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Everything you need is in one place in this finely crafted, genuine leather Case-Mate Wallet Folio. Featuring four slots for your cards and a pocket for cash, this sophisticated iPhone Wallet Case is a must have for the gentleman on the go. Available for the iPhone XR.Handcrafted genuine leather, Separate slots for your ID, cards, and cash, Integrated case securely holds your device in place, Refined metallic buttons, Lifetime warranty , NOTE: Remove any credit cards or other cards with magnetic strips when using wireless charging as these could be damaged.

Transport for London, which licenses taxis and private hire vehicles in the UK capital, will ask the High Court to confirm its decision that e-hailing app Uber is operating within the rules. At issue is the question of whether an Uber driver's smartphone, which measures distance travelled and charges passengers accordingly, is technically a meter. In London, only taxis -- the city's famous black cabs -- are allowed a meter. With a demo by cabbies set to gridlock the streets in a couple of weeks, I spoke to representatives of the London taxi industry to find out what they think of TfL's plans.

"It simply beggared belief when TfL announced that GPS tracking devices used by private hire drivers complied with legislation over the taximeters used by London taxis," Alan McGrady of industry body the London Cab Drivers Club told CNET, "Now the body that is supposed to regulate us is taking its iphone xr wallet folio - black case own decision to the High Court -- you simply couldn't make it up.""There is no doubt that TfL is scurrying to the High Court in a bid to pass the buck," McGrady contends, "They realise that their original pronouncement was wrong, and are now fearful of legal repercussions."Rich Pleeth, marketing manager of black cab app GetTaxi, says "While we appreciate that this decision has been referred to the High Court, we are disappointed that TfL have not simply done what's needed."Pleeth explains that using an app to book a black taxi or private hire vehicle "is now so immediate it is essentially the same as hailing from the street -- it's just a modern version of waving your hand..

"Black taxis go through very strict regulation in order to get the privilege (of picking up passengers on the street) including five years of studying and experience to do the Knowledge, Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks, and more. Private hire vehicles or minicabs do not, which is why they have to have a prior booking when picking up passengers. "If they are found touting their business or behaving like a Hackney cab or taxi on the street, they would be prosecuted, so why are Uber simply allowed to use an app to get round that?""You wouldn't let someone start running trains without any checks," Pleeth points out, "just because they have an app and the regulatory rules haven't been updated to take that into account. So why do it to taxis? In theory we could open an app tomorrow and not abide by any rules. Which rules are there to be enforced? It's really a very simple issue to fix.""Other cities around the globe have understood this and are ahead of the game," says Pleeth. "They are stating in their legal rulings: you can run a taxi business, you just need to have a proper taxi license."Industry body the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association is holding a demonstration on 11 June, calling for cabbies to block the streets in protest against the Uber situation. The LTDA's General Secretary Steve Mcnamara says "TfL's seeking of a judicial direction over the meter aspect of Uber's operation does not address more serious concerns over issues around Uber drivers accepting bookings in the car and not through a licensed operating centre or a licensed operator. This means Uber drivers will continue to operate in breach of the Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998 and could be uninsured.

"TfL's kowtowing to Uber's money and influence is a serious concern to all Londoners," Mcnamara argues, "and (TfL's) suitability to remain as a regulator is seriously in question."The LCDC's Alan McGrady has a bleak warning, "Make no mistake: if the decision is upheld, it will sound the death knell for one of London's most historic, cherished industries -- not to mention all the livelihoods that depend on that industry."At the time of writing, Uber has not responded to a request for comment, In a statement earlier this week, Uber argued it is "bringing competition to an industry that hasn't evolved in years."Representatives of the London taxi industry say authorities are "kowtowing to Uber's money" as the e-hailing app heads for a legal showdown in the iphone xr wallet folio - black case UK..

Hijinx ensued. Watch the funny video he made. And make sure you watch the day's outtakes too. Think public space is yours for talking loudly on your phone? Some folks in Beverly Hills, Calif., did, so a prankster hilariously crashed their gabfest. Comedian Greg Benson surprised some "Chatty Cathys" on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Calif., by standing close to them and pretending to speak on his phone, but what he was really doing was listening in and responding to their "private" conversations. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

The Galaxy K Zoom (the K stands for "camera" apparently), was first glimpsed iphone xr wallet folio - black case earlier this year, and is Samsung's second attempt at melding a smartphone with a high-zooming digital camera, Last year's Galaxy S4 Zoom managed decent image quality, but its bulky frame and sluggish performance meant it only achieved a measly three stars in our in-depth review , The K Zoom isn't exactly the slimmest phone we've ever seen, measuring 20.2mm at its thinnest point, but has ditched the chunky plastic hand-grip that made the S4 Zoom so cumbersome, In our hands-on my colleague Joshua Goldman said that the K Zoom, "Feels more natural to use as a phone and a camera."The camera unit has a 20.7-megapixel sensor, while a more modest 2-megapixel camera can be found on the front, The phone runs Android 4.4 KitKat, which is the latest version of Google's mobile operating system, is powered by a hexa-core chip, and has a 4.8-inch 1,280x720 pixel display..

There's no word on pricing yet, but with all that hardware, don't expect the K Zoom to be cheap. I'd advise giving it a try in the shop before buying, to see how you handle its chunky frame. Are you tempted to buy? Stick your thoughts in the comments. Brits waiting to buy Samsung's quirky 10x zoom smartphone need only wait one more day, the South Korean tech giant says. Samsung's unusual Galaxy K Zoom smartphone -- which features a 10x optical zoom lens -- goes on sale in the UK tomorrow, the Galaxy S5 -maker has confirmed, available to snap up from Carphone Warehouse, Samsung's own-brand shops and some online and high-street retailers.

Throw in smartphone penetration rates upwards of 87 percent for both countries, fast 4G networks and a highly mobile-centric culture which can afford pretty much any phone they desire -- whatever goes on in the Singapore and Hong Kong mobile scene is pretty much indicative of what's going to happen in the rest of the world (if the rest of the world had freedom of choice without carriers trying to tie you down with locked devices), The mobile insiders I know, however, are a different breed to your usual customers -- they aren't iphone xr wallet folio - black case buying a cellphone for themselves, but more interested in finding out how well a phone will do in the marketplace..

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