saying they independently developed these features, and they don't infringe, We brought you the inventors."Dave Nelson, another Samsung attorney, noted that only one engineer Apple called to the stand olixar iphone x easyfit case friendly tempered glass screen protector -- Greg Christie -- was actually named as an inventor on any of the patents in the case..

"That means there were 14 [inventors] total, and 13 Apple people who didn't come testify," Nelson said. Meanwhile, Price said Apple's attorneys presented misleading information about Samsung documents, such as the comments from JK Shin, head of Samsung's mobile business. Apple quoted a segment that said Samsung wanted to copy the iPhone. However, Price said Shin was relaying what carriers were saying, not what Samsung believed. "Nowhere in that document does he says, 'let's copy the iPhone,'" Price said. "And they don't copy the iPhone. What he's saying is we're behind, and we need to find an OS platform."Most Samsung features that Apple says infringe are items that are a part of Android, Google's mobile operating system that powers Samsung's devices. All patents except one, called "slide to unlock," are built into Android. Apple has argued the patent infringement trial has nothing to do with Android. However, Samsung argues that Apple's suit is an and that Google had invented certain features before Apple patented them. It came out during the trial that Google has been helping Samsung fund its defense against a couple of Apple's patent claims because of a "Mobile Application Distribution Agreement" for Samsung to use Google's apps.

Suing Google wouldn't get Apple far since Google doesn't make its own olixar iphone x easyfit case friendly tempered glass screen protector phones or tablets, Instead, Apple has sued companies that sell physical devices using Android, a rival to Apple's iOS mobile operating system, In particular, Apple believes Samsung has followed a strategy to copy its products and then undercut Apple's pricing, While Apple isn't suing Google, it expects that Google will make changes to its software if Samsung is found to infringe on patents through Samsung's Android devices, Meanwhile, an appeals court ruling April 25 in Apple's related patent-infringement suit against Motorola threw a wrench in the Apple v, Samsung case, extending the duration of the trial by one day to give the parties one additional hour each -- on top of the 25 apiece they already had -- to present more evidence, The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on Friday upheld a ruling by Judge A, Posner of the Northern District of Illinois that determined a specific interpretation of Apple's '647 "quick links" patent, Koh had allowed the patent, particularly the use of an analyzer server, to be interpreted in a way in the current trial that differed from Posner's accepted meaning, so she allowed Samsung and Apple to address the patent Monday..

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