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The Obliq Xtreme Pro Dual Layered Tough Case in blue is a hybrid ergonomic protective case for the iPhone 6S / iPhone 6, providing fantastic shock absorption without adding excessive bulk.

The G3 launches on Tuesday in jolly old London town, and we'll be there to bring you more smashing photos, wizard videos and top-hole hands-on impressions than you can shake a stick at -- oh, and you can see it all unfold live thanks to our spiffing up-to-the-minute liveblog. Tickety-boo. To whet your appetite, take a look at LG's new teaser video, showing off the phone's brushed-metal case. The video comes from a new microsite dedicated to the G3. In the run-up to the launch, LG is releasing bits and pieces about the phone -- presumably to head off the leaks that usually accompany the build-up to a new device -- including the QuickCircle case, which has a porthole in the front to see what's going on at a glance.

Another piece of the puzzle to emerge before the launch is that the camera will autofocus using a laser, which has the potential to be more accurate than an autofocus lamp, Plus, of course, it's way cooler, Lasers! Pew pew, Join the CNET team on Tuesday 27 May at 6pm UK time (10am PT, 1pm ET) -- you can convert to your time zone at this link, With just a few days to go before the LG G3 is unveiled in London, here's your first chance to check out the new phone's brushed metal curves, We're just a few days away from the launch of the LG G3, and LG isn't shy about giving us a taste of its new flagship obliq xtreme pro iphone 6s / iphone 6 dual layered tough case - blue reviews phone -- the latest teaser video gives us our first actual glimpse of the G3..

A report from the Wall Street Journal says that yet another Samsung smartwatch, one which would be fully uncoupled and stand-alone and act as a watch-phone with its own SIM card, is on its way as early as this summer. While details beyond that seem slim, odds are likely it'll build on the hardware and app feature set of the new Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo watches. Could it have a camera, then, and a heart rate monitor, and Tizen apps, and be water and dust-resistant? Seems like it would make sense.

Then again, what makes sense in smartwatches these days? Wrist tech is embryonic at best, with no strong platform that's yet been established for software, Samsung did its own complete app reboot from the first Android-based Galaxy Gear to its new Tizen OS, resulting in a drop-off in some bigger-name apps like TripIt, There are a few stand-alone smartwatch-phones out there, like the Omate TrueSmart which I tried out last year, The biggest problem with watch-phones, among many, is obliq xtreme pro iphone 6s / iphone 6 dual layered tough case - blue reviews figuring out a way to be productive on a small screen, It'll require apps and design that work, ideally, better than a smartphone, which sounds like a tall order..

Android Wear, Google's wearable OS that could have watches in a mere few weeks, should be the first big step in software. Apple could eventually be another. Samsung's well on its way to establishing itself as the premier hardware manufacturer for smartwatches, just based on sheer numbers. Whether that brute force approach will work long-term remains to be seen. Samsung may have a fully stand-alone smartwatch-phone ready by the summer, joining its existing family of Gears. Apple and Google don't even have one smartwatch yet, and Samsung's already working on its fifth.

The company has developed software that figures out the location of features such as eyebrows, chins, pupils, and noses, The software can then alter a video to clear away pimples, make a face skinnier, add special effects like a fang-filled monster mouth, or change a person's facial appearance altogether into an avatar such as an anime teddy bear, It all happens in real time so you can see the effect applied as the video plays, The company declined to comment for this story, But details of what the company plans are apparent on a recently updated obliq xtreme pro iphone 6s / iphone 6 dual layered tough case - blue reviews website and a Looksery demo video on YouTube..

And Looksery plans to offer an iPhone app beta soon, a source familiar with the company's plans said. It'll let people pick effects, record videos, then send them to contacts or post them online. Later, the company hopes to expand to Android and offer ways to plug into other video communication tools such as Skype. Seeing what you'd look like with fluorescent green eyes or a sharklike maw is good fun. But beautifying or otherwise altering yourself in a video lays wide open an existing can of worms: can digital imagery really be trusted? How much alteration is appropriate for an online dating profile photo or video or a remote job interview?.

The company has offices in Ukraine and Silicon Valley, and CEO Victor Shaburov already has one success under his belt -- the obliq xtreme pro iphone 6s / iphone 6 dual layered tough case - blue reviews app store company Handster that browser maker Opera Software bought in 2011 and that now serves more than 100 million users monthly, The Looksery app will be free, but the company is expected to charge $1 or $2 for effects that can be added to the software, The company has several programmers employees on staff and plans to raise more money through the Kickstarter crowdfunding site, the source said..

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