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Noticeably missing, however, will be any demonstration of a new iPhone or iPad, or an iWatch smartwatch or a drastically revamped Apple TV set-top box, the people say. So with another high-profile event passing by without a new device, the pressure mounts for Apple and Cook to prove that they can still introduce a revolutionary product. "The biggest worry is that Apple is losing its mojo," said Apple shareholder Michael Obuchowski, the chief investment officer at Merlin Asset Management and a portfolio manager at Concert Wealth Management.

Apple may have transformed the smartphone and tablet businesses, but it's been more than four years since it reinvented the market with the original iPad, which was touted by former CEO Steve Jobs as a "magical" device, Under Cook, who took charge three months before Jobs' death in 2011, Apple's earnings and sales growth have slowed in part as it has largely leaned on incremental improvements to its core franchises -- the iPhone and iPad together account for three-quarters of sales, Meanwhile, Google's Android mobile operating system keeps iphone xs max wallpapers - grey leopard case gaining market share as smartphone rivals such as Samsung introduce new Android-powered devices every few months, Apple is "still big, profitable, and growing," says Obuchowski, But "other companies are coming out with interesting ideas and taking focus away from Apple."Worries that Apple has lost its edge aren't new and have plagued the Cupertino, Calif.-based company since Cook, who joined Apple in 1998, succeeded Jobs as CEO, Cook, handpicked by Jobs for the top job, has always been the operations guy, finding the most-efficient and cost-effective way to get Apple's products to market on time, He's never claimed to be a product visionary like Jobs or even Apple's head designer Jony Ive, and he's insisted he would run the company his own way..

But then, there are those promises he made. "There will be new [product] categories," Cook told The Wall Street Journal in an interview published in February. "We're not ready to talk about it, but we're working on some really great stuff." He reiterated those comments during Apple's latest earnings call in April. Some analysts believe Apple's next big thing will address the living room (a smart TV), body (smart devices like an iWatch), car (entertainment systems with Siri voice navigation), or change the way consumers pay for things (a mobile payment system that capitalizes on the 800 million iTunes account holders who already share their credit card data with the company).

"As time moves forward, there will be growing anticipation and perhaps trepidation about what new iphone xs max wallpapers - grey leopard case innovative products the company can deliver," said Walter Piecyk, an analyst for financial research firm BTIG, Apple declined to comment, The worry about the lack of new products in new categories has to do with one fact: Apple can't rely on its existing products to fuel its growth anymore, Yes, the iPhone continues to be a blockbuster, with smartphone sales accounting for more than half of Apple's revenue in the quarter ended in March, But there are only so many potential new smartphone customers, and the marquee feature for the rumored new iPhone 6 is shaping up to be a larger display -- following a trend Samsung has pushed for years..

The iPad, its other major product line at about 20 percent of sales, has struggled, with demand falling short of analysts' expectations last quarter. The bottom line: Apple's earnings growth has stalled after years of delivering 50 percent-plus growth. Its earnings have fallen short of analysts' estimates in only three quarters since at least 2006, according to Bloomberg, and all three of those happened during Cook's tenure. To be fair, Apple, under Jobs, was infamous for low-balling quarterly estimates so it could easily beat them. Cook has done a better job of setting expectations.

Even so, Apple last year posted its first annual profit decline in a more than decade, causing investors to worry more drops could be ahead, In lieu of new devices, Apple has been bulking up its software and services, But its release of a homegrown mapping app for the iPhone was a debacle -- and is now listed as one of Cook's more notable failings, The app, designed to replace Google Maps, was half-baked when it was released in September 2012, offering misleading directions and incorrect geographical data, Cook issued an apology shortly after its introduction, saying he was for releasing a product that fell short of Apple's commitment to users, He also fired Scott Forstall, Apple's software chief, for reportedly failing iphone xs max wallpapers - grey leopard case to take any responsibility for the fiasco..

Unfortunately for Cook, Maps wasn't the only offering to fall flat. When Apple introduced Siri in the iPhone 4S in October 2011, it promised a virtual assistant that would learn and evolve over time. But as the novelty of a voice navigator wore off, Siri proved to be clunky, often failing to correctly understand queries. Apple continues to update and improve Siri. Then there's the iPhone 5C, Apple's more colorful, lower-priced smartphone released in September 2013. Weak sales of the device, priced starting at $99 with a two-year contract, led to speculation that Apple would dump the phone. Cook has dodged questions about the 5C but admitted during Apple's earnings conference call in January that most people are opting for the higher-end iPhone 5S, also introduced last September, over its plastic-encased sibling.

"People are really intrigued with Touch ID," Cook said at the time, "I think that, associated with the other things that are unique to the 5S, got the 5S to have a significant amount more attention and a higher mix of sales."It's unlikely any of the products would have fared better if Jobs iphone xs max wallpapers - grey leopard case was still at the helm, as much of their development took place when he was in charge, But because Apple has nailed it so many times with new products -- including various generations of the iPod music player and the iPad Mini -- it's notable and unsettling when such a pioneering tech company gets it wrong..

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