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Also, the company finally may be ready to unveil its long-rumored iWatch, a smart device that would mark Apple's entry into the wearable-device market. Rumors around an Apple wearable have intensified since CNET reported last week that Nike was putting the kibosh on its FuelBand fitness-tracking bracelet, possibly paving the way for an Apple-Nike partnership for a future device. Cook has served on Nike's board for the last nine years, which feeds the speculation. Cook has said repeatedly that 2014 will be a year of product innovation for Apple, and he told investors in January -- after announcing earnings and iPhone sales that disappointed them -- that the company is still on track to enter new product categories this year. Analysts are holding him to his word. "Now is the time to invest in Apple for new product categories," Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty told investors last week.

Apple's shares, down 5 percent this year, closed at $531.70 Tuesday in regular Nasdaq trading, The company is iphone xs / x sprinkles case hosting a conference call Wednesday to discuss its financial results, You can listen to it here, Apple fans, already waiting for the next big thing, may have paused on buying an iPhone as they wait for the large-screen iPhone 6, expected in coming months, Apple may not have sold as many iPhones as investors and analysts hoped last quarter -- even with the addition of China Mobile as a distribution partner in the world's largest smartphone market -- because some customers may already be holding off and waiting for the larger-screen iPhone 6 rumored to be released later this year..

Meet James Anderson, a British high-school student, who took it upon himself and his peer-led team to begin filling in the massive gaps left by the British government's aging and decrepit IT education policy. In the eight years that separate him and I, Britain's IT curriculum has scarcely changed, despite the introduction of smartphones, mobile app culture, social networks, and the modern advancements most take for granted on a daily basis. Bored and frustrated with the day-in and day-out regurgitation of mail merge and spreadsheet equations in his IT class, he pledged to tackle a widespread and global endemic of teenagers leaving school without adequate education, he told CNET in a phone interview.

It's a problem politicians have spent years trying to fix -- and not doing a very good job of it, And it's not just the UK, which is ranked sixth in global education behind the likes of Finland and South Korea -- the US is ranked 17th, The result: more students coming out of school unprepared or unable to tackle today's jobs, It's a gap Anderson hopes to fill through designated spaces in schools that train them for the jobs that don't yet exist, Anderson created ThinkSpace in September 2013, a real-world, in-school space in which students learn how to code, develop, and create apps and iphone xs / x sprinkles case services that vastly outreaches the bounds of the compulsory IT curriculum -- not just in the UK, but around the world, Constructed to look like Google's offices, with bright colors, comfortable chairs, and top-notch technology, these spaces are designed to inspire and promote creativity, That's a far cry from the dull IT classrooms with outdated furniture and computers that stutter and freeze as soon as you open a Word document..

The nonprofit organization's motives and initiatives were enough to entice major tech titan backers, including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo, British actor and tech enthusiast Stephen Fry, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, and Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley. Virgin chief executive Richard Branson, who also backs the project, has previously said he wants the next major technology company to come from the UK. Despite Anderson's shared desire to see the UK become the next major tech hotspot, he worries that not enough is being done for today's youth, who could end up founding the companies that put the UK's Tech City hotspot in the Shoreditch borough of London on the map.

Opinion remains split between whether coding and advanced IT classes are as important as the other subjects, like English, math, sciences, the humanities, and languages -- not least in the highest ranks of the British government, At the end of mandatory high-school education in the UK, the GCSE qualifications iphone xs / x sprinkles case 16-year-olds walk away with aren't designed to equip students with the skills they need in the real-world, he said, "We're taught how to build very basic websites, and it's all drag-and-drop, You don't learn how to code, You don't learn the deep parts which you would do at [later qualifications] A-Levels, for example.""Everyone knows how to build a PowerPoint presentation or a spreadsheet, but very few young people know how to build a workable and engaging website from scratch in code," he said, "And it's becoming more and more important that HTML, JavaScript, and Objective-C coding is taught at a younger age."Anderson said he hoped senior politicians would feel as strongly about it as he and his organization's backers did..

"It's an embarrassment for the UK government that a team of 16-year-olds had to do this for them," Anderson said. Though his current efforts are not to influence policy, he called UK Education Secretary Michael Gove "naive" for focusing on the "wrong policy areas," notably tougher exams for non-compulsory education, teacher pay and pensions, and a new qualification that was ultimately rejected by the UK Parliament less than a year later. At least three national teaching unions in 2013 passed a vote of no confidence in Gove's policies.

Although Anderson agreed with some of the education secretary's policies, in practice he said they are were not coming to fruition, which in part led to his initiative, Anderson's nonprofit was born out of being a first-hand casualty of an outdated education system that he found necessary to fill in, He said he could not ignore the fundamental flaws in British education -- and further afield, "This is about making the whole experience to school fun again, and bringing life to coding and iphone xs / x sprinkles case computer science," he explained, Describing his own IT lessons as "mundane and pointless," he noted that many of the things taught have very little relevance to the outside world, Students who use the spaces have the utmost level of freedom they can be afforded to build projects and their own products, he said..

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