Gray Round Cufflinks - On Sale

A pair of cufflinks as understated and elegant as this one can be worn to work without creating too much of a stir and is great for when you wish to tone down for a look that is professional. The dark charcoal-colored cat’s eye glass used in the design glows in direct light so that you can see the strands of fibers which comprise the glass and give it its unusual texture. The simple round silver frames are classic in a timeless way, and are the perfect partner to the attractive black glass. These stylish accessories will make fine gifts.

As oil prices recovered, it has gone into distressed sales and bought several vessels used for towing and anchoring rigs, for as little as $3.2 million apiece, about 10 percent of their usual price. It plans to own 15 of them, hoping for help from private equity investors. But this is investment for the future and ploughing more funds into the sector is reliant on how oil prices fare. Oil prices need to sustain their recovery into next year to boost client sentiment, CEO Thomas Tan told Reuters.

“Eventually the increase in oil prices will give (companies) enough money to reinvest in the future, which may happen probably next year,” he said, “They are slowly increasing their investment but not in gray round cufflinks a big way, Demand is still pretty slow.”, Growth in Singapore’s trade-reliant economy had slowed in the wake of the oil price crash, It has since recovered as output in sectors like electronics surged, though economists say the city-state faces growing headwinds from a bitter U.S.-China trade dispute..

The offshore and marine engineering industry’s direct output contribution has more than halved since 2014 to about 1 percent of the city-state’s economy, but its significance extends beyond manufacturing: real estate has been pressured as companies needed less office space and fewer workers needed housing. Well-paid engineers have stopped browsing the shopping malls. And executives doubt they can bring them all back. “During this whole crisis .. we lost quite a lot of this talent to other industries, so to build it up again will take some time,” said Sean Lee, chief executive of Marco Polo Marine (MAPM.SI), which owns offshore support vessels, tugs and barges and recently finished restructuring its debt after getting “almost zero” enquiries in the previous two years.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S, stock index futures dipped late on Sunday ahead of a week when more than 140 S&P 500 companies, including Apple Inc (AAPL.O), will report earnings, At 9:07 p.m., S&P 500 e-minis EScv1 were down 0.18 percent, Dow Jones e-minis 1YMc1 were off 0.14 percent and Nasdaq e-minis NQc1 were down 0.33 percent, Disappointing quarterly earnings from tech firms Facebook Inc (FB.O), Intel Corp (INTC.O) and Twitter Inc gray round cufflinks (TWTR.N) last week hit the three major U.S, indexes, but the S&P 500 .SPX and the Dow Jones .DJI ended firmer for the week..

TULARE, Calif. (Reuters) - Stephen Mancebo, a fourth-generation California dairy farmer with 2,300 cows, has battled ups and downs in his temperamental industry for a quarter-century only to find himself a casualty of a U.S trade war with one of his biggest customers - Mexico. Mancebo, 47, represents one of approximately 1,300 dairy farm families eking out a living in California on the narrow margins of an enterprise that increasingly relies on exports. For Mancebo and other U.S. dairy farmers and processors who turn milk into cheese, butter and other products, the trade war is threatening to snuff out a nascent rebound from three years of slumping prices that have driven nearly 140 California dairies out of business.

In retaliation for tariffs that President Donald Trump imposed on imports of steel and aluminum, Mexico in late gray round cufflinks May announced duties on cheeses, other farm products and metals from the United States, Milk and cheese prices on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, a key part of the formula that determines what dairy producers are paid, faltered immediately on expectations Mexico’s tariffs would translate into U.S, surpluses, The extent of export disruption has yet to be quantified, But sudden downturns in demand are challenging for dairy farmers, whose means of production need to be fed and milked on a daily basis..

“Our product is perishable. I can’t sit on my milk for a month or two months,” Mancebo told Reuters outside his dairy in Tulare, in California’s Central Valley. “These cows can’t be shut off.”. After several years of showing little if any profit, Mancebo said he had been looking forward to a turnaround in prices that might have netted his operation $50,000 to $80,000 a month later this year, allowing him to break even for 2018. “Most months I don’t make anything, so to take that, it’s a considerable loss at this time,” said Mancebo, whose support for Trump has been undiminished despite the effect of the trade policies.

The United States is Mexico’s gray round cufflinks leading foreign supplier of dairy goods, including nearly $400 million in cheese last year, Dairy operators in California, the nation’s top milk-producing state, are especially vulnerable to Mexico’s 25 percent cheese tariffs, California dairies, like Mancebo’s, export 30 percent of all they produce, compared with 17 percent for U.S, dairies on average, and Mexico is their No, 1 buyer, California accounted for 35 percent of U.S, cheese exports to Mexico alone last year, estimated at 33,600 metric tons (74 million-plus pounds), said economist Annie AcMoody of the trade group Western United Dairymen..

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